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Shark7 -> Role Reversal: Shark7 (Allies) vs btbw (Japan) (9/20/2012 9:22:32 PM)

OK, before we start yep, I finally decided to play as Allies. This is a scenario 2 grand campaign. After 3 turns, I can sympathize with the AFBs on how lopsided the first part of the game seems to be. But its fun too, I'm not used to starting off the game as the underdog, that happens later when playing as the IJN. [:D]

Comments are welcome, so is criticism.

And I promise there will be pictures in later posts. [;)]

We've already progressed to day 4, so this AAR will start with brief synopsis of the first 3 turns. 1 Day turns:

Day 1: Since I got the turn, clicked end turn, and resent it with no changes (I chose to start historically on my part) I got the expected results. Pearl Harbor was hit with the lost of 2 Battleships, 1 Destroyer and an AV. Repulse and Prince of Wales have been sunk. Laong taken by paratroops.

Day 2: I decided to try and fight, rather than turtle up or use a Sir Robin strategy.

Formed a SAG based on Houston, Boise, and the 4 DDs out of Manila by having them meet and merge. Imagine my surprise when Kirishima and Hiei appear in the Leyte Gulf and engage them. I got lucky here, the battle ended with Boise and Houston taking only a couple of small caliber hits each...insignificant damage.

Marblehead group is turned around and told to patrol the area around Tarakan, no contacts.

PT boats out of Manila formed up and sent to Vigan, Iba, and San Fernando.

All submarines sortied to attack patrols, 1 amphibious group engaged at Kota Bharu, no hits.

Remaining DDs from Force Z ordered to Rendevous with Durban, Danae and Dragon...sent to intercept IJN fleet sighted near Mersing.

Lexington group is to complete assigned mission. Enterprise group ordered away from Pearl Harbor.

Air Forces and cargo/support type ships are dispersed. B-17s out of Cagayan orderd to attack the port at Pelilieu, I was rewarded by scoring a hit on a docked ship.

British forces at Kota Bharu ordered to attack the IJN/IJA landing force...attack collapses, one unit wiped out (well I tried).

Overall, day 2 went exactly as expected...badly.

Day 3: Finally something went my way.

Marbelhead group makes contact with IJN SAG at Tarakan, the battle ends in a draw, but Marblehead is successful in pulling the SAG away from the amphibious group it was guarding.

Houston group, having been orderd to Tarakan engages a large IJN amphibious group at Tarakan, Minor damage to allied ships. Invasion repulsed, 3 IJN CLs seen withdrawing burning heavily, 1 IJN DD on fire, 4 IJN cargo ships damaged and burning.

Surface battle near Mersing sees Durban, Danae and Dragon group engaging Kongo and Haruna group. Combat is a draw, though Durban is heavily burning as it withdraws. Durban and Express are later sunk by torpedo bombers near Singapore.

Kido Butai, which I thought had withdrawn shows back up east of Pearl Harbor. It would seem that my opponent wanted to catch my ships fleeing from Pearl. They hadn't. Additional airstrike on PH results in loss of Oklahoma. LBA counterstike is ineffective.

LBA strike out of Singapore sinks 2 APs and damages a third at Mersing. The Vildebeasts performed well.

Fleeing cargo ships engaged by Kirishima and Hiei near Cebu, heavy losses.

Marblehead group attacked by short ranged torpedo aircraft near Celebes, Marblehead and 2 destroyers are lost in the attack. It is safe to assume a IJN carrier is operating in the area.

1 IJN DD engaged by USN sub near Takao, hit but the torpedo was a dud.

Kota Bharu falls, Vigan falls, Brunei falls, Miri falls, Kuching falls, Ternate falls, Makin falls, Guam falls.

Up next update: Day 4

DOCUP -> RE: Role Reversal: Shark7 (Allies) vs btbw (Japan) (9/21/2012 12:17:13 AM)

Good Luck.  Welcome to the Good Side.  The Japanese side may have cookies but we have Steak and Beer.

Shark7 -> RE: Role Reversal: Shark7 (Allies) vs btbw (Japan) (9/22/2012 6:28:28 AM)

Day 4: What a mess. There really is no other way to describe it. And there isn't a lot I can do about it either, the Allies are just totally unprepared for war in the beginning.

