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Jim D Burns -> Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/22/2012 12:06:09 PM)

This will be a standard 41-45 grand campaign game with Divepac88 playing the Axis side and myself playing the Soviets. I have been away from the game for over a year, so I have a lot to catch up on and expect that Iíll be making many mistakes as I get back into the game.

My early strategy will focus mainly on survival while trying to hold the Axis player as far west as possible. Iíve done some reading on the forums recently and seen a lot of people advocating an early ďrun awayĒ Sir Robin style defense for the Soviets, but itís not in my nature to run away unless absolutely forced to due to overwhelming losses first. So I expect my 1941 losses will be much higher than average.

Hopefully this will translate into an ability to hang onto enough extra manpower centers that my army will be able to recover well enough by June 42 that I can put up a good fight during the second summer as well.

Hereís the axis opening. Several of the pockets can be broken, but I doubt Iíll be able to ultimately save anything from any of the pockets.


Jim D Burns -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/22/2012 12:07:42 PM)

Turn 1 - 6/22/41

All planes were sent into the reserve. Most active fortified zones were disbanded.

In the north I had very little left to work with, so everything I could scrape together went to the Pskov area to defend the river line south along the Velikaya and Sinyaya Rivers. I managed to sea lift a brigade and an NKVD unit into Tallinn, not enough but at least there is something in the city.

The main defense in the center is between Mogilev and Minsk. Units are placed behind rivers and in woods or marsh terrain hexes if possible. I used a lot of rail to bring in reinforcements from the south, so I have enough units in the area so that the axis should have difficulty reaching Mogilev.

In the south, I decided to try and punish the axis for the over-reach of his panzers. I strongly reinforced the bend in the river along the Rumanian border east of Chernovtsy, so there is a good chance my troops will hold the line against the Rumanians for at least one turn in that immediate area.

I then isolated 2 exposed panzer divisions just north of there and managed to break his pocket just south of Tarnopol. Unfortunately I was unable to isolate a third panzer division sitting in the city of Tarnopol, so instead I created a zoc corridor near his HQ to hopefully keep fuel deliveries to that unit down considerably.

Iím really nervous about this move, but by the time I realized I wasnít going to be able to isolate it, I had already committed a lot of units to try and get it isolated so I had to go ahead and commit to it. Hopefully the corridor is enough to keep fuel deliveries down and that panzer division wonít be too adventurous on turn 2.

Further north near Kovel, I managed to isolate another panzer division and what appear to be at least 2 motorized regiments. With no Soviet recon done on turn 1, there is no way of knowing if any other units are in the isolated area, but itís probable.


janh -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/22/2012 12:25:51 PM)

Nice, more AE veterans here! I will follow this one... Good luck!

Jim D Burns -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/22/2012 12:37:08 PM)

Welcome, hope it develops into an enjoyable read. And thanks for the good wishes.


Dan Nichols -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/22/2012 5:10:30 PM)

I'm glad you're doing an AAR. Des wants me to be his next victim and I am still a newbie on this game.

I love the title of this AAR.

AFV -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/24/2012 4:05:37 AM)

Solid move in response to his turn 1, very salty. I liked the before and after down south.

Jim D Burns -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/24/2012 4:16:07 AM)



Solid move in response to his turn 1, very salty. I liked the before and after down south.

Thanks, as it turned out (just finished my next turn) he didnít expand east much in the Tarnopol area so the move panned out well and kept him busy just re-opening supply routes to his units.

As my opponent is doing his own AAR, I wonít be showing the axis side of the turn anymore as I donít want to post redundant info nor do I wish to pull any readers away from his thread.


swkuh -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/24/2012 1:47:12 PM)

Will enjoy reading the two complementary threads.

Jim D Burns -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/26/2012 9:18:25 AM)

Turn 2 Ė 6/26/41

3 armaments factories evacuated from Mogilev. I wanted to take some heavy industry as well, but I ran out of available rail during land moves and ended up having to march many units I wished to rail. Iíll try and evacuate as much heavy industry as I can, as I feel itís gamey to leave it all behind. But the opening turns are just too critical to waste 30k rail on a few points of heavy industry.

