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Slartibartfast -> Opportunity Fire Frustration (9/13/2012 9:09:40 AM)

When playing a Campaign I get very frustrated by OP fire.

Specifically; I am unable to assign opportunity fire during "Campaign Setup" mode meaning that upon commencing the individual scenario, when the opposing side moves first (most of the time) - most of my tanks reveal themselves and waste ammo on distant advancing infantry, likewise most of my howitzers etc expend themselves on distant tanks.

It would be handy to be able to set OP during the Campaign Set-up, or better still have the default options more sensible (e.g. Tanks / AT fire at hard targets only - other units fire at soft targets only) so that the laborious setting of all unit's OP does not need to be done for each individual scenario in a campaign. Would welcome any comments on solutions to this or if this has or will be been addressed in any patches.

Cheers - SC

Otto von Blotto -> RE: Opportunity Fire Frustration (9/14/2012 1:11:51 AM)

In true Arthur dent style, why set up with your big guns and tanks in plain view of the open ground and able to see, shoot and be seen on the opponents turn, better to set up with them well hidden and a few scouts over-watching the area then when the AI / Human op has moved and you can still see them with your inf scouts that haven't given themselves away peek out take a shot and hide in cover again not to be shot at and set the op fire during the next turn as normal.?

scottintacoma -> RE: Opportunity Fire Frustration (9/14/2012 3:12:35 AM)

If the howitzers are you big guns (105 or larger), why have them anywhere they can be seen. They should be indirect fire weapons, hidden behind hills or woods. Preferabbly somewhere that an attacker will never see them.

Slartibartfast -> RE: Opportunity Fire Frustration (9/14/2012 8:56:52 AM)

Appreciate your responses, although they are more a critique of strategy rather than addressing the actual issue [;)]

For the record; howitzer-wise I am talking armoured mobile guns (e.g. hard targets) - I often use these as direct fire weapons (great for taking out distant HQ's or lorries loaded with defenceless troops), I wouldn't leave soft non-mobile targets in view unless in a bunker or PB. Tank-wise I am talking heavy Axis tanks that out-range Allied armour; I prefer to get my licks in before they can shoot back rather than allowing them to get into range.

So assuming I'm not a complete numpty [:D] - what about the issue?

Cheers - SC

Kool Kat -> RE: Opportunity Fire Frustration (9/15/2012 1:49:42 PM)

I know in some face-to-face CS scenarios, the designer will designate the first turn to be a "free turn" in which each side's units are fixed, so player can set the opportunity fire prior to the "official" start of the scenario. I've played such games... and I have to state that it works pretty well! [:)]

Kool Kat -> RE: Opportunity Fire Frustration (9/15/2012 1:51:24 PM)

One other point. The scenario has to be developed and designed for the "free turn to set opportunity fire" or it can't be done effectively!

Slartibartfast -> RE: Opportunity Fire Frustration (9/15/2012 2:45:26 PM)

At no point have I stated that I am getting "ineffective combat results" or asked for any pointers on tactics - each to their own. FYI I do adopt "shoot and scoot" tactics where appropriate (i.e. I extremely rarely lose SP Guns to direct or indirect fire), amazingly, I also adopt a whole range of other very effective tactics - not that you would have any way of knowing that.

I cannot fathom why you assume my question relating purely to my wish to assign opportunity fire prior to action (a not unreasonable or unrealistic wish) means I am adopting flawed tactics or suffering losses as a result. I clearly stated that my frustration stems from my units expending AP's on inappropriate targets - nothing else!

In summary, I guess it would me more helpful if you attempted to answer the question asked rather than making up your own, then using this as a vehicle for criticism when you are not in possession of salient facts. If you don't know the answer to my query, why respond at all (let alone in such a superior preachy tone)?


PS - Also FYI the "patrols, Russian ATR or MG units, and other less valuable infantry units" you refer to are soft MOBILE targets - not the "soft non-mobile targets " to which I specifically referred (e,g, static howitzers and the like).

"It is not advisable to venture unsolicited opinions. You should spare yourself the embarrassing discovery of their exact value to your listener. - Ayn Rand

Warhorse -> RE: Opportunity Fire Frustration (9/15/2012 5:33:23 PM)

Hey SC, I know a way, but it takes several steps. You start your campaign, if you are the non-starting side, like the French in the Battle for France, and having the problem like you, do the following.
First, go ahead and set up all your forces where you want them, then SAVE, DO NOT end the turn, exiting the setup mode, or this won't work!! Exit the program, remember the name of your character.
Next, go into Windows Explorerer, in your game folder, find your campaign game, you need to find XXX.CPN, where XXX is your characters name. Change the CPN to scn, then open whatever game it is, we'll call this a West Front game, open WFedit.exe, find the character/scn file, open it. Go to Scenario/Header, and change the first side to France(Allied), save, and exit.

Next find the file again in explorer, change the scn to CPN again, then open your campaign in West Front, Resume Campaign, then you can adjust your opp fire, then save, and exit the program.

Next, again, change the file from CPN to scn again, change the first side in the Scenario/Header to Axis again in WFedit.exe, and save. Exit the program.

Change scn back to CPN one last time, resume campaign. Now hit the end turn button and the Germans will go, and you will have your op fire settings as you want them!!

Hope this helps, only way to do it, very bulky, but it works!!

You can also have friends edit your scn file as above to add reinforcements, change to day/night, whatever, you can also edit your map in the editor, and the order of battle, I've done it all, great stuff!!

Yell if you have any more questions, or need help with something!

Slartibartfast -> RE: Opportunity Fire Frustration (9/15/2012 6:01:46 PM)

Warhorse / Mike - many thanks for taking the time to answer my query - clearly I wasn't the only one getting a bit frustrated by this. Very helpful response.

Cheers - SC

Warhorse -> RE: Opportunity Fire Frustration (9/15/2012 7:28:59 PM)

No problem, Stuart! Were you able to get it to work ok then?

Slartibartfast -> RE: Opportunity Fire Frustration (9/16/2012 10:20:36 AM)

Have not had the chance to try out your method yet; but I will....

Cheers - SC

Slartibartfast -> RE: Opportunity Fire Frustration (9/16/2012 10:30:54 AM)

Appreciate you letting me have some more reasoned comments pertinent to the "issue"- thanks.

Removing your earlier post does make my response seem a little out of context, but C'est la vie... [:)]

Cheers for the pointers.


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