2 Task forces formed around cruisers Indianapolis and Chicago to attempt to engage Kido Butai, failed to make contact, Indianapolis sunk, along with 1 of its escorting destroyers. Kido Butai appears to be heading North West at this point. The one bit of good news around Pearl Harbor is that a sortie of B-18 Bolo's managed to score a hit on a Zuikaku class carrier. It appeared to be burning.

Dragon and Danae are no more, they ran into 4 Heavy Cruisers when again trying to engage the amphibious group at Mersing. Also, the group is now heavily guarded by Ki-43s out of Kota Bharu so while I have managed to sink another transport via a Vildebeast strike, it was quite costly with 8 of the torpedo bombers lost to enemy fighters.

The mass exodus from the SRA has begun, I will need those tankers and cargo ships later and they are doing no good where they are. The plan is to withdraw the remaining air forces from Singapore in the next few days and send them to Burma where they can continue the fight. Singapore is not lost yet, but my opponent has committed a very large force to the task.

In a bit of good news, the Houston/Boise task force managed to slip past the IJN carrier force and is safely away from the Philippines.

I've also begun to set my convoy system, I've also been able to get some aircraft to the West Coast for deployment overseas. Production is currently pathetic, and I'm losing planes faster than I can replace them.

My carrier groups are safely away to points known only to me. I'm debating if I try a few raids or not at this point, I'm thinking the best course of action is to keep them safe for the time being.

Mersing falls, Ambon falls, Tarawa falls

Here is the current situation around Pearl Harbor. You can see Kido Butai to the North and East of Oahu...I am discovering that there is not much the Allies can do to drive it off, so I'm just having to take the lumps I'm dealt.


JocMeister -> RE: Role Reversal: Shark7 (Allies) vs btbw (Japan) (9/22/2012 8:49:26 AM)

Hehe, Welcome to the poor mans war. At least for the first year or so! [:D]

Shark7 -> RE: Role Reversal: Shark7 (Allies) vs btbw (Japan) (9/23/2012 1:42:43 AM)

Day 5: Finally a mark in the W column for the Shark, this turn went well.

A task force formed from 4 Mahan class destroyers was sortied to patrol the area east of Midway. Contact made with 4 AOs, no escorts present. End result, 3 large AOs sunk, the task force is now retiring to Midway low on ammo. However, it is almust certain that Kido Butai must now retire...likely running on fumes.

A task force consisting of Scout, Thanet and Thracian makes contact with an IJN amphibious group near Jolo. After a short battle, 1 IJN escort is sunk, several others damaged at a cost of moderate Damage to Thracian and Scout.

In other areas, Ichang was liberated by Nationalist forces, finding the city abandoned by the enemy.

In the Phillipines, a small group of PTs boats managed to score multiple torpedo hits on an IJN transport. An Allied counter-attack at Vigan failed.

A fighter sweep of Mersing from Singapore sees 2-3 Oscars destroyed with no Allied losses.

Kendari falls.

This is the situation and plan for China. You can see my planned definsive line, I will be abandoning all areas south and east of line as they are hard to supply and easily cut-off.


BBfanboy -> RE: Role Reversal: Shark7 (Allies) vs btbw (Japan) (9/23/2012 2:48:10 AM)

Nice coup, getting those AOs. But IIRC, there are two AO TFs, one with four AOs and the other with three. KB can easily fill up with fuel from three large AOs, but will need a lot of that fuel to get to Truk or Japan for the next fill. No fumes, but perhaps no raids on the way back either.

SBD -> RE: Role Reversal: Shark7 (Allies) vs btbw (Japan) (9/23/2012 7:10:16 AM)

Good luck with the game!

Good idea to pull back in China. I would also pull out of Nanyang, Chengchow, & Loyang which are in open terrain & may be very difficult to hold. It might be better to dig in along the woods line just to the west.

DOCUP -> RE: Role Reversal: Shark7 (Allies) vs btbw (Japan) (9/23/2012 5:50:45 PM)

Nice job with the AO's.  I agree with SBD on pulling your troops out of the open hex's in China.

Shark7 -> RE: Role Reversal: Shark7 (Allies) vs btbw (Japan) (9/24/2012 2:29:50 AM)

Good advice, which I shall heed.

Day 6: And back to bad news for me. No surprises there.

Kido Butai made another strike on Pearl Harbor from extreme range, CL Detroit lost to a magazine explosion.

