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LiquidSky -> (Dismiss/Dont Diss) the Dismissal (9/20/2012 8:07:10 AM)

I rather like the idea of Dismissal, but after reading the different events that effect it (Strategic Position, Major and minor orders) I was wondering if an overhaul might be in order. I have a fairly good grasp on how to write a script for an event, and can decipher the ones in the game readily enough....but could use some ideas on how this can be balanced better.

I was thinking of using the Majors as a pre-programmed history trip....and the minors can be carrots dangled near the main front. I would like to avoid the orders that don't make too much sense..such as ones that lie in a pocket, or on the other side of water.

As well..prestige seems to be used for gaining political points..the more prestige you have, the more political points you get. Which allows you to buy more cards...(replacements). Anyways, there are a lot of variables in the game that can be used (combat losses, possession of hexes, etc...) that can be tied in.

Any thoughts would be welcome.

wallas -> RE: (Dismiss/Dont Diss) the Dismissal (9/20/2012 4:45:41 PM)

I for one love the dismissal rule along with the PP and prestige part(card plays) of the game. I agree the orders need to be addressed, but I would not change anything about the mechanics.

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