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Katsuragi -> Looking for an Allied opponent (CLOSED) (9/13/2012 4:12:25 PM)

I'm interested in trying out DaBigBabes-A, Stock Map, Dec. 8 Start with
Advanced weather: ON
Allied damage control: ON
Reliable USN torpedoes: OFF
Realistic R&R: ON
Reinforcement Variability: +/- 60 days
Turn cycle: 2 days
I am up for any HR.
I would like to think I am a decent enough player and have completed 2 GC games against Kaleun and have reached 1/45 against Aztez. All my other opponents have dropped off the face of the world before finishing, so at present I am only playing one game and will be able finish 1 or 2 turns a day and sometimes more on the weekends.

aztez -> RE: Looking for an Allied opponent (9/13/2012 5:13:21 PM)

Good luck with the opponent search.

I can vouch if anyone wondering about Katsuragi's low post account that he is tough, realiable and overall good opponent.

We will definately see 1946's in the game we got ongoing.

..thumbs up for this advertisement and hope you get reliable and tough opponent! [:D]

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