Thanet, Thracian and Scout were hunted down by multiple SAGs and an IJN carrier group, all lost.

Landing at Rabaul, PBY Catalina I's out of Port Moresby have some success attacking the transports. A Japanese Katori class CL is reported sunk by coastal gun batteries.

In ground combat, attacks at Paotow and Kweisui failed to gain ground, Japanese reinforcements have been spotted on the rail line south of Kweisui.

The only good thing this day was being able to evacuate the troops from Kavieng prior to a Japanese landing there.

Tarakan falls.

Shark7 -> Problems at Palmyra (9/25/2012 2:49:11 AM)

Day 7: Near disaster...bad luck comes in droves.

Palmyra: CV Enterprise torpedoed by a submarine at the mouth of the harbor. Damage is moderate, and there is no danger of sinking, but the damage is two-fold. 1. I am down to 2 operational carriers and 2. my opponent knows where Enterprise is now, and she is desperately in need or yard time.

Java Sea: A group of tankers I had thought safe were hunted down by an IJN cruiser SAG. AVD Childs and Tanker Pecos escape, however, 3 tankers lost to enemy fire.

Pearl Harbor: Kido Butai has moved out of striking range, but was spotted north of Oahu, small strikes by B-17s and B-18s were unsuccessful.

Mersing: Attempted counter-attack failed, all units in full retreat.

Kendari: A raid of 15 B-17s manages to damage the airfield, no losses taken.

In the picture below you see the little trouble-maker at Palmyra. The really sad thing is that with all the aircraft I have set to ASW, and 2 ASW patrols, this sub still managed to elude the defenses and attack a carrier at the mouth of the harbor. Apparently my opponent is agressive enough to send subs into ports, and at the moment, I have proven completely inept at destroying them. [&:] I'm open to suggestions, lol.


Shark7 -> RE: Problems at Palmyra (9/26/2012 12:34:25 AM)

Day 8: Nothing particularly interesting this turn. For me, this is a good thing.

Palmyra: Fires out on Enterprise, I've made the decision to get it moving again as the flooding is only minor, and the fact that my opponent knows where it is could prove troublesome.

Midway: DD Shaw torpedoed, makes it safely back to port with severe damage. Fires at 25, so it is in severe peril.

Malaysia: Japanese attack on retreating forces from Mersing is repulsed.

New Britian: IJN CV spotted

Malacca Straight: IJN CV Spotted

Pearl Harbor: The broken record continues, long range strike by IJN carrier aircraft, KB is again spotted by patrol aircraft.

Atimonan falls, Ocean Island falls

SBD -> RE: Problems at Palmyra (9/26/2012 6:40:40 AM)

Re ASW: There aren't many decent tools to work with at first. I like to convert all the old 4 stacker DDs to APDs. They have an ASW rating of 6 & are also incredibly useful later when you're ready to start your counter-offensive.

Good luck getting the Big E to safety.

Shark7 -> RE: Problems at Palmyra (9/26/2012 10:15:54 PM)

So for so good for Enterprise

Day 9: Why won't they go away? Guess I'll have to convince them.

Pearl Harbor: Kido Butai strikes again, Pennsylvania capsizes. The new, last ditch effort: All PBYs have been set to naval strike with torpedoes. He's only left a tiny fraction of his fighters on cap the last couple of strikes, here's to hoping I actually get lucky for once. DD Mugford lost attempting to locate Kido Butai.

Rabaul: Reports that Rabaul fell to the Japanese 2 days prior. All surviving troops retreating to Gasmata.

Johore Bharu: Allied counter-attack is successful, ground gained against Japanese invaders.

Singapore: Troops originally destined for Singapore have been rerouted to Burma by order of the Admiralty. The enemy has complete air superiority in Malaysia.

China: The American Volunteer Group reports victory over Canton, with several 'Zero' fighters engaged and destroyed.

Phillipines: All aircraft capable ordered to evacuate.

Borneo: Reports from coastwatchers that multiple explosions noted off the coast of Singkawang early morning of Dec 14. Early morning light revealed an IJN amphibious force withdrawing at best possible speed from Singkawang, they had run into a recently laid minefield on approach. Radio transmissions indicated that Destroyers Hatsuyuki and Asagiri sunk by mines, recon photos of Kuching later that day reveal a third destroyer capsizing in the harbor.