A few air units unfrozen this turn are sent to the national reserve. Next turn Iíll start bringing air units back on map. I decided to wait as most of my airbases had very long moves to make again this turn, so it made sense to wait one more turn before getting some planes back on map.

In the north Iíve basically only got a speed bump for defense setup north of Lake Peipus. Hopefully itís enough to stop any panzers that decide to go for an end run north. Tallinn still has just a brigade and NKVD unit for defense as I had nothing larger I could spare. I hate not contesting it with more strength, but the lines near Pskov needed to be beefed up this turn so it has to wait one more turn before more defenders can be sent.

Iím happy with my defenses at Pskov and along the river south. While the line can be breached, there are some strong positions that will need some serious attention before he can breakthrough in earnest, so I should be able to tie him up for a turn or two along this line.

In the center Iíve consolidated my units across the land bridge between Mogilev and Vitebsk. Iíve some pretty strong units in this area that were railed up from the south, so they should be able to tie up what appears to be a panzer corp immediately to their west.

Another panzer corp or possibly two is south and southeast of Minsk. I tried to isolate these units but none of the units that moved had the juice to close off anything completely. So I decided my next best option was to try and tie up as many of these mobile units as possible by sticking to them like glue.

Hopefully this will prevent these units from being able to exploit any breaches the northern panzer corps may manage to make and keep his gains for the turn from causing any serious breakthroughs.

In the south I managed to isolate some mobile forces near Rovno. I decided to leave the strong infantry division southwest of Rovno in place as it sits astride the path most axis units would need to take to move towards Rovno to exploit any breaches of my lines east of that city, so his eastward movement near Rovno should be limited on turn 3. Besides the division was only allowed to move one hex, so escape wasnít really an option for it.

Near Tarnopol last turnís isolations really kept things stagnant in the area and other than extricating his forces, Germany made little or no eastward progress. I managed to reopen the Lvov pocket this turn far in the south with an NKVD unit, so I decided the best thing I could do with my surviving units in the pocket was to move them east/northeast instead of falling back further south.

I seriously doubt I can hold the pocket open for another turn, so falling back to the south/southeast would simply allow him to isolate and destroy my units at his leisure. By placing what survives in the path of any infantry trying to get to the Tarnopol area, he will be forced to attack them this turn while they are in supply and a few may route out to safer lines.

The few Russian units you see sitting slightly exposed on the east side of the Axis Tarnopol bulge were placed there to inhibit Axis attempts to move south. If it succeeds, I may be able to save a mountain division or two next turn. If not at least itíll chew up Axis movement points in a southerly direction instead of an easterly one.

In Rumania the Axis responded to my reinforcing of the river line shoulder by bringing up quite a few German infantry divisions. This means I should be able to hold the Rumanian lines relatively static for a few more turns.

Sorry about the offsets/breaks in the screenshot this turn. The front is simply too wide and a screenshot to capture it all north to south with combat values still showing would have been so wide readers would have had an annoyingly long scroll bar on the bottom of their screens.


janh -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/26/2012 11:27:44 AM)

You're pretty good about cutting off his spearheads. This will hurt him somewhat, they'll be pretty low on supply next turn. Going 2-3 hex slower but remaining safe to be supplied would have meant gaining perhaps 10 hexes next turn, but this way these guys won't contribute much to his progress in the next turn.

I notice around Pskov, north of Peipius and at Mogilev you placed some units to on the enemy side of the rivers. Did you do that intentionally, or just lacking MP?

Jim D Burns -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/26/2012 1:03:39 PM)


I notice around Pskov, north of Peipius and at Mogilev you placed some units to on the enemy side of the rivers. Did you do that intentionally, or just lacking MP?

Itís intentional (routed units lacked movement though), Iím not trying to hold anything for long just slow him up. If I can chew up enough movement points on his side of the river, the hope is my side will hold for a turn. I donít like leaving the river line itself exposed to the full brunt of his offensive abilities as it gives him the best chance to crack it.

With some stuff on his side to clear away first, there's a good chance one or two of his units won't be available (due to lack of movement points) for that second plotted attack against the river itself if the first plotted attack fails.

