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Sumatra: The 41st landed at Ooshaven and has been pushing the base force that was there back. The 4th, 124th and elements of the 58th then landed at Benkoelen and drove those units back. The remainder of the 58th, and the 138th regiments and 2 Yokosuka airborne units are in reserve.

The 4th and 124th regiments will hook around the left and enter Palembang from the northwest while the 58th holds the line. The base southwest of the city will fall to the 41st as they cross the river. After Palembang is entered, airborne forces will drop on Djambi. Then, Palembang will fall. I take it last to make sure he cant bomb it, and if the units cant retreat, the engineers wont blow up the base. I should take it reasonably intact.

A landing force of the 1/33rd reg on its way to parts unknown encountered allied search aircraft in the yellow circled area. They are pulling back and waiting for carrier support.

(Edit: map is wrong about the 124th at Ooshaven. That was the 41st regt)


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Northern Oz: Darwin was taken early by forces from Hong Kong (the 38th div plus support). I pushed as far south as I intend to go. He has been running Rat Patrol type raids along the rails with his armor units. He brought up a couple of bdes (I guess assuming that my forces were weak in the area), and a group of Sallys based in Darwin has convinced him to pull back. I have the 33rd div here and the 32nd div (from China) is also here rebuilding (currently at 70% strength) along with a host of base forces, armor, and artillery.

The 38th div landed at Derby and pushed to Broome. The 55th is at Derby and the 48th soon will be. The 38th attacked Broome last turn at 1-2. He has a bde and 2 naval base forces there (6" guns), so I will land at Derby and walk in. He has a few other bdes south of the city. I am assuming they are low on supplies and badly disrupted (2 of them were retreated out of Derby). The 18th, 21st, and 56th divisions are loading for the invasion of Timor. I had planned on using the 32nd and 33rd as reserves for this landing, but I think they will be needed right where they are.


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Other news:
He has had a half dozen or so subs surrounding Truk for months. I dont use Truk as a base, but I have been sending some expendable ships in and out to keep appearances up. I'd just as soon keep them subs there. And actually havent even lost any of those ships.

There are 9 currently spotted (so probably double that) subs operating in the lower Solomons. I have a division on Guadalcanal (with 2 more heading there), a division on Munda and expanding that base (with ASW forces there as well), and a division on the expanding Shortlands also. Reinforcements are landing at Buna for the trek to PM.

Recon from PM shows probably 1 bde at Cooktown. the 3 units are still at Horn Island. Cairns is expanding. He has 9 units (including US forces) there and about 15,000 troops. He also has 1 Aus fighter unit stationed there. A convoy loaded with IJA air units of the 2nd air div just unloaded in Rabul in the last few turns, so refitting these with Helens and Tojos is a priority.

Phase III invasion forces are enroute with carrier and BB support. Landings in a week or so. I now have 5 carrier divisions (the Hiyo and Junyo have joined the fleet).

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Jun 42. Landed the 18th and 21st divs on Koepang and found exactly what I was expecting the 44th, 45th, and 46th Brit bdes and the 18th div. Attacked at 4-1 and blew out the level 4 forts there. Next day atack went at 1-2. Sending in the 33rd div from Darwin.

48th div started unloading at Port Hedland. Most of the div got down when Brit carriers showed up. Air cover from Derby prevented more than 1 hit. Hiyo group dispatched to deal with this. the remainder of the 48th withdrew to Derby.

Recon of all bases on Ceylon find just 1 unit at each base.

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Broome falls without a fight. He pulled back.

Operation Grizzly forces have just been spotted 4 hexes south of Kodiak. Surprise seems to have been achieved.

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One of my little secrets...Email exchange:

Rob: played the japs for 8 years. Never seen this abundance of troops spread all over the map. Do you have a special manpower breeding facility.

CV 2: Well, in a way. If you withdraw your air units early, you get PPs for doing that. But most of it is smoke and mirrors though. For example, the 5th div at Adak. It took part in the sacking of Singapore, Manila, Bataan, and now Adak. The 18th at Koepang another example. Also at Singapore, was in every major battle on Java, and then to Koepang. I have released some units, like the 1st, 8th, 9th, and 14th from Korea. 6+ months in, I have had enough PPs to release 7 or so full strength divs I think.

I have also released several chewed up divisions from China, shipped them to Japan, rebuilt them, and sent them out (the 32nd on Koepang was one of these divisions). Doing this costs only a fraction of what a full strength division would cost. If you are wondering why Im not closing on Chungking, its because rather than do that, I starve the Chinese of supply (like taking Sian for example) to the point where I know they CANT attack, then remove excess units (usually those that are shot up and cost less PPs to change command). Right now, China isnt generating enough supply to feed the troops it has, much less have extra for flying missions, digging in, expanding airfields, or replacing losses. And it CERTAINLY doesnt have enough to supply assault forces.

