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aspqrz02 -> Map Scale NOT 10 klicks per hex at west mapedge! (9/11/2012 1:21:06 PM)

As it says.

I have finished roughing out the Case Blue map from the boardgame, which is 5 miles (8 klicks) per hex, but it doesn't go all the way to Kiev and Odessa.

OK, so, using the co-ordinates from the existing DC map, I tried ... and tried ... and tried ... and tried ... a whole day, in effect ... to get it to fit into the blank space at a scale of 8 klicks per hex.

I was prepared for the need to cut and fit a little bit ... but ... the locations from the DC map simply do *not* relate to those duplicated on the boardgame map in any way I can fathom.

The rest of the DC map *might* be 10 klicks per hex, or not (I haven't checked in detail yet, but I suspect not), despite the statement somewhere in the rulebook that the scale is such.


I am stuck.

I can't continue the map west, to Kiev, in any meaningful way. I can't continue the map east from Astrakhan, I suspect, for the same reason, likewise, I suspect I can't extend the map down past the mountains in the Caucasus or into the area NE of Stalingrad ... all areas not covered by the Boardgame map.

For the moment, I am fiddling ... in the west, with simply having rail lines and roads run from where the west edge of the Boardgame map ends to a notional west edge ... Kiev, Uman, Chernobyl, Odessa etc ... as this seems to be the best solution.

This will require some fiddling, as Kiev is an important VP city, though I guess I can place VP hexes at the entry to the rail/road corridors that lead through the black/neutral hexes to it ... though this is not my first choice.

I suspect that the same will have to be done with the Caucasus south of the mountains and the other areas mentioned.

What's worse, I have suspicions that the scale of the map is not consistent N-S and E-W, at least in the western area described, but possibly on the other areas as well ... I suspect the E-W scale is compressed and the N-S scale is extended, but am not sure.


After a wasted day, back to fiddling tomorrow ... probably just blacking in the areas left blank by the Boardgame map.


LiquidSky -> RE: Map Scale NOT 10 klicks per hex at west mapedge! (9/11/2012 5:03:01 PM)

What I notice Vic has done is made his hexes so that they are the same height as the length of a hex side. This squishes the hex down, making it a bit 'square' like. What throws the distance off is that the middle sides of the hex stick out, adding a bit to the East-West distance.

What I suspect this does is cause the NW/SE and NE/SW rows to be more accurate in distance, at the expense of the N/S.

Keunert -> RE: Map Scale NOT 10 klicks per hex at west mapedge! (9/11/2012 5:22:45 PM)

can someone please enlight me on the term click?

GFelz -> RE: Map Scale NOT 10 klicks per hex at west mapedge! (9/11/2012 5:27:46 PM)

Slang for kilometers

Keunert -> RE: Map Scale NOT 10 klicks per hex at west mapedge! (9/11/2012 7:48:29 PM)

looks like i am not enough in touch with the modding hood.

aspqrz02 -> RE: Map Scale NOT 10 klicks per hex at west mapedge! (9/11/2012 10:17:56 PM)

"click" = sound my mechanical keyboard makes when I depress a key, typing.

"klick" = militaryspeak = 1 kilometer

Blame my army reserve training back in the early 70's, and a lot of wargaming since [;)]


aspqrz02 -> RE: Map Scale NOT 10 klicks per hex at west mapedge! (9/11/2012 10:25:00 PM)

Actually, if I leave out Odessa completely, and ... place the Locations as much or more by eye than by converted distance, I think I have a layout that might work. But it will resemble "reality" about as much as the DCCB map does at the western mapedge ... not much at all, I suspect.

I believe that the positioning of Kiev and Odessa are the key culprits, on further reflection, at 2 am this morning [8|]

I am pretty sure that Odessa's placement in the DCCB map is far too much east than it is in reality, based on the map projection used. I suspect Kiev may be the same, but am less sure.

The current map, with just Kiev, seems OK, visually. All the Locations are in the right general relationship to each other and to the "fixed" locations that appear on the west edge of the boardgame map.

The issue now is whether I can get a look that sorta vaguely generally matches the "look and feel" of the river and terrain placement on the DCCB map.

And that's only the West mapedge area [X(]

Odessa: Leave it out entirely and have the vessels based there based in Nikolaev or Kherson? Or add a single hex base at the west edge of the map, surrounded by the Black Sea? Haven't decided.

Work proceeds ... [;)]


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