There are also some reasonable forts on his side of the river (2 west of Pskov and 2 further south where the next rail line crosses the river) so some of the units have much better defense while in the forts than they would on my side of the river.


Jim D Burns -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/27/2012 12:29:07 PM)

Turn 3 - 7/3/41

3 heavy industry evacuated from Mogilev. 3 heavy and 3 armaments evacuated from Gomel. 3 armaments evacuated from Kirovograd. 3 Armaments evacuated from Krivoi Rog.

Almost all Soviet air groups are back on map this turn. The low experienced squadrons are at rear area bases for training.

50-60 AP's were spent building Sapper Regiments, 3 regiments for each Army/Front.

About 2/3rds Ė 3/4ths of the new divisions that arrived this turn went to the north to defend in the Leningrad area. I left most of the divisions on the rail lines to help them flesh out. Next turn theyíll move south into the rough terrain hexes northeast of Pskov.

Tallinn gets a full strength division this turn and now boasts a respectale 22 defense. The axis will now have to divert a sizable force to take it. I may send another division next turn to replace the NKVD unit.

As I mentioned last turn, the defenses south of Pskov could be cracked with effort, and my opponent threw pretty much his entire panzer force in the area at it to get across the river. Luckily for me he didnít touch 3 of my forts on his side of the river and the divisions I had in those forts had really nice movement points available this turn due to near max fuel and supply levels.

The northern division was able to move out and back to cut off the northern part of his panzer spearhead (see arrows on screenshot). The southern division had to expend extra moves however to go an additional hex to seal off the back door, so it wasnít able to march back towards my lines.

There are at least 5 of his mobile divisions now isolated in the bridgehead he made, so hopefully his attempts to exploit the breach next turn will be minimal. With no recon this turn, I have no way of knowing how close his infantry is, but my guess is itís getting pretty close to my lines by now So I expect Iíll be hit pretty hard next turn.

In the center the German lines remained pretty much stagnant, which means he probably did build ups for his panzer HQís. So I moved some divisional sized units closer to his panzers to create ZOCís in every hex on the west side of the Dnepr. This will hopefully force him to engage all/most of my units on the west bank before he tries to breach the Dnepr.

The critical bend in the Dnepr on the south side of the land bridge got another division this turn, so it now has a defense of 7. Fresh armor units from Moscow arrived and went to help defend the land bridge. Almost all armor and motorized units are set to reserve, so Iím hoping the land bridge can tie him up for at least one turn.

Near Minsk my isolated Cavalry division marched north and forced an airbase to rebase.

In the south Iíve had some fun the past few turns messing with the Germans near Tarnopol, but fun time is over. With the Lvov pocket now firmly closed (probably 40,000 Ė 50,000 men trapped) and his infantry catching up to the panzers, itís time to start trading some space for time. So Iíve now begun to pull back to the east.

I couldnít quite pull back as far as I wanted this turn due to movement limitations of some of my units that were involved in the fighting around the northern edge of the Rumanian border. Hopefully it doesnít cost me too much.

He again ignored my 2 infantry divisions on/near the fortified mountain southwest of Rovno this turn, so I reopened their pocket on the north side with one division and tried to isolate his troops near Rovno with the other. A weak armor division was used to try and meet up with the division but the last hex was just out of reach.

In the far south, if the hex control overlay is to be believed, my opponent still hasnít left Rumania with his units. I decided to keep some of my forces along the Rumanian border for one more turn to keep the axis from doing any rail repairs towards Odessa for one last turn. Next turn theyíll have to pull back as well.

On a comical note, my devious plan to try and get a few mountain units in the Lvov pocket to evacuate east via route-move failed miserably. All routed units stayed inside the pocket and most rallied this turn even though isolated. But all the fighting in the south did allow me to save all of the mountain divisions that started near Rumania, so it isnít a total wasted effort down south.


AFV -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/28/2012 3:07:18 AM)

I am really enjoying this AAR- I like what you show, and the commentary. Granted its early but if this was a baseball game you would be ahead 3-0 after one inning. He's made very little progress down south, and really only average progress elsewhere. He's so busy relieving his own pockets he is not making additional ones.

