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Rykker -> This Game is Evil. (SPOILERS) (9/17/2012 12:27:22 AM)

Epically evil. Played my first game through with all the expansions and storylines enabled... 15x15 Irregular Galaxy, 1000 Planets, pretty normal settings... Things started off well, lots of nice colonizable planets nearby, conquered a couple annoying nations (This I will regret later).. Destroyed a Legendary Pirate Fleet base and scored a prize of 50 pirate ships, found and claimed two derelict World Destroyers... Made nice with all the humanoid neighbours.. Things are looking grand for the Terran Federation! Oh hello Erutah Refugees, how are you today? Ok, I'll let you be but keep an eye on you!

"Oh Ancient Guardians, you have another Warning for me? Freedom Alliance? Heck yes I'll join!"

Things progress rather smoothly, my fleets are barely holding back the Bug alliance, only 1 or 2 colonies of mine have been invaded at this point... but suffering 4 ships lost for everyone that I kill, I can't keep this up forever.

I think the AI could sense how I was doing at this point... there must be a line of code in the game somewhere that says:

if playersweatlvl = 'Moist' and player_grip_on_sanity = 'Teetering on Edge'

I had 15 colonies secede from the Federation (Most of them from the former Nax and Mortalen empires) and declare war on me...


Another Legendary Pirate Fleet shows up to wreck havoc in the middle of my empire...


A Shakturi World Destroyer is on the way...

Crap. [:@]

"Oh, you want to talk to me again Ancient Guardians? Yes, I know we're losing... oh what? A free super World Destroyer... let's do this!"

I threw everything... literally everything, escorts, supply ships, transports, colony ships, the Guardian Fleet, THREE World Destroyers at the Shakturi capital... stripped every world of it's ships, merged every fleet I had... 591 ships.

Gone... every last ship wiped out.

I hate you Codeforce [:)]


Nedrear -> RE: This Game is Evil. (SPOILERS) (9/17/2012 12:50:34 AM)

Give me some time and you can have the next evil empires. My space nazis will be worse but they won't use the world destroyer as long as you are not invincible and hated. They want your "Lebensraum". Of course they field massive capital ships and frigate fleets and have one of the thickest armors the game ever saw, but don't take out the phasers, they got shields too.

AND they are there from the start!

Good thing you know they are coming...

ehsumrell1 -> RE: This Game is Evil. (SPOILERS) (9/17/2012 5:01:08 AM)



Gone... every last ship wiped out.

I hate you Codeforce [:)]

Hello Rykker, and welcome to the DW forums!!!

By the way, sorry you also didn't know about the Shakturi's Repulsing field that
pulls you out of hyperspace BEFORE you can get close to their planet.

Enjoy the game Rykker! [:)]

WiZz -> RE: This Game is Evil. (SPOILERS) (9/17/2012 9:13:48 AM)

Typical mistake of DW novice to throw all forces without microcontrol against enemy capital...

mikbob -> RE: This Game is Evil. (SPOILERS) (9/17/2012 9:36:12 AM)

Then again i think he had a good time doing so and I sure liked to read about it [;)]

Bingeling -> RE: This Game is Evil. (SPOILERS) (9/17/2012 10:32:51 AM)

Great story [:)]

Erik Rutins -> RE: This Game is Evil. (SPOILERS) (9/17/2012 5:57:32 PM)

Great story Rykker, thanks for sharing it. You were definitely on the right track - recovering those World Destroyers is a great way to prepare for the Shakturi, but final victory against their homeworld is still hard to achieve. Better to ambush some of their fleets and soften them up first before going for the coup de grace, but I can imagine that battle had you on the edge of your seat for a while. [8D]


- Erik

Rykker -> RE: This Game is Evil. (SPOILERS) (9/17/2012 9:41:25 PM)

I had loads of fun even losing! Don't need to win to have fun, and this game delivers it in spades... I've waited since the original Master of Orion for a 4X game like this one... So losing was just as fun, trying to build enough ships to replace the ones lost in order to have some sort of defense and to reclaim the rebel planets, making backroom deals with the enemy to try and get a little more money so I can lower taxes to keep what remains of my colonists happy... fighting desperate defensive battles against seemingly invincible ships... frantically conscripting troops to defend against invasions... pouring money into crash research to find some weapon to use against the Shakturi... sending out scouts and colony ships to the far side of the map to build a National Redoubt... fun times! Can't wait for the next expansion!

jpwrunyan -> RE: This Game is Evil. (SPOILERS) (9/19/2012 4:44:14 AM)

Looks like you are using Shatterforce Lasers and Concussion Missiles. This could be the problem if it is indicative of your overall tech-level. I find the Shakturi to be a bit of a drag myself.

tjhkkr -> RE: This Game is Evil. (SPOILERS) (9/19/2012 9:11:15 PM)


ORIGINAL: Rykker I hate you Codeforce.

If Erik and Elliot had a dollar for everytime someone said that around here, they would make Bill Gates look like a pauper.[:'(]

adecoy95 -> RE: This Game is Evil. (SPOILERS) (9/27/2012 10:04:16 AM)

i was in a situation similar to yours for a while in a recent game i played around in, normally i dont keep the refugees around very long, but circumstances in a recent game had me tied up in an unusual way (i was attempting to occupy two large clusters some distance away from each other) that left my fleets really thinly spread.

at the time they arrived i could only really scout them, so i sent a exploration ship to their world, i was totally shocked at how fast they could expand, so i hit their homeworld, hard, i sent about 150 crusiers and 50 captial ships (everything i had in reserve). i lost, ironically, not in combat, but because my ships ran out of fuel! the journey to their cluster was so far, i did not have the logistics capable of supporting an invasion! i had no choice but to retreat, and wait for them to attack, and after my little excursion, they sent two planet killers my way. after several months of cat and mouse, and about a half dozen destroyed major colonies, i managed to destroy the planet killers, upgrade my transport troops, and land seven HUNDRED robotic troops on their homeworld [:'(]

i guess what im trying to tell you is, the game isn't over, until its over

you only lost a few battles, and half your worlds >.>

you should stick it out and see what happens

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