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warriusjr -> error (9/29/2012 3:37:20 AM)


what do i do?

i recently updated to the 1.81 version and the only game that loads the first time the game starts, no matter what game i select from the games menu, is the carthage cramped game. also, when i quit it and attempt to select a new game, it does not load, but crashes with the following error message:

1.8.1 2012 07 10 win
gamefixed.FGameImp.fHexes o gamefixed.FHex o gamefixed.FGameImp i4
gamefixed.FHexImp.intDistanceTo i4 o gamefixed.FHexImp i4
gamelogic.s.HexDistanceFromEnemyCacheImp.intClosestDistance i4 o gamelogic.s.HexDistanceFromEnemyCacheImp i4
gamelogic.s.AncientsMovePathImp.blnDoubleMovePermittedInHex b i4
gamelogic.s.AncientsMovePathImp.Constructor o gamelogic.s.AncientsMovePathImp o gamelogic.s.MovePathStart
gamelogic.s.AncientsMovePathImp.movePathReconstruct o gamelogic.s.AncientsMovePathImp i4bb
gamelogic.s.LogicalUnitImp.FindPossibleMoveDestinations o gamelogic.s.LogicalUnitImp
gamelogic.s.LogicalUnitImp.FindPossibleOrders o gamelogic.s.LogicalUnitImp o gamelogic.s.FogOfWarCalculator
gamelogic.s.PlayLogicImp.UpdateAvailableOrders o gamelogic.s.PlayLogicImp
gamelogic.s.AncientsLogicImp.LoadGameEngineSpecific o gamelogic.s.AncientsLogicImp o gameinstance.InstanceFile
gamelogic.LogicImp.LoadGame o gamelogic.LogicImp o gameinstance.InstanceFile o gameinstance.GameManager
gameinstance.GameManagerImp.LoadGame o gameinstance.GameManagerImp o gameinstance.InstanceFileImp
gameinstance.Program.StartPlaying o gameinstance.Program o gameinstance.GameManagerImp o gameinstance.InstanceFileImp
gameinstance.Program.blnNewGame b o gameinstance.Program o FolderItem A1b
uiplayer.s.NewStandardGameWindow.NewGame o uiplayer.s.NewStandardGameWindow ss
uiplayer.s.NewStandardGameWindow.blnHandleCommand b o uiplayer.s.NewStandardGameWindow o uiplayer.Command
uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea.blnHandleCommand b o uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea o uiplayer.Command
uiplayer.Command.Dispatch o uiplayer.Command
uiplayer.Command.Enqueue o uiplayer.Command
uiplayer.Command.ParseAndEnqueue s
uiplayer.htk.TButtonImp.MouseUp o uiplayer.htk.TButtonImp i4i4
uiplayer.htk.TWindowImp.MouseUp o uiplayer.htk.TWindowImp i4i4
uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea.Event MouseUp o uiplayer.htk.GraphicsArea i4i4
Application. CallFunctionWithExceptionHandling o Application p

IainMcNeil -> RE: error (9/30/2012 8:10:22 AM)

Sorry you are having problems. The firs thing to do try is reinstalling. I'll also pas this on to the team to check.

warriusjr -> RE: error (10/1/2012 2:03:08 AM)


reinstalled 1.0

runs fine

installed 1.8.1

only game available, no matter what i picked out of the games menu, is carthage cramped

how can i load a different game?

warriusjr -> RE: error (10/16/2012 4:12:35 AM)


has anyone seen this problem?

i uninstalled everything. looked around for any stray files and deleted them. then i installed version 1 - works fine.

i have 2 updates downloaded, 1.28 and 1.8. whichever i use, the game only opens cathage cramped scenario, no matter which scenario i select.

how can i fix this?


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