I think you should really reinforce Leningrad and hold it, at all costs. Call me crazy, and no one else really points this out, but I think you should hold Leningrad at all costs, and give up gobs of territory down south (you can't hold everything). I don't agree that Leningrad falling is a gimme to the Axis- its only a gimme if you do not reinforce the hell out of it. If he does not get Leningrad in '41, that means obviously you keep that manpower but more importantly, no Finns. No Finns means that during the blizzard he does not have a blizzard proof army to hold the north, freeing up Axis units to fight or rest in towns during the blizzard. Plus, if he does not get Leningrad (early), he can't divert troops to Moscow before blizzard. No Leningrad and no Moscow in '41 I think is game over for the German.

BTW, you need to put a division in the Leningrad back door hex 83,16, and probably put a fort there and attach a RR unit to it, and start digging like hell. That is the only hex on the map I would spend APs doing that.

M60A3TTS -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/28/2012 4:36:52 AM)


Almost all Soviet air groups are back on map this turn. The low experienced squadrons are at rear area bases for training.

Air units gain little to no experience sitting in the rear. They get experience from flying in combat against enemy units.

Pelton -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (9/28/2012 6:42:17 AM)

Very very nice AAR, this games going to be a cake walk by the looks.

GHC has a very high learning curve and with the latests nerfs the curve is mucH steeper then before.

SHC can fight forward vs any average GHC player and easly be in Berlin now in 1944.

Jim D Burns -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/1/2012 10:33:24 PM)

Turn 4 - 7/10/41

Heh it figures, the turn I plan to place Zhukov in command of STAVKA, Kuznetsov was removed from command of the Northwest Front by the AI and replaced by Zhukov. So I had to replace Zhukov first (Timoshenko) before I could place him in command of STAVKA.

Another 6-8 Sapper regiments were created this turn. I then spent the remaining 180-200 APs on fortified regions. Leningrad got most of them with a fort placed in every city hex and every hex within about 2 hexes of Leningrad. The rest of the APs were spent starting a line of forts to the area about 6-8 hexes west of Moscow. Eventually I'd like to build 2 or 3 belts of forts west of Moscow.

4 heavy industry and 4 armaments factories evacuated from Kiev. 3 heavy industry evacuated from Kirovograd.

In the far north my units opposite the Fins are active this turn and I pull back to more defensible lines. I'll be sending all my mountain divisions against the Fins to try and hold him roughly on the lines you see my units on now. I may not be able to hold in the vicinity of Vyborg, in which case I'll just keep a line of brigades along the no-attack line. Further north however, I may just pull it off if I can get a couple more mountain divisions up there before he can break across the small river defense line I'll have set by next turn.

The goal of this move is essentially trying to avoid the AP cost of building a fortified line opposite the no-attack line east of Lake Ladoga. Also by keeping my mountain divisions up north, I won't run the risk losing them to large panzer encirclements in the clear terrain down south before the winter offensive.

Tallinn received another infantry division this turn, bringing its defense up to 29.

South of Leningrad I've moved last turns reinforcement divisions into the rough terrain northeast of Pskov. These units still aren't up to fighting strength, but they may be able to prevent any deep breakthroughs this turn. The Northern Command units that were around Pskov were sent north to the Vyborg area.

The German panzers that were west of Smolensk drove northeast clearing most of the woods and captured Vitebsk. I re-occupied some vacated light forest hexes in the land bridge instead of pulling back as I think my opponent hoped I'd do. I'm determined to keep the rail lines running towards Smolensk in my hands as long as possible. I'll only pull back if a large encirclement begins to develop.

I was a bit surprised that it appears my opponent used his other panzers in the area to clear the marshes west of Mogilev. I had assumed they'd leave such bad terrain to the infantry, but perhaps the defense was simply too tough for the just arriving infantry tired out by its long march from the west.

In the south I continue my withdrawal to the east. I've got two good lines and in some places three, so it'll take a few turns of slicing and dicing by the German panzers before a large risk of a breakthrough materializes.

Near Chernigov you can see a lot of cavalry divisions arriving in the area. These will be used as independent units to defend in and around the Pripet Marshes. As winter approaches they'll be assigned to the strongest overall commands that'll then be used for my offensives.