Palmryra: Carrier group safely away, though contact made with possible IJN submarine approximately 120 miles South West of Palmyra. ASW attack by escorting destroyers results in oil slick, no further contact with possible submarine.

Note: I've done more damage with the minefield at Singkawang (I laid that field the first turn with the 2 minelayers out of Sumatra) than all other efforts have accomplished. Mines do still work in AE.


Shark7 -> RE: Problems at Palmyra (9/27/2012 7:55:40 PM)

Day 10: The drudgery continues

Not much to report this time, which is a good thing.

Pearl Harbor: A group of around 30 torpedo bombers strikes the port again, this time the planes flew in from the west. Minimal damage from this strike.

Christmas Island: AVD McFarland torpedoed and sunk.

Great Barrier Reef: PG Moresby engages enemy carrier group, Moresby recieves minor damage. I got lucky here, too bad Moresby couldn't land a hit on Hosho before withdrawing though.

Night Time Surface Combat, near Milne Bay at 100,137, Range 2,000 Yards

Japanese Ships
CVE Hosho
CS Chitose
BB Ise
BB Hyuga
DD Oite
DD Hayate

Allied Ships
PG Moresby, Shell hits 2, on fire

Reduced visibility due to Rain with 3% moonlight
Maximum visibility in Rain and 3% moonlight: 2,000 yards
Range closes to 8,000 yards...
Range closes to 6,000 yards...
Range closes to 4,000 yards...
Range closes to 2,000 yards...
CONTACT: Japanese lookouts spot Allied task force at 2,000 yards
CONTACT: Allied lookouts spot Japanese task force at 2,000 yards
DD Hayate engages PG Moresby at 2,000 yards
Addington A. orders Allied TF to disengage
PG Moresby engages CVE Hosho at 2,000 yards
Task forces break off...


Kolaka falls, Tandjoengselor falls, Lingayen falls, ground assult at Johore Bharu gains no ground.

Shark7 -> RE: Problems at Palmyra (9/28/2012 6:04:11 AM)

Day 11: BOOM BABY!

Sub attack near Sangi at 77,97

Japanese Ships
CVL Ryujo, Torpedo hits 1, on fire
DD Natsushio

Allied Ships
SS Sculpin

SS Sculpin launches 4 torpedoes at CVL Ryujo
Sculpin bottoming out ....
DD Natsushio fails to find sub, continues to search...
DD Natsushio fails to find sub, continues to search...
DD Natsushio fails to find sub, continues to search...
DD Natsushio fails to find sub, continues to search...
DD Natsushio fails to find sub, continues to search...
Escort abandons search for sub

Afternoon Air attack on TF, near Wake Island at 136,98

Weather in hex: Light cloud

Raid spotted at 14 NM, estimated altitude 13,000 feet.
Estimated time to target is 6 minutes

Allied aircraft
F4F-3 Wildcat x 10
SB2U-3 Vindicator x 13

Allied aircraft losses
SB2U-3 Vindicator: 1 damaged

Japanese Ships
CA Kako, Bomb hits 1
CA Furutaka, Bomb hits 3, heavy fires, heavy damage
CA Aoba, Bomb hits 2, on fire

Aircraft Attacking:
5 x SB2U-3 Vindicator releasing from 2000'
Naval Attack: 1 x 1000 lb SAP Bomb
8 x SB2U-3 Vindicator releasing from 3000'
Naval Attack: 1 x 1000 lb SAP Bomb


Pearl Harbor: Kido Butai spotted headed south, toward Palmyra. This is not unexpected since Enterprise was torpedoed there. He will find nothing when they arrive.

Palmyra: Orders issued for all ships in port to disperse.

Burma: Units spotted headed toward Moulmein. Units from Tavoy ordered to march north to Moulmein.

China: Japanese assault near Chushien repulsed. KMT units cut rail line between Hankow and Sinyang, bombarded by IJA artillery units.

Sansapor falls, Gasmata falls

Note: This turned into a very productive turn for me. 1 IJN carrier put out of action, 3 heavy cruisers damaged, one heavily. Allowing Lexington to go ahead and drop off those Vindicators has proved to be a good decision, planes I can replace, heavy cruisers he can not replace. Its also nice that a Mk 14 torpedo chooses a hit against a CVL to not be a dud. I probably used up all my luck on that one shot. LOL

Cribtop -> RE: Problems at Palmyra (9/28/2012 6:13:36 AM)

Banzai! Erm, I mean well done! [&o][:D]

JocMeister -> RE: Problems at Palmyra (9/28/2012 6:15:58 AM)

Good news on the Ryujo! [:)]

Shark7 -> RE: Problems at Palmyra (9/29/2012 4:11:12 AM)

Day 12: Meh...

