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HITMAN202 -> German HQ makeup '42 (9/14/2012 5:52:06 PM)

With '41 offense, there's a paucity of AP's to change the command structure. More are available as they build up during the winter of '41 (though I did use a number of them to send SU's to safe haven..) Now that I'm looking at the '42 Soviet beat down, how do I choose AG, Army, and Corp leaders ??? The confusion for me , like in this specific issue, is if you take the best Infantry Corp commander Model and move him up the ranks, does the loss of his huge benefit at the Corp level, get compensated for by his influence at higher levels to influence lower command failures??? What factors do you use to decide what is the best chain of command ????

swkuh -> RE: German HQ makeup '42 (9/16/2012 12:27:47 AM)

Have wondered, too. There are some pretty well rated commanders at various levels (Balk, Model, Brandenberger, von Kluge, Kesselring, Kirchner, ...)

The general questions might be how different rating dimensions and rank affect choice of command level for a commander.

How do political, morale, initiative, administration play out at the different levels. What happens when a GenMaj or GenLt is rapidly promoted?

Have started a campaign vs AI using maximum APs to try out some ideas. So far have thought that the Inf/Mech ratings can be used to govern corps commander choices quite well, but seems a waste to put anyone of high merit to the AG or OKH level.

Thinking that Corps & Army assignments get the best effects out of the ratings. AG & OKH, not so much.

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