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derhexer -> something unusual happened. (9/29/2012 4:09:20 AM)

I've been playing the Americans in Gudalacanal, Marianas campaign and in the opening months. In three seperate games, the Americans have task forces with fast battleships and cruisers, led by an an extremeley aggeressive admiral, encountering Japanese task forces of cruisers and carriers. In all threee cases, both sides break away. What do I have to do to encourage the American admirral to go after the carriers?

jmalter -> RE: something unusual happened. (9/29/2012 4:51:04 AM)

hmm, IMO you're stuck w/ the TFldrs you've got, you can't change them unless you're in a friendly port.

%moon at night, & weather in the hex prob'ly play a role, perhaps also the TF's fuel & ammo %ages. mebbe look at the DDs in your TFs - if they're low, create a temp Surf or ASW TF, tag the refuel at sea button so they suck fuel from the capital ships in the same hex, then xfer them back into the TF w/ the big boys.

note that this refueling will reduce the # of hexes they can move in the next movement phase, but my idea here is that it's possible that a low fuel-state is reducing the SurfTF's desire to engage. of course, if your big boys are also low on fuel, topping off their escorts won't help much.

look at your TF reaction-radius, and float-plane NavSearch (they can do NavS at night).

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