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feelotraveller -> Bonus not being applied (9/8/2012 9:28:28 AM)

Early game as Kiadian. I start with 400 and something units of Natarran Incense but no source or reservations. Energy research bonus +5% is being correctly applied.

A year or so later, still with no source but 280 odd units in stock at homeworld the specific demand for the luxury appears. Reservations jump from zero to 1100 odd and suddenly my Energy research bonus disappears. I wait several months while my population keeps consuming Natarran Incense (down to just on 200 now) but the bonus does not reappear.

I will update this thread if and when the bonus resumes but at this point I am afraid that I have lost it for the entire game for this colony (my homeworld) since I suspect I will have incoming supplies before I run out (presumably if I ran out and then got new supplies it would trigger the reapplication of the bonus).


[edit: I should add that the development effect of the Natarran Incense is continuing to be applied to the colony (been stalled at 75% both before and after). So somehow it must believe it has NI for development but not for the racial bonus...

I can dig out before and after saves if it would be of any help.]

feelotraveller -> RE: Bonus not being applied (9/12/2012 12:17:27 AM)

Okay, it seems that this is a problem with luxury resources which give bonuses disappearing when the demand (= reservations > 0) for them cuts in when they are already in stock.

I founded a colony with Wekkarus coloniser on a world which had both Dilithium and Questurian skins.  Initially, after the first resource tick, bonuses for both were given.  However, after several resource ticks the demand for Questurian skin went from zero to 100 and the bonus disappeared, even though there were 59 units in stock at the world.  (Which repeats the experience for my Kiadian homeworld, which has not recieved the energy bonus since, even though fresh stocks of Natarran incense are now pouring in.)  The Dilithium bonus did not disappear.

Should be simple to reproduce with a Wekkarus colony ship on a world with Questurian skin.  Just wait until the reservation rises above zero.  Otherwise there is something strange going on with my game.  [:)]

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