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LiquidSky -> RE: The Bear and the Wolf - Keunert vs. Olivier (9/29/2012 12:24:51 AM)

Hmm..I spent a long time trying to make a supply center in Sevastopol for Trappnejagd...and came to the conclusion that all supply flows through Stavka if you use the Simplified Supply rule (the default rule). (

Did you change Event#25 CAMP+SMALL Soviet Supply ?

Or did you change something in the supply code?

My experiments with Sevastopol shows that when you use ExecGiveSupply(x,y,amount, -1), it seems to go to STAVKA then attempt to flow down. Only by changing Rule# 887 to 0 (and increase the time to end the turn) could I give supply to different HQ's

Keunert -> RE: The Bear and the Wolf - Keunert vs. Olivier (9/29/2012 6:22:36 AM)

Turn 48

My southern front is now in supply but without train capacity and half of it's forces are already encircled, another part will soon be. we set all troops on disband, fly air units out and send everything we have north. we will lose here over a third of our entire army.

Prestige is zero since several turns due to the no step back order.

Keunert -> RE: The Bear and the Wolf - Keunert vs. Olivier (9/29/2012 9:32:38 PM)

That didn't play out as expected: Tiblissi HQ gets all the disbanded equipment. I reassign this HQ to get it under Stavka command. But i am not sure if this will help, nor if there is enough time to send anything north: the Axis has now free movement in the south and the last ports will soon be occupied.

Without any prestige i get only a few PP every turn. i will need those for reassigning units to HQ and maybe to create units or HQ. All reinforcements go north. But Olivier will soon realize that he can rail everything north and from then on it will be:

Keunert -> RE: The Bear and the Wolf - Keunert vs. Olivier (10/2/2012 9:15:04 PM)

The game is over. What a shame that i screwed my defense in the south that much. would have been interesting to see if the initiative shifts. here is my last screen with the troop levels at the end of the game. you see a strong growth of soviet troops. without the disaster in the south we would be close to 600'000 men in mid october.

i thank Olivier for giving me a challenge every turn until i lost and everybody else that commented and give me advice and feedback.



LiquidSky -> RE: The Bear and the Wolf - Keunert vs. Olivier (10/2/2012 9:17:47 PM)

Hmm..seems a tad strange that the Axis strength would remain so constant. I guess any large loss from combating a city (like Rostov/Sevastopol/Voronezh) would be offset by cards.

Keunert -> RE: The Bear and the Wolf - Keunert vs. Olivier (10/2/2012 9:28:22 PM)

95% of his losses are germans and i think he only lost about 150'000 men in total. (i lost around 1 mio i think). those losses were made up by axis minor reinforcements and to a lesser extent by cards. he never had huge losses in single attacks. his losses come from hundreds of small battles where he lost a few men while killing off thousand of mine. This game is all about avoiding attacking cities/hexes with fully supplied and entrenched defenders: he tried this maybe once (!) in the entire game, supported by a Manstein gamble card.

on the other hand i never saw the need to keep troops behind in a city just to watch them getting surrounded and then turn into combat unfit zombies.

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