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RebBugler -> Bugles and Flags XIII (9/23/2012 4:13:41 PM)


JiminyJickers -> RE: Bugles and Flags v10 (9/27/2012 11:15:06 PM)

Do you have a description of what the mod actually does? I looked in the link but all I can see is changes, I have no idea what half the mods in that forum does because I can't find descriptions.

budd -> RE: Bugles and Flags v10 (9/28/2012 1:07:21 AM)

here's most of the description for the new version.


RebBugler -> RE: Bugles and Flags v10 (9/28/2012 5:14:03 AM)

Thanks Budd,

Yeah, when I get the time I'll get some descriptions written up. Despite it's name, Bugles and Flags is touted most by folks for it's Toolbar, an intuitive arsenal for efficient warfare.

JiminyJickers -> RE: Bugles and Flags v10 (9/28/2012 9:49:59 AM)

Ah thanks.

I'm a bit confused about the having to include the scenarios separately to play them, but it seems that the mod has already done so. I guess I will stick with the vanilla version for now and use it once I have more of an idea of what is going on.

Chris Merchant -> RE: Bugles and Flags v10 (9/28/2012 11:46:56 AM)


I will stick with the vanilla version for now

this is probably a good idea for new players as the mods can be a tad confusing to the uninitiated.
I have been playing this game since (original) release and generally still play vanilla to keep the complexity level in check :)


budd -> RE: Bugles and Flags v10 (9/28/2012 6:12:57 PM)

I was also reluctant at first but getting the mods working isn't as hard as i imagined. They do improve the game. Some of the mods have self installers so all you have to do is point it at the right directory. I always do 2 installs of new games i'm going to use mods with, so vanilla is always available and i can always copy files from vanilla over to the modded install if i mess up. The historical scenario mod is self installing,once that is installed you just unzip mods you want to use to the mod folder and activate them in game and then you can play all the stock scenarios and tutorials with the mods. I have had some conflicts between mods, but nothing too bad and in the screen shot above those are the mods i have been playing without issue. The mods are very useful and some of them just make the game easier to play i.e. the toolbar mod which is part of the bugles and flags mod show more buttons and has more commands available, courier and maps mod has a different command map and i believe more courier commands to use and it pauses while writing messages, the map icons mod makes it easier to see whats going on and where everyone is on the command map.Some are just graphical the tree mod and blood and smoke mod, once i read about the lime tree's i had to use the mod. A picture worth a thousand words..shots below. On left is the original and the right is modded. That modded command map below isnt part of the courier and map mod, i download another stand alone map mod and installed that and then deleted the maps from the courier and map mod so i could use this map with all the features of the courier and maps mod.The map that comes with the courier and map mod is better than stock but still hard for me to navigate by.


RebBugler -> RE: Bugles and Flags v10 (2/14/2013 12:22:09 AM)

Version XI Release:


RebBugler -> RE: Bugles and Flags XII (7/2/2013 8:20:08 AM)

Update to XII...


RebBugler -> RE: Bugles and Flags XIII (11/1/2013 7:44:33 PM)

Update to version XIII


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