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Sithuk -> How to automate starport construction but not ship (9/14/2012 7:29:50 AM)

I'd like to automate starport construction but not military ship construction.

I set the policy for construction to automate, set all the military ship types to zero, set the starport population sizes to the levels I want and set the minimum distance to zero.

The AI doesn't seem to build bases.

Ideally, I want small spaceports everywhere with all the population health, happiness and trade components and minimum defence. Cheap and cheerful and built everywhere. I keep losing them in war but they're cheap and I want them re-built as soon as the enemy fleet pulls away. I was hoping that the advisor panel would kick in every so often with a suggestion to build bases at every planet that doesn't have one and meets the minimum population criteria I have set in the policy screen. Doesn't happen. I am playing the latest patched Legends.

If there were a summary screen that shows whether my planets have spaceports or not then at least I could easily do the re-building manually. As the game currently is I have to visually scan through all my colonies which is unreasonable.

I already use the "build spaceport on colony creation" policy so that isn't an issue. The default spaceport design which is built on colony creation isn't cross-linked to the design screen when the design is upgraded, so there is the problem with old designs continuing to be built when a new colony is founded.

Automating spaceport construction would help most to ensure they are re-built when destroyed and to ensure a newly invaded world gets a spaceport queued.

How do I get the automation to work for spaceports but not military ships?

Bingeling -> RE: How to automate starport construction but not ship (9/14/2012 10:15:19 AM)

I find it not too hard to see if a system got a space port from panning around the map. Two trade lines will reveal a space port, and unless a fleet happens to be parked on top it is easy to see when being zoomed quite far out. If there are multiple colonies it is a different matter, and an annoyance indeed.

If the AI does not build space ports, make sure it is not due to lack of cash. The AI likes positive cashflow.

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