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Tac2i -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (1/24/2013 5:22:05 PM)

Geesh, the turn for me was just dropped 13 hours ago.


ORIGINAL: ironduke1955

Have we lost Web ?

all5n -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (1/24/2013 5:24:43 PM)


I know the feeling (both sides). Its tough to wait for your turn - its such a fun game.

Those pesky real-life obligations get in the way :(



Geesh, the turn for me was just dropped 13 hours ago.


ORIGINAL: ironduke1955

Have we lost Web ?

ironduke1955 -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (1/24/2013 5:44:38 PM)

Ahh there you are[:)]

Meanfcker -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/10/2013 2:59:17 PM)

I apologize for the delay. I have worked 65 hours this week. The game is in the dropbox. I took 5 hours off this morning to catch up on all of my team games, and I am going back to work right now. Should be better next week.

Meanfcker -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/14/2013 10:48:17 PM)

My compliments Kombrig. You smoked all six of my heavy artillery! That must have felt good.[X(]
Almost makes up for that inundate card Webizen used to help stall that last attack of yours.

ironduke1955 -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/17/2013 3:11:21 PM)

Surrendered this turn must apologise to Kombrig bit of a collapse on my southern front due to excellent pressure from Web. Thanks to Mean and Web first class play.

kombrig -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/18/2013 8:06:56 AM)

Well, it was a nice game. [:)]

Our plan failed from the very beginning - it didn't consider the possibility that our opponents (especially Mean) are actually concentrating on their economy during the first turns. We didn't concentrate so much on economy but were building up armies. The result was that when the action started, our production capacity was inferior. And it's much harder to pump up your economy when you are under pressure from superior forces.

Meanfcker -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/18/2013 11:42:57 AM)

Good game gentlemen.
Webizens summary is a fairly accurate account of the game.
First off, I would like to compliment both of our opponents on a fine effort. It takes a lot of nerve to keep trying to mass forces for a sneak attack when you are already in trouble.
I have invited Kom and Iron to share our team folder. You are welcome to look through our Operations Folders, and see what we were up to right from turn one.
In spite of the fact that everything appeared to be going our way, there was a few things that caused me concern. Webizen approached Shuya too early, and I was quite concerned that Iron would fortify this area, so I ordered Web to go ahead and take it. If you look closely at the map, you should see that Obninsk was the key to the South east (from your perspective), and that Shuya was the key to Obninsk. If Ironduke had fortified the area around Shuya, this game might have lasted some time longer. The attack that Iron and Kom drove on in the south should probably have stopped Just north of Nancy, once you realized that you couldn't trap Web.
Kombrig is probably the second best player in the game at "Operational Deception", or Maskirovka. Your combined assualt toward Fischach and Hirshau was "staggering" in scope, and would probably have been successful against almost anyone else. Unfortunately for you guys, I had wickedly good recon and I saw the whole thing coming a long way off.
Webizen and I also experimented, quite successfully, with a new style of OMG. By including halftracks and pushing the skirmish/recon line way out fornt like we did, we had excellent recon and lots of time and flexibility for dealing with enemy actions.
Webizen had a little bit of adjustment in getting used to being a sub commander. When he appeared at Shuya too early I was awash in despair. I had actually ordered Web to put on a show of force east of Dubna, with the intention of drawing more of Ironduke's forces in there before snatching Shuya from behind. Oh well, it still worked out.
Most of my sub commanders abandon cities and perform fighting retreats when I tell them without any questions, let alone a turn by turn discussion of the matter. In the end I hope that Webizen seen the wisdom of my orders, he did carry them out in the end and that was what mattered.
Excellent effort by all and a good game.

I thought I'd share my game summary comments. I left this in a text file in our dropbox folder:

Web - summary comments: First, good game everyone.

Re: "Our plan did not take into account the possibility that our opponents will use the first turns mainly to pump
up their economy. So we didn't pay as much attention to our economy and we fell hopelessly behind. ---Kom"

Mean, the master strategist, decided before we even started the game that he would change up his normal style of
play and instead choose to beef up the economy and wait for you guys to approach vice striking at you right out of
the starting gate. This change of strategy proved to be a good counter to the strategy you guys chose to play.
Mean whacked you guys pretty hard in the early turns as your moved in for the attack. I was given the task, after
sufficient preparation, of striking at Ironduke in the area of Shuya and Dubna. I think I started this attack
sooner than Mean had planned as he admonished me that since I had commenced the attack, I had better get the job
done. I poured myself into the attack and rather quickly captured Shuya and a few turns later Dubna. Ironduke's
breakthrough north of this area caused some delay as we had to cut off and eliminate that bulge in our line. With
that taken care of I moved in on Shatura and Obninsk. Shatura I knew would fall as it was in a place hard to
defend. Obninsk, when I captured it, was almost a surprise as I didn't have the force strength I thought I needed
to ensure a high chance of success. I suspected however that Ironduke didn't have good intel on what he was facing
at Obninsk so I risked an early attack on it. It wasn't heavily defended and I captured it. That blew open a huge
hole in the line. I decided against pouring my armor in to the opening and instead sent my cavalry forward. The
armor and infantry I kept to drive north up the rail line. I reasoned that the terrain here would give IronDuke a
great place to amass a counter stroke to seal off the hole in his line, thus I decided I should attack north up the
rail line to prevent that possibility.