Rangoon: Transport task force engaged by Betty bombers, 2 sunk. (This one puzzles me, since I know I have not sent any task forces or troops to the death trap known as Rangoon. Why it ended up there, I have no idea).

Pearl Harbor: PBY Catalinas out of Pearl Harbor launch a torpedo attack aginst Japanese Carriers, no hits recorded.

Palmyra: All ships under way, Kido Butai is sighted approximately 1 days steam from the island. Japanese submarine detected and depth charged at the mouth of the harbor, oil slick appears after depth charge attack by DD Worden.

China: IJA air activity has increased exponentially in the last week in the China theatre. This is good and bad, good in that I can see that my opponent plans to be very active in China, bad in that I can't do a whole lot about it. Best I can hope for is to fight to a draw until I can re-open the Burma road in late '43.

Midway: DD Shaw at 85 fires, fire fighting efforts are failing, the ship will likely be lost.

Intel indicates that CVL Ryujo and CA Furutaka have been sunk. Given 3 1000lb bomb strikes on Furutaka, I believe that one. However, I am rather certain that 1 torpedo would not be enough to sink Ryujo outright.

Nauru Island falls, Sorong falls

Note: I'm still not used to getting useful intel reports, so most turns I don't even look at them. Too many years as a JFB where the best you get is 'Heavy Radio Traffic at X' has trained me to all but ignore it. I'm having to make a conscious effort to remember to at least take a look at it. [:-]

Shark7 -> RE: Problems at Palmyra (9/30/2012 5:41:11 AM)

Day 13: Pretty uneventful turn

Johore Bharu: Additional Japanese troops have reinforced the enemy lines, initiated bombardment attack of Allied defensive positions.

Pearl Harbor: 2 submarine contacts reported.

Palmyra: Kido Butai located ~400 miles north of the island.

Talasea falls

Shark7 -> RE: Problems at Palmyra (10/1/2012 6:27:57 AM)

Day 14: Air war over China

China: The AVG 2nd Sqn engages 12 Ki-30 light bombers over Changsha, scoring 6 confirmed kills. In other areas, IJA and IJN air forces have increased the intensity of their bombing campaign. For the first time, G4M Betty bombers have been confirmed attacking KMT infantry formations near Nanchang.

Singapore: The last of the RAF sqaudrons has left Singapore. Currently, Commonwealth troops are holding fast at Johore Bharu, but with the enemy having complete air superiority it is only a matter of time before they are forced to withdraw due to lack of supplies.

Palmyra: Kido Butai spotted 120 miles north of the island.

Pago-Pago: DD Phelps engages enemy submarine and scores likely hits, heavy oil slick noted after Depth Charge attack.

Thoughts: Its been too quiet. I am preparing myself for the next wave of assaults. I am really surprised by his Malaysia strategy, taking Mersing early without securing the supply lines from Bangkok may actually slow down his assualt (not that I am complaining).

Shark7 -> RE: Problems at Palmyra (10/2/2012 7:47:18 AM)

Day 15: The art of disorganization

Starting to get a handle on things, but I will admit the Allied side is a nightmare as far as getting things in a usable structure

China: AVG 2nd Sqn claims a pair of Ki-27 Nates in air combat over Changsha.

Rangoon: Sweeps by Zero and Oscar fighters intercepted by AVG 1st Sqn

Moulmein: IJA armored unit pushes through to the city, minor skirmishes ensue.

Wake Island: Vindicators successfully attack an amphibious group ~250 nm from Wake, 2 AKs hit and left burning.