Also, in scenario 2, you get a few more units to work with (like the 21st army - 3 guard inf divs, a guard armor div, a few regts and bdes plus support). With that in place, I havent had to send any additional troops to Burma. I can hold just fine with what I have there now.

CV 2 -> RE: A Path to Glory - CV2 v rroberson (10/25/2012 10:52:14 PM)

Port Hedland and Adak both fall.

Just goes to show you, that no matter how long you play this game, you still can make some rookie mistakes:

His Brit carriers shot up some transports unloading at Port Hedland, with my carrier group 1 hex away . . . . Merrily training its pilots!! DOH!



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Operation Grizzly nears its end. Anchorage is waiting for the last remaining bases in Alaska to be occupied before the 1st and 2nd division attacks. I want to make sure I kill the units so I dont have to negotiate with Santa Claus as I chase them to the north pole. Only major bases remaining in allied hands are Kodiak, Dutch Harbor, and Nome.

2 full divs are prepped for Kodiak, and elements of the 20th div (at Adak) are prepped for Nome and Dutch harbor. Will pick them off on the way out.

What to take next I wonder?

He has started a major push in China, probably hoping I will pull forces out of Burma to help stop it. He just moved 16 units into Liuchow with more coming. I have the bulk of 13th army, and all of 23rd army in Kweilin 2 hexes away. This force consists of 6 divisions, 3 bdes, and 4 regts. No need to pull troops back. If he continues to throw Chinese units away at this rate, I will win Jan 1, 1943. I already have better than a 3:1 ratio right now...


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The war drags on. Mid way through Jul 42 and things have pretty well settled down. He started night bombing Rangoon, but I have a group of Nicks on night CAP and they are keeping him from hitting anything.

In Alaska, the Kodiak invasion force is enroute with the 1st and 2nd divs. The 4th and 5th div are in reserve. He landed another unit, probably a regiment at both Kodiak and Dutch Harbor. No matter. They cant hold back 4 divisions. I will take Dutch Harbor on my way home from Kodiak, and squeeze Nome in there somewhere.

Central Pac has had very little action. He has about a half dozen subs around Truk still and a few in the Marshalls. I have limited fleet movements in these areas, so nothing to report. My island garrisons are all in place (save for a few tweeks here and there), and most are at or nearly fully entrenched. My Bettys are so well trained in torpedo attacks, that I switched them to naval bombing training. I doubt there will be any serious action here for a year, but in the meantime, the pilots train.

South Pac sees my build up continue on Guadalcanal, Munda, and Shortlands. He has it surrounded by subs, but I have about 50 Jakes in the area and simply run over the subs. I dont think he is moving them at all, so the DL on them is high, which means there is very slim chance they will attack anything. I have been running fast transports over them daily, and so far only 2 sub attacks (both missed).

Northern Oz he retook Daily Waters and tried pushing north of it towards Katherine. I had the 33rd and 21st divs waiting for him, and when he got close, I sent my armor units out on his flanks. He left Daily Waters empty, so I dropped a SNLF para on it and was bombing his spearheads with Sallys from Darwin. His fighters are too short ranged to provide air cover, so he wisely backed off.

NEI is mine, he has 1 unit left on Sumatra running around in the swamps that will starve soon enough.

Burma is more of the same. Continuous fighter sweeps over Mandalay and Magwe with bombers hitting here and there. He sent a probe down towards Mandalay and as soon as he got in the clear terrain, I sent armor around to start flanking him, and again he backed off. Seems he has learned his lesson. Well, except for China.

He had one of his big corps that he is trying to push into my rear attack a single AA regiment, and barely managed 15:1 odds! I let him come until he is in a position where he cant move, then I bomb him to make his movement even slower, then I surround and destroy them. His attack at Luichow was successful in that he retreated my units out, but I took Kweilin that same turn and then turned 13th army towards him. He backed off back up the road to the north, except 1 corps he left in the town (which I badly mauled) and at least 1 more that went to Nanking. That unit (or units) just took Lam Son last turn. I have had the Viet Minh for a long time now, and they are fully trained and full strength. Hanoi is a level 5 fort and behind a river. If he tries it, it wont be pretty for him...

I have converted about half my army air to Tojos, and I have 11 squadrons equipped with Helens now. And I just convertted my first 18 plane Emily unit.

Ground combat at 85,46 (near Nanyang)

Allied Shock attack

Attacking force 7226 troops, 60 guns, 0 vehicles, Assault Value = 248

Defending force 558 troops, 24 guns, 12 vehicles, Assault Value = 1

Allied adjusted assault: 46

Japanese adjusted defense: 3

Allied assault odds: 15 to 1

Combat modifiers
Defender: op mode(-), experience(-), supply(-)
Attacker: shock(+), leaders(-), disruption(-)

Japanese ground losses:
91 casualties reported
Squads: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Non Combat: 5 destroyed, 10 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Guns lost 27 (5 destroyed, 22 disabled)
Vehicles lost 5 (2 destroyed, 3 disabled)
Units retreated 1

Allied ground losses:
78 casualties reported
Squads: 0 destroyed, 10 disabled
Non Combat: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled

Defeated Japanese Units Retreating!