While all of this was going on I received orders from Mean to move on Sawnsea on our eastern front. This was
in concert with Mean's efforts in this area. I managed to eventually rest control of Sawnsea from Kombrig and Mean
had his sights on Ipswich and then Cardiff. Kombrig's surprise drive toward my city of Meizers forced me to
direct combat power from the Ipswich/Cardiff operation. I played my first officer card here, inundate, which created
a swamp hex impassible by armor. This basically funneled Kombrig's advance through a single hex with a fort on
it. This plus my paratroop drop and the combat power I had amassed to counter his advance caused Kombrig to
begin a retreat.

Had the game continued I think Ipswich and Cardiff would have been captured in 2 or 3 turns. Kombrig's
capital also appeared ready for capture and if not capture reduced to nothing with heavy artillery and then

On the southern front where you guys were double teaming me I kept to a fighting withdrawal. I really dislike
retreating and Mean kept reminding me not to over commit here as I could afford to trade space for time. It was a
tough thing for me to do. Did I say I dislike retreating. After finishing turn 15 I finally told Mean I wasn't
retreating any further. Thankfully he didn't ask (direct) me to. I believe I finally had the combat power on hand
to prevent you guys from forcing me to retreat any further and was planning to switch over to some offensive

Well, that is my summary. I'm sure I left some things out. I tried to closely follow the directions given by Mean
as he was the CiC. Can't say that I really disagreed with any thing he did or ask me to do. Did I say I don't like
retreating ; )

Meanfcker -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/18/2013 12:38:17 PM)

The whole idea behind the sub commander following orders as well as they are able, without question, is to reduce "friction".
For those of you who have not the time or inclination to read Clausewitz, you could try reading "USMC Warfingting", you can find it here

Friction occurs in this game as well as real war. A good sub commander helps to reduce the overal level of friction. This does not mean that the Supremo wishes for a drone. His sub commanders observations and guesses about enemy intentions are not just tolerated, they are desperately desired. When Supremo and Sub Commanders work well together, nothing is wasted or overlooked, and this is where the real power of the unified command structure comes from.
I would like some day for someone else to assume Supreme command on one of my teams. I have learned much by being a Supremo, and I am sure to learn much more from being a sub commander.
This is a truly amazing game. It is like heroin. There is nothing else that can "scratch this itch", once you try it and understand how "Strategic and Operational Warfare" really works.
Vic, I hope you are reading this, [&o][&o][&o]!

kombrig -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/18/2013 12:42:08 PM)


Kombrig's surprise drive toward my city of Meizers forced me to
direct combat power from the Ipswich/Cardiff operation. I played my first officer card here, inundate, which created
a swamp hex impassible by armor.

And I was wondering what happened... Turns out it was witchcraft! [:D]

Meanfcker -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/18/2013 12:43:42 PM)

Yeah, that was pretty cool.

kombrig -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/18/2013 12:45:39 PM)

So, a new game?

Meanfcker -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/18/2013 12:50:15 PM)

been generating maps for half an hour.
You and I are to be team mates. I have invited you to dropbox.
I hope to get it started today. I have two other games I hope to get to today as well. Oh well, the wife has forgiven me before....

Meanfcker -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/18/2013 1:00:26 PM)

Web and Iron need to inform me which of them will be going first.

kombrig -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/18/2013 1:01:54 PM)

I'm reading your documentation. My situation was bad but not so bad. I was concentrating forces in and behind New York and it would have not fallen so quickly (although it would have fallen).

In the North 12 divebombers were to be produced next turn to stop Mean's 10+ tank army.

I was giving up at Ipswich-Cardiff area and were pulling forces back to form a new line.

The attack army in the east - I gave it to Iron some turns ago.

In the very south (against Web) we were to form defensive line in the mountains (no more offensive there).

Somehow my commanders hardly got cards - some of them had one, but none had more than one. Some didn't recieve any cards although their experience was high.

Meanfcker -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/18/2013 1:09:05 PM)

I love the way you abandon attacks and cities and whatever else isn't working. Most of the other players are very rigid. You always retreat just before I can snap the trap shut on you, very frustrating. I had fighters showing up everywhere and you were out of Oil, so your divebomers probably couldn't kill enough tanks to justify the fuel that you would have been denying your tanks, but like I say your flexibility is remarkable.
Web and Iron are in for a rough go this time around.

Meanfcker -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/18/2013 1:10:59 PM)

I think that we all made our HQ's too large, but frig it all, they needed the punching power.

Meanfcker -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/18/2013 1:21:03 PM)

I have been generating maps for a long time now and the only decent one I came up with has my ally as an Arab nation with access to guerrills. Are you guys okay with this?

Meanfcker -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/18/2013 1:41:01 PM)

Okay, I kept regenerating and I finally have one with four intact nations. As an added bonus it give Web and Iron the Arab nation. I don't believe that they understand guerrillas so this evens out. It is a huge learning curve to understand guerrillas properly.
I will start work on this one. I am posting a screen shot in the game folder. and I will remove the old one as my dropbox space is getting tight.

Tac2i -> RE: 2 v 2 [In progress] (2/18/2013 2:03:58 PM)

I'll go first in our new game. I would also suggest you start a new forum thread and not continue to use this one.

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