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Natali -> New babes scenario (9/29/2012 7:03:14 PM)

When you complain sometimes you get rewarded with way more than you wanted. I should have kept my mouth shut [8D]. This is my new project I got when I complained about babes lite not having all the big babes goodies in it. Thereís going to be a Babes GC with a 1942 start. Itís going to be a babes lite so it can work with the game AI on both sides and the OOB slots are going to stay the same but the TOEs are going to have big babes modifications and they had to find somebody dumb enuf to do all that data entry [sm=00000734.gif]..

I got a start day of May 3, 1942, the day before the battle of Coral Sea starts. I got a file folder of documents of the Japanese plans for operation MO and operation SF and the plans for operation MI and operation AL to happen a month later so somehow they knew where every unit was in the Pacific. Thereís a 40 page spread sheet with every unit and every gunboat squadron in it for that day. With all that it wonít be hard but it will be tedious. But I will get what I wanted at the end [sm=happy0005.gif]. Thanks for picking me.

Somebody else is doing the AI to get time and start locations right. And somebody else is doing China and Burma. Thanks for not picking me.

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