Assaulting units:
56th Chinese Corps

Defending units:
22nd AA Regiment

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And the war drags on. Another carrier has joined the fleet. 5th div is unloading at Kodiak. He has been bombing empty bases up north. A CAP group caught a squadron of Avengers and flamed 6. The initial assault on Kodiak blew out his forts, but left the divs badly disrupted, thus the 5th enters the fight with the 4th still in reserve.

Reinforcements and supplies continue to flow into the central Pacific islands.

As above for the Solomons.

He seems determined to try to drive up to Darwin. No idea why. I have a level 3 airfield on Bathurst Island, and rapidly growing. Air HQ is already in place and 250 Av support and 100,000 supplies. Installing AA guns now. He can have Darwin for all the good it will do him. He wont be able to get supply ships to it, and supplying over land is next to impossible.

I sent some Tojos up to Lashio and tore up some Hurricanes and bombers. 2:1+ kill ratio.

Forces are gathering for the next major push. Im looking at 9 divisions (and 3-4 more in reserve) plus support for this offensive. I always go into a battle with about a third of my force in reserve.

CV 2 -> RE: A Path to Glory - CV2 v rroberson (11/2/2012 2:52:15 AM)

Kodiak falls. Air strikes on Canadian bases takes out some 4E bombers and a strike on coastal bases pretty much flattened some marine bombers (SBDs and TBFs) and even a P-38 on the ground.

Nome forces begins loading.

1st and 2nd armored divs being withdrawn from Burma to spearhead the next strike.

More troops being ground up in China. He has deployed some Hurricanes and upgraded his Chinese fighters to P-43s and P-66s. A waste of precious supply IMHO. I only have 4 squadrons of fighters in China, all equipped with longer ranged Oscars and they are having a field day. Helens (I have the 5 x 31 plane groups deployed at Changsha) striking here and there, keeping him from reacting to my moves. 23rd army has begun to clear the Hanoi - Changsha road/rails.

Northern Oz he is moving a US force, 1 unit 13,000 strong (probably a division) north towards Katherine. Bathurst Island is now a level 4 field and the Sallys flying from it are showing their worth. Now carrying 4 550 pounders instead of 2, they are making scrap iron out of an Aussie armored regiment.

CV 2 -> RE: A Path to Glory - CV2 v rroberson (11/2/2012 7:23:49 AM)

Spotted a couple of TFs off the Alaskan coast, so sent my carriers east and shot up the ports in the area. Bagged a few transports, an AP or 2, escorts, and my first 2 APAs!

Saki for everyone [:D]

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Some unexpected moves on his part the last few turns.

Alaska: he landed a regiment at Steward. Not really unexpected, just I figured he would wait a bit before he risked moving back. 4E bombers are attacking the port at Kodiak. Probably because I had the Mikuma in there pumping out some water for a few days (she took 2 sub torps). Dutch Harbor force (4th and 20th divs) will land tomorrow.

Central Pac. More of the same. Flew a few Nell night raids on his base in Luganville. Hit some P-38Fs.

Northern Oz. He has realized the futility and is withdrawing in droves. Daily Waters has only 2 units in it. I have the 21st div and 2 armor regs about to move into the city. I transferred my least experienced Zero group to Darwin and they scored an 18 to none kill ratio yesterday against his P-39s and P-40s CAP over his fleeing units. In 6 days flying I already have an ace with 7 kills in the group.

Burma. More of the same except the night raids have stopped.

China. The real surprise came here as he withdrew from the Changsha area (pink on the map) and yet is trying to advance in the blue area. These 4 cities amount to 120 supply a day for him. Roughly 20% of his current production. Who am I to question it?


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Enemy units land on Kodiak just as the last supply crate is loaded at Dutch Harbor, and the troops come home to a well deserved rest. Adak is now the home of 8th fleet. It currently has a level 5 port, and level 3 airfield. 1 group each of Nells and Zeros are standing by in case he gets too nosey. It will be the home for the subs operating between Pearl and the west coast.

Central Pac is loaded out with troops, supplies, and forts. As Adak, 1 group each of Nells and Zeros.

Solomons continues to dig in at Rabul, Shortlands, Munda and Guadalcanal. Port Morseby is about as ready as it will ever get. Buna is home to 5th fleet and is currently a level 7 airfield, level 3 port. Enemy sub activity is still extremely heavy in this area. 