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darrellb9 -> Rought Terrain Cherbourg (9/16/2012 6:09:17 PM)

The rough terrain around Cherbourg displays as plains terrain in snow or rain turns.
Description still says Rough so assuming only a display issue.

doomtrader -> RE: Rought Terrain Cherbourg (9/18/2012 12:01:08 PM)

Hi, thanks, will take a look at this.

darrellb9 -> RE: Rought Terrain Cherbourg (9/18/2012 8:33:32 PM)

fyi in the sprites_depth.csv file I changed the number associated with Rough (think it was 3 or 5) to 9 which was not used and seemed a logical place for Rough terrain based on the numbers associated with the other terrain types. Doing this seems to have fixed the display issue for me but not sure if it will cause other problems. So far haven't noticed any.

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