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Scott Parrino -> Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/19/2012 8:14:36 PM)

Be Sole Master of Rome!

Matrix Games, Slitherine (, and AGEOD ( are excited to announce the upcoming release of the Roman grand strategy game Alea Jacta Est. Focusing on the Roman Civil Wars from the 1st century BC to 3rd century AD, Alea Jacta Est is the first PC game to bring a highly authentic and realistic strategic experience of this tumultuous time period to players. Alea Jacta Est will release on the Matrix Games and Slitherine online stores next week.

Alea Jacta Est offers a wide variety of scenarios, from the civil war between Marius and Sulla (and Mithridate of Pontus) from 87 to 82 BC, to the advent of Septimius Severus from 193 to 198 AD. An incredible amount of detail and historical accuracy has been packed into Alea Jacta Est from terrain to units to even the dilemmas and troubles the leaders of Rome actually faced hundreds of years ago. Using the successful and popular AGE engine, Alea Jacta Est will benefit from the ease of the team to create new mods, events, scenarios and more!

The whole of Europe, Northern Africa and the Near East is the battlefield in which the players must carve out. Featuring more than 2800 regions to conquer, rule, and fight over, hundreds of historical leaders, units and events, five large campaigns, and multiplayer with up to three players in the same game, Alea Jacta Est definitely is putting the “grand” in grand strategy gaming!

For more information on Alea Jacta Est, visit the official product page on the Slitherine or Matrix Games website.

wodin -> RE: Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/19/2012 9:01:20 PM)

This will be my first dip into Rome era wargames..or ancient warfare full stop.

Enigma6584 -> RE: Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/20/2012 12:49:48 AM)


The same for me as well. It looks very in-depth. PBEM games are going to be interesting.

Vyshka -> RE: Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/20/2012 7:58:45 AM)

Is it going to be $19.99 through Matrix as well?

Erik Rutins -> RE: Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/20/2012 4:37:54 PM)

Yes, same price for the download, +$10 for the physical version as usual.


- Erik

tgb -> RE: Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/20/2012 5:52:56 PM)

Will it be available Saturday?

Wolfe1759 -> RE: Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/21/2012 12:13:33 AM)

What will the Sterling price be ?

Hopefully not $1=£1

Given current exchange rates it should be somewhere in the region of £12.50

general_solomon -> RE: Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/21/2012 5:54:16 AM)

i am surprised that its only gonna be 19 dollars. i think more people will try the game at 19 than 40 or 50 bucks.

thanks ageod.

wodin -> RE: Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/21/2012 4:14:11 PM)

Wolfe it will be £19.99, thats the price at Gamersgate aswell..

No way will you get it for £12.50..sorry mate.

I paid £16.99 as I have a 15% discount for Gamersgate..

If it is £12.50 then I should have bee patient but I doubt it.

Anyway £19.99 is great value for a new wargame.

Wolfe1759 -> RE: Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/21/2012 5:34:06 PM)

If the Matrix "sticker price" i.e. the one quoted in the store page for download is £19.99 then we in the UK will have to pay £23.98 after the automatic VAT addition that happens when you get to checkout.

If that is the case then we will be paying the equivalent of $38.93 therefore almost DOUBLE the price quoted above for our US friends.

Even if it is £19.99 inclusive of VAT we are still being ripped off in comparison.

£19.99 may well be great value for the game but what justification is there for the UK price hike, it costs no more to produce or distribute the game for UK customers.

P.S. I had a similar rant about the release price of Strategic War in Europe a few months back on the Wargamer forum ( )

24th May

Was just about to pre-order (even though I've allready got ToF) however Gamersgate are charging £11.24 pre-order and £14.99 normal price.

$1 = £1 is a total rip-off for UK customers !

At current exchange rates it should be £7.18 pre-order and £9.58 normal price.

Any suggestions as to where I could buy / pre-order at (or close to) the proper UK price.

P.S. it is not so much the actual price that annoys me it is the blatant overcharging to UK and I suspect European / ROW customers.

25th May (following a friendly exchange with Doomtrader)

Doomtrader - noticed the price on Gamersgate has gone down to £9.74 / £12.99 which is a lot more acceptable.

wodin -> RE: Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/21/2012 8:30:40 PM)

Wolfe sadly thats why I went pay £19.99 I also had a 15% off so got it for 16.99. Though due to the VAT thing here I'd probably still gone to GG.

I do get the odd $ issue..but hey we could live in Australia...

Wolfe1759 -> RE: Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/21/2012 10:38:03 PM)

One thought, we pay VAT on all of our purchases from Matrix, do Matrix as a US company with no presence in the UK actually pay this money back to Her Majesty's Customs and Revenue or does it just add to their profit ?

P.S. sorry I've now taken this thread way off topic.

wodin -> RE: Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/22/2012 2:01:59 AM)

Wolfe this has been brought up before and questioned I believe..I used to work for VAT and from what I can remember you have to be VAT registered...and with SLitherine being a UK company I'm sure they are so they will have to declare the Tax.

Remember it's not Matrix but Slitherine\Matrix...Matrix really being the US coy of Slitherine after the merger.

Wolfe1759 -> RE: Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/24/2012 3:50:22 PM)

Just noticed that AGEOD and GamersGate have reduced the Sterling price to £15.99.

Is it going to be the same for Slitherine/Matrix and when is it actually going on sale?

Tophat1815 -> RE: Alea Jacta Est Announced! (9/27/2012 7:52:04 PM)


ORIGINAL: Erik Rutins

Yes, same price for the download, +$10 for the physical version as usual.


- Erik

Aha,this was where i got the $19.99 from! Knew i wasn't in a dream sequence from Dallas.

was a response to Vyshka who brought up the whole $19.99 price and i think he got $ confused with British pounds sterling. So mystery solved and at $24.99 for a new game is a Great Deal on its own.

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