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kaleun -> Dumb question (9/26/2012 5:39:36 PM)

What does the star mean?


Schanilec -> RE: Dumb question (9/26/2012 6:08:18 PM)

Means it's an asterisk.[:D]

Yaab -> RE: Dumb question (9/26/2012 9:15:54 PM)

The B-17s are carrying a reduced bombload. Normal bombload is 8 x 500lb GP bomb.

kaleun -> RE: Dumb question (9/26/2012 10:06:26 PM)


Schanilec -> RE: Dumb question (9/26/2012 11:05:08 PM)

Glad to help.[:D]

dr.hal -> RE: Dumb question (9/29/2012 2:32:04 PM)

It's amazing how both Schanilec and Yaab are right but they gave differing answers.... the world is a fantastic place.

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