Afternoon Air attack on TF, near Eniwetok at 131,103

Weather in hex: Heavy rain

Raid spotted at 17 NM, estimated altitude 11,000 feet.
Estimated time to target is 7 minutes

Japanese aircraft
F1M2 Pete x 6

Allied aircraft
F4F-3 Wildcat x 7
SB2U-3 Vindicator x 14

Japanese aircraft losses
F1M2 Pete: 1 destroyed

Allied aircraft losses
SB2U-3 Vindicator: 3 damaged
SB2U-3 Vindicator: 1 destroyed by flak

Japanese Ships
xAK Nishimi Maru, Bomb hits 1
AMC Kongo Maru, Bomb hits 2, on fire
CM Tsugaru

Japanese ground losses:
28 casualties reported
Squads: 0 destroyed, 2 disabled
Non Combat: 0 destroyed, 1 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Guns lost 1 (1 destroyed, 0 disabled)

Aircraft Attacking:
1 x SB2U-3 Vindicator releasing from 2000'
Naval Attack: 1 x 1000 lb SAP Bomb
6 x SB2U-3 Vindicator releasing from 4000'
Naval Attack: 1 x 1000 lb SAP Bomb
7 x SB2U-3 Vindicator releasing from 3000'
Naval Attack: 1 x 1000 lb SAP Bomb

CAP engaged:
Kiyokawa Maru-1 with F1M2 Pete (2 airborne, 4 on standby, 0 scrambling)
2 plane(s) intercepting now.
Group patrol altitude is 9000 , scrambling fighters to 9000.
Time for all group planes to reach interception is 10 minutes


Iba falls

Shark7 -> RE: Problems at Palmyra (10/6/2012 3:04:01 AM)

Since there wasn't much to report the last 3 turns, I waited until it was more interesting:

Day 16: Completely uneventful.

Day 17: Some guys have all the luck...mine just happens to be bad.

Noumea: Lexington is hit by a torpedo in the forecastle, minor flooding. Suspected submarine escapes detection.

Day 18: A little more interesting. Christmas Eve, 1941.

Hong Kong: Japanese troops enter the city and knock on the doors with an artillery bombardment.

Johnston Island: Carrier strike from the west, 2 IJN Task forces sighted west of the Island, this may be an invasion.

Borneo: Amphibious landing at Kudat.

Palmyra: Troop Transport task force attacked by multiple submarines, AK Henry Grove and AK Agwimonte sunk with no survivors.

Philippines: Japanese troops attack Clark Field, defenses hold for now. Japanese paratroop attack at Bataan repulsed. (I've withdrawn to Manila for defense instead of Bataan).

China: IJA artillery units bombard Chinese positions south of Ichang. Skirmish near Kweisui results in disorganized retreat of Chinese defenders. Skirmish near Hwainan ends in Chinese defeat.

Tsiaotso falls.

Shark7 -> Attack of the Silent Service (10/8/2012 5:40:02 AM)

Day 19: All I want for Christmas is 6 new carriers... Dec 25, 1941.

Palmyra: It seems he has a wolf-pack of about 6 subs operating in the area. For now, Palmyra is not going to be a good place for a link in my convoy chain. Kido Butai sighted 300 miles North West of the island.

AK K. I. Luckenbach torpedoed and sunk.
AP Mariposa Torpedoed and sunk.

A total of 6 sub attacks from different subs and 7 hits on the two vessels. All troops and cargo lost with the convoy.

Tjilatjap: Coastal minesweepers clear an enemy minefield from the mouth of the harbor. Obviously a present left for my by one of his minelaying submarines.

Singapore: Under constant air attack. Really eating into my supplies, but trying to resupply with all the air power he has in the area would be suicidal.

China: My opponent seems content to just bombard my units. This suits me fine as the effect is negligible and it ends up training my troops up. Most of my troops have made it to their defensive positions in the thick forests, so the situation is stabilized for the moment.

Clark Field falls, Kudat falls, Manus falls

Day 20: I got heartaches by the dozen...

Sydney: Patrols have spotted at least 3 different submarines operating within 100 miles of the coastline. CV Lexington and escorts are right in the middle of them. Sortied 2 ASW combat TFs to see if I can at least force em deep till the carrier is safely docked in port.

Pago Pago: Convoy comes under attack by 2 submarines, escorts unable to locate.

Palmyra: I've lost track of Kido Butai. All convoys bound for Palmyra have been rerouted until I can get the waters around it some what safer.

Bataan: He tried another paradrop and got the same results. Only static units are left defending Bataan, all other units have made it safely to Manila. Whether or not this was the wise choice will be revealed shortly.

