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JocMeister -> Movement issues nr 2. (9/17/2012 6:05:50 PM)

I donīt want to spend another 2 or 3 evenings going back through the saves, documenting everything and making a detailed explanation, creating screenshots and whatnot about the problem so I will keep it very simple. If greater detail is needed I will try and provide it.

I had a Chinese stack trying to move from Tsiatso due West to hex 87,42. The HQ was set with the destination and the rest were set to follow. This stack has caused me nothing but problems from the beginning with units resetting them self to "0" all the time. Nevertheless many of the units were to transition to the next hex this turn. Instead ALL the stack was reset to "2" during the turn. Even the trailing units that have had their movement reset before and were NOT to transit the hex. IE they had only progress for example 36 or something.

This seem like a "issue/feature" of the game that has been know for quite some time. So I donīt expect as solution here but it more a question to michaelm. Can you "edit" the save file and get to stack to its intended destination of 87,42 if I provide a save? That would spare both my and Joseph the absolute hassle of trying to solve this somehow.

Here are the two screens I sent to Jospeh detailing the problem.

Saves/screens/whatever can be provided if needed but I simply donīt have the time/energy at this stage to make a "proper" post.

Can it be fixed? We would both be eternally grateful if the bloody stack could just be moved to its proper location.

SqzMyLemon -> RE: Movement issues nr 2. (9/17/2012 6:47:34 PM)

I'd like to add I had this same problem occur in another PBEM, but in Malaya. Japanese forces were set to "follow" along the secondary road to enter Temoluh from the west to contest the base. My units were in move mode and the turn they were to arrive their movement reset to zero or some smaller number. All previous ground covered was lost. My forces were not bombed or interdicted in any way, they were simply attempting to move into an enemy occupied hex.

I had posted this to the tech forum when it happened a long time ago and I've bumped the thread back up to the first page. It was suggested to not use the follow command and order the units to use combat mode or move mode to enter the hex. This did not work, the move was always reset the turn prior to arriving in the hex. I ended up moving my units and entering the hex from another direction. Needless to say, this caused weeks of delay and was not satisfactory in the least.

As Jocke asks, is there anyway to edit our game to get this force into the hex it should have moved to? The problems that result from any other way to resolve this issue are many, and really compromise our game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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