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sullafelix -> Diadochi ( The Successors ) (9/28/2012 10:13:58 PM)

Please post in here if you are looking for an addon that focuses on this era of history. I am trying to get PF/Ageod to do one of these.

The first expansion will have Pyrrhus and I believe the first Punic war.

I have always been enthralled by the wars fought over the remains of Alexander's empire.

DerGrenadier -> RE: Diadochi ( The Successors ) (9/29/2012 7:42:33 AM)


wodin -> RE: Diadochi ( The Successors ) (9/29/2012 3:15:46 PM)

I want to fight in Britain against The Red headed one and also against the Germanic Tribes at some point..or as the Germanic tribes against Rome.

I'd like to see some sort of druidic kind of events if playing as Brits or Germans..add a small touch of mysticism into the mix..

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