Some thoughts: It seems his offensives against Singapore and Moulmein have completely stalled. Johore Bharu is holding, and he has not even attempted an assulat at Moulmein, despite having more than sufficient troops to take the city (I am 'barely' defending it). I'm thinking he has run low on supply by stretching his supply lines too thin. He took Mersing without first taking the western rail lines in Malaysia, meaning all supply has to be brought in by ship to the assulat force, also Moulmein is being attacked without first securing Victoria Point or Tavoy, again unnecessarily extending his supply lines. Perhaps I am more methodical when I play as Japan, but I pretty much follow the IJA war plan when it comes to Malaysia and Burma.

Defending Burma: After assessing the situation, I have decided not to defend Burma. Our house rules require meeting garrison levels, which leaves me fighting a rear guard delaying action, which isn't such a bad idea anyway, as it slows his advance down and allows me to set up my real defensive position just across the Indian border. The pink line in the illustration below shows where I plan to make my stand. Figure heavy jungle is the best place to defend from, rather than the open field around Mandalay.

So, any suggestions from the more experience Allied players out there? Is my plan for Burma feasible?


Shark7 -> RE: Attack of the Silent Service (10/9/2012 6:10:52 PM)

Day 21: Here we go again...

Palmyra: Kido Butai is no south of the island, trying to chase down a couple of transport task forces in the area. I've sent them both in opposite directions and perpendicular to KBs projected path, if I'm really lucky, he'll miss both.

Pago Pago: Coastwatchers report multiple underwater explosions near the mouth of the harbor. (According to the combat report, I-174 struck 2 mines at Pago Pago).

Sydney: Lexington arrives safely, multiple sub contacts by destroyers, however no attacks.

Hong Kong: Organized Japanese attack repulsed with heavy enemy casualties, however, defenders forced to fall back to secondary defensive lines.

Patani: 5/14th Punjab Battalion marches into the city, no resistance met.

Patani Captured

Shark7 -> Back in Action (10/19/2012 10:54:41 PM)

*Note: I've been ill the last few days, so this didn't get updated (and turns didn't get played). Today is the catchup for the last few turns played.

Day 22: Rinse Repeat

Sydney: Torpedo wakes spotted in the water heading toward CA Northampton, evasive maneuvers successful, submarine not located.

Pago Pago: Underwater explosions noted off the coast of the island.

China: notable increase in the amount of air power being devoted to this theatre.

Hong Kong: Japanese attack in force repulsed.

Lihir falls

Day 23:

Pago Pago: Underwater explosions off the coast during the early morning hours.

Midway: AO Brazos suffers multiple violent explosions and sinks almost immediately in a fireball. Submarine attack suspected. Escorts unable to locate enemy sub.

Kweiteh: 51st and 69th Chinese Corps surrounded and destroyed by Japanese forces.

Day 24:

Cagayan: IJN Cruiser group bombards the port and airfield, minimal damage and casualties.

Port Blair: Small supply convoy attacked by Betty Torpedo bombers, 1 AK sunk, 2 damaged, 1 AMC severely damaged.

Midway: PG Charleston makes contact with possible enemy submarine, unable to locate, no attack made.

Georgetown falls, Temuloh falls, Tabar Island falls

Day 25:

Pago Pago: DD Worden makes attack on possible submarine, oil slick noted following mulitple DC runs.

Wake Island: Vindicators and Wildcats from Wake Island attack IJN carrier ~160 miles from the island. Positive ID on CVE Hosho. Large transport reported hit and burning, Hosho escapes direct hits.

Central Pacific (near Hilo): Troop transport convoy comes under attack from short range dive and torpedo bombers. Contact lost with group which consisted of 2 x DD, 6 x AP, 4 x AK, and 1 x AO.

San Fernando: 11th PA Inf Division surrounded and destroyed

Cabanatuan falls

Day 26:

Midway: PG Charleston attacks suspected IJN submarine, oil slick noted after attack run.

Johnston Island: DD Cushing torpedoed and capsizes.

Wake Island: Vinmdicator group (down to 1 operational aircraft) withdrawn to Midway to take on replacements. Late in the evening at high tide, large number of IJN ships appear near the shore, amphibious landing begins.

Wake Island falls, Emirau Island falls

Day 27: Happy New Year

Kuantan: Base bombarded by IJN cruiser group.

Changsha: Elements of the AVG intercept multiple IJA bomber raids against the city, numerous Nate fighters and Lily bombers reported shot down.

Bataan: attempted break out of surrounded allied forces fails

Kwangchowan falls

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