Sorry for the change in picture quality of my screenshot this turn. I got a new PC this week and after several days of digging through boxes I still cannot locate my image editing software. So I am using PAINT.net a free program I'm not familiar with. Unfortunately the image I created with it was 8+ megs, so to reduce it I had to load the image into the default Paint program that comes with windows and save it from there.

The results were less than spectacular and in addition to pixels per inch, it reduced the size some as well. Even with all that done to it, it is still a hefty 1.90 megs which is much larger than the approx 1 meg images I created with my retail software. I'll keep looking for it and hopefully you won't have to put up with these poor quality images for long.


Klydon -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/1/2012 11:08:12 PM)

Way too much spent on fort units, especially around Leningrad imo. You need to save those points to help with command changes, etc to stream line things coming in and also for creation of more sapper regiments later on. You also want to save some points to help disband stuff when it is prudent. (I like to disband motor cycle regiments for example to get that stuff back to the pools). You also want to save points to disband any fort units about to get hit by the German advance.

You don't need a carpet of fort units up by Leningrad. Every other hex or every third hex would have been fine. More importantly if you are going to try to make a stand in Leningrad is getting a pile of units up there, especially on the back door. The fort units to the west of Leningrad won't really come into play depending on how he comes at the city.

Fort units in of themselves do not have much in the way of construction value. They do allow level 3 and up forts, but it also takes enemy units being within a certain distance for that to happen as well I believe or level 2 is as high as the fortifications will go.

As far as the mountain units going up against the Finns, while I can see getting them out of harms way, if you want to use them for a winter offensive, they are not going to do very much good while up there and you would have to rail in new units to replace those up there and rail those out to where you would want them to be used for your winter offensive. Perhaps a better use for them is to garrision cities back from the front a bit to both work on a fortification for the city and also keep the Germans from potentially raiding your cities to destroy industry you have not moved yet. Move them back as needed. Alternatively, you can use them to dig the Moscow fortifications as well. There are several good divisions around the Leningrad area you can move up to the Finn border to keep them from going anyplace and new units brought in to dig around the Leningrad area.

Just my two cents from the cheap seats. :D

Flaviusx -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/1/2012 11:15:21 PM)

You only need to build one fort in Leningrad, period, at or adjacent to Osinovets.

But the point is academic, the Axis here is doing rather poorly.

Schmart -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/1/2012 11:19:06 PM)

Yeah, you're wasting time, APs (most importantly), and equipment with all those forts near Leningrad. You'd be better off plunking down a couple well place forts so that adjacent hexes can make it to level 3 and then load the area with Rifle Divs backed with HQs beefed up with Sapper Regts and/or RR Bdes.

Also, defending the Narva with anything more than a screen is also a waste, as it is far too easily outflanked by a drive out of Pskov.

Jim D Burns -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/1/2012 11:20:09 PM)

Hi Klydon, welcome and thanks for the comments.

With the added help of all the city labor, I was hoping that the fort units could get to or near level 3 before he arrived in the area. Though you are probably right in that I overdid it.

The rule about enemy proximity is 25 hexes though, so he is close enough now to allow 3+ level forts to be dug.

I was hoping the mountain units could be trained up vs. the Fins before the winter offensive. I'm not sure when the Fins see the big unit withdrawals, but I figured I could get at least one good attack in per turn with all the mountain divisions once that had occurred. The goal not being to advance into Finland though, simply to train them up.

Schmart -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/1/2012 11:23:39 PM)


ORIGINAL: Flaviusx
But the point is academic, the Axis here is doing rather poorly.

Also looks like the Rumanians and 11th Army forgot that there's a war on!

Jim D Burns -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/1/2012 11:24:42 PM)


You'd be better off plunking down a couple well place forts so that adjacent hexes can make it to level 3

Symptom of being away from the game for so long. I didn't even realize forts allowed adjacent hexes to dig level 3+.

Schmart -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/1/2012 11:31:15 PM)


I was hoping the mountain units could be trained up vs. the Fins before the winter offensive. I'm not sure when the Fins see the big unit withdrawals, but I figured I could get at least one good attack in per turn with all the mountain divisions once that had occurred. The goal not being to advance into Finland though, simply to train them up.

