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Andrew Loveridge -> War in the East Public Beta v1.06.19 (9/24/2012 9:07:18 PM)

Hello all,

We have a new version of our Public Beta update. You can get this beta version in the Members Club. It has a few changes and fixes since 1.60.14, as listed below.
It includes updates for Don to the Danube, if you have that installed.

V1.06.19 – Sept 12, 2012

    New Features and Rule Changes

      1. Rule change - All Italian units will be removed from the map by August 1, 1943 and Italian production will cease on August 1, 1943. It is assumed that all Italian production is thereafter focused on the Western Front.
      2. Formula change - Changed the amount of Hiwis generated each turn from captured Manpower centers from 10 to 3. This was done to counteract the impact of a bug fix involving Hiwi generation. Also, it should be noted that manpower generation from cities is reduced by the percentage of German production that is being sent to the Western Front.
      3. Interface Change – The CV values shown on counters of units that include ski units will now reflect the modified CV value of the ski units, when they are in snow or blizzard hexes.

    Bug Fixes

      1. Fixed a bug where Hiwi generation was being inversely impacted by damage to manpower centers (i.e. the more damage to manpower centers, the more Hiwis generated).
      2. Fixed a bug where off-map cities could be destroyed by movement along the edge of the map.
      3. Fixed a bug where the AI was changing the status of some human controlled from refit to ready.

    Data and Scenario Changes

      1. OBs 42a Guards Rifle Corps (OB 395) and the 42b Guards Rifle Corps (OB 199) have been expanded to consist of five (5) rather than four (4) Guards rifle brigades. This corresponds to the expansion that was previously done to the regular early war Rifle Corps.

V1.06.15 – August 10, 2012

    New Features and Rule Changes

      1. New Interface - Added an extra confirmation dialog when setting the support level in the commander’s report screen.
      2. Rule Correction (Section 14.1.1) – The minimum MPs for non-motorized units is eight, not six as originally detailed in the manual.

    Bug Fixes

      1. Fixed a bug that prevented support units from receiving support help from HQs within range.

    Data and Scenario Changes

      1. Made changes to the 900th Lehr Brigade in the Road to Smolensk, Road to Moscow, Road to Minsk and Operation Barbarossa scenarios.

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