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Catch21 -> Unit Counters (9/17/2012 2:17:17 AM)

In an XML Scenario Dump, for each unit you get a 'color' value, which I assume represents a particular unit counter color scheme. Note that this is separate from unit type, which would be a subset of the unit color scheme- in other words each counter sheet. For instance look at units_1_gray_0.png in the TOAW Graphics sub-directory, where the sheet consists of all unit types with the same color.

I know folks (for instance with the BioEd program) have managed to link 2D and 3D graphics to numbers from the equipment file to be able to display what goes in as a graphic in the Inventory & Replacements screen for example.

If anyone has managed to deduce some form of matching screen, I'd be grateful of any details. The alternative is to try to figure it out from scratch, and if someone has already been there, why reinvent the wheel? Thanks.

ogar -> RE: Unit Counters (9/17/2012 5:47:00 PM)

This may be a start - at least with unit colors/formation colors/cooperation.


kmitahj -> RE: Unit Counters (10/11/2012 11:50:06 PM)

Not sure if it fits your needs but below I attached zip file containg two text files:
one which maps COLOR ids form xml file to names of files with corresponding color schema bitmap sheets ('h_' or 's_' to be prefixed when needed and 'png' or 'bmp' extensions to be appended whichever is available)
second maps unit icon positions within given color schema bitmap to string form ICON attribute in xml file. Note that there are cases when given string maps to more then one icon position in bitmap (example: 'Headquartes', 'Coastal Artillery', 'Transport', 'Fighter' etc.) However so far in all such cases xml file I looked in contains additional ICONID attribute which points directly which icon is to be used.

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