Don't quite see the reasoning of this...The Mountain Divs are pretty good as is, and the Finns are far too stout at this point to effect any offensive success against them whatsoever.

Schmart -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/1/2012 11:34:33 PM)


Symptom of being away from the game for so long. I didn't even realize forts allowed adjacent hexes to dig level 3+.

Not automatically, just that they allow adjacent units to dig to level three. Alone, units can only get to level 2. Adjacent to an urban city, fort unit, or enemy unit allows them to get to level 3. So to dig a level 3 line behind the front needs a fort unit every 3 hexes with other units in between.

Jim D Burns -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/1/2012 11:42:31 PM)


Don't quite see the reasoning of this...The Mountain Divs are pretty good as is, and the Finns are far too stout at this point to effect any offensive success against them whatsoever.

This is an example of one of the mountain units that fought south of Tarnopol. At only about 60-70% of its TO&E, I assume it'll be even worse once it fleshes out. I thought 5-6 mountain divisions vs a Finish regiment or two might see some success, but I don't know, perhaps not.


Klydon -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/1/2012 11:53:23 PM)

Part of the issue is what do the Finns show up with at the bottleneck? If they show up with divisions, your troops won't be doing anything except failing. The issue is if the Finns see a bottleneck force, they may not even bother to show up at all since they don't like taking attrition.

IMO, the mountain units are better off digging someplace as they build up experience/moral. Is it as fast as being in successful combat? No, but by the time you want to use them, they will be ready to roll. Attach them to the Shock army for more fun and games.

If you want to try to use them in combat someplace, I would recommend the deep south where the chances of encirclement are less and you have a better shot of smacking around some unwary Romanian unit.

I pretty much agree with some of the other posters as I think the German here is in some serious trouble in the long haul. Simply too many Russians on the map for this time frame of the game, but perhaps he will get it going a bit better over the next couple of turns.

As you mention, some of the changes to the game from one patch to the next can take you by surprise if you have been away for awhile, especially if you have not had a chance to keep up with the boards. All good tho. Good to see AAR's posted regardless. :)

Flaviusx -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/2/2012 12:54:06 AM)

The best thing you can do with the mountain units is save them as shock troops on the main portion of the front for the blizzard, the Finns are a side show. Mountain troops have the movement to keep up with your mobile troops in winter, and can thus aid penetrations made by the cav and armor units. The Finns, once bottled up, can be ignored until 1944.

Jim D Burns -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/7/2012 2:05:13 PM)

Turn 5 - 7/17/41

8 Armament factories evacuated from Vsevolzhsky. 7 Armament factories and 4 Yak-6 factories evacuated from Leningrad.

In the far north after reading some forum threads regarding the gaminess of using the map edge, I've decided not to try and defend the choke point. This turn will be my last turn holding the choke point as his units hadn't reached mine yet, so I felt justified staying put for one more turn.

Next turn I'll start to fall back and eventually I'll try and hold an area that does not border a map edge to keep things real. The rail net is rather unusual, so I'll have to study things a bit before I choose a defensive line as I don't want my HQs sitting off of the rail lines if possible.

South of Pskov saw a deep penetration by the panzers, but my opponent didn't widen the shoulders of the initial breach he made through my lines. So I've decided to sit tight for a turn and force him to spend time widening the breach. This risks a pocket at Pskov, but it's worth it if I can keep his momentum towards Leningrad stalled for a turn.

Given the depth of the penetration I sent all available reinforcements to the Leningrad area. Cavalry divisions went to the city area and are under the forts at Leningrad and the infantry formed a new army and can be seen in the screenshot arriving to the area south of Lake Ilmen via rail.

South of this area the lines remained pretty much static. I flew countless recon missions in an attempt to find his panzers, but only managed to spot a few divisions. I emailed DivePac about the withdrawal of the panzers as I found it alarming to think they needed to be withdrawn from the line by turn 5 of the game. I wasn't trying to gain any knowledge of his operational plans, I was simply worried about the withdraw of his offensive units across 2/3rds of the front and asked him if he needed a restart.

He stated he has real problems with keeping enough tanks in operational order and needed the withdrawal for a short refit. I guess all the changes to the game over the last year+ really punishes the Germans if they push their panzers hard now. Hopefully he can recover quickly and not lose too much momentum as he stated he wishes to continue on.

