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Joel Billings -> New testers wanted (9/18/2012 11:01:04 PM)

We are staring work on a new scenario disk with another 10 scenarios for WitE. We'd like to sign up several new testers to help us test these scenarios and provide feedback to the scenario designers. In addition, we hope to be adding several new editor options (possibly game options if we can do it) to allow players to adjust some of the effects of the first turn surprise rule and the first winter. This will allow scenario designers (and possibly players), to modify these rules to their liking. We'd like players with some experience with WitE. You don't need to be an expert player, just someone familiar with the game and willing to provide some feedback re the scenario play balance (while pointing out problems you run across as you play the scenarios). We'll be looking for both testing against the AI and between 2 players, and will leave it to testers to decide which they prefer to test. If you're interested in becoming a tester, please contact me at If you're interested in testing WitW (or eventually WitE 2.0) in the future, this is a good way to get a sense of the testing process. Many of the current WitW testers started with testing WitE or the scenario disk.

Pelton -> RE: New testers wanted (9/19/2012 2:30:42 AM)

I would love to but your link is not working( could not perform this operations because the default mail client is not properly installed ect ect)

Joel Billings -> RE: New testers wanted (9/19/2012 2:42:18 AM)

I'm getting emails at this afternoon. The link worked for me.

Pelton -> RE: New testers wanted (9/19/2012 3:18:44 AM)

Working now, not sure what was up.


Joel Billings -> RE: New testers wanted (9/19/2012 9:36:47 PM)

Ok, I'm closing this down. I've gotten a bunch of emails that I'll be going through. If you are one that is interested but haven't already emailed, don't bother. Thanks to those who have applied. I'll be getting back to you soon.

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