Given that infantry faces me along most of the line, I didn't withdraw any further down south and stayed on my lines. The cavalry divisions near Chernigov last turn moved out into the Pripet Marshes to take up defenses along the rail line that runs north/south through the entire marsh.

Since most of the hexes have reached level 2 now, I built a couple of forts behind the Dnepr to allow fort construction in the clear hexes to continue.

Still haven't been able to locate my retail image software, but I did figure out how to reduce file size without reducing image size in PAINT.net, so this turns image should be easier to read.


Jim D Burns -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/12/2012 12:47:02 PM)

Turn 6 - 7/24/41

32 x KV - 1, 7 x T-50 and 6 x vehicle factories evacuated from Leningrad. The only thing left to evacuate now from Leningrad are the 8 heavy industry factories. I know people will question pulling out the KV's this early, but I wanted to get it done while I had the extra rail points to get all 32 out.

In the far north I've pulled back to the area I plan to try and hold at. My lines are set on the west, and will eventually get 2 divisions per hex. Then the line will run east , but the row of hexes directly east of lake Suojarvi will be left unoccupied. So basically the entire north hex row will not be occupied by me.

So what does everyone think, is this more of a natural choke point without unfairly taking the map edge into account, or should I fall back even further and concede the rail line to him all the way east to Lake Onega?

North of Leningrad I've got my final defense put in place now with 2 divisions in each forward hex and a couple armor divisions in reserve. If he can break this line I'll probably end up being pushed back to the no-attack line eventually.

At Pskov I managed to keep the pocket open this turn, but just barely. The fact the Germans only left regiments defending the west side of the pocket told me he was not going to try and slug his way through the forts in the area, so I decided it was my last chance to get the units out and pulled everyone back to the forest to the north.

This means Germany will have good supply in the area soon, so the drive on Leningrad will get much harder to stop. Supplies for the units digging at Leningrad is very low. I need to get an HQ or two up to take command of the divisions and get supplies distributed as the digging is less than 10% still for most hexes. I just don't have any HQ's to spare at the moment.

The central area west of the Dnepr saw the loss of about 1 hex row to his infantry assaults. Except for one attack near Vitebsk they were all single division attacks, so he hasn't starting pushing very hard yet. I guess he's waiting for supplies to build up.

The south was a lot more active, with the hotspots being west of Zhitomir and southwest of Vinnitsa. I lost at least two hexes and in some areas three. Given the strength of his push through the mountains southwest of Vinnitsa, I decided to redeploy a lot of units to the south from the area around Zhitomir.

Unfortunately German interdiction played havoc with my moves and as you can see a lot of units ended up stuck in the area just west of Vinnitsa instead of getting further south as intended. Hopefully I can prevent a breakthrough in the area dividing the Southwestern Front and Southern Front for one more turn.


Klydon -> RE: Emu for breakfast, Divepac88 (Axis) vs. Jim Burns (Soviet) (10/12/2012 1:47:04 PM)

Your Leningrad front seems to be really dangerous to me. You have a main line and then very, very little between that and Leningrad itself. This would seem to invite a raid by PG 4 to rip up rail lines, cut off part of the front and generally push right up to the gates of Leningrad with ease. I would suggest you get some troops on the Luga quick and generally get a defense in depth going in the area if you plan on trying to make him fight for Leningrad.

The troops in front of the Finns are sort of a waste to me and could better be deployed on the Luga for now. If you object to the bottleneck, you are still using a board edge for an anchor.

The number of operational tanks the Germans have will drop steeply fairly quickly. This is what happen in the actual campaign btw, so panzer management helps, but imo, I think he is being on the cautious side with his panzer forces. He needs to be encircling and destroying as many Russian troops as he can or he is going to face multiple dug in lines and those won't be nearly as easy to crack and will further delay his attack. The whole effect sort of snow balls and the next thing you know, it is mud and there are a pile of Russians everywhere.

Screen shot looks good. The only thing you may want to do is to turn on fortification levels so we can see what sort of digging is going on where.

I think you have every right to be satisfied with how the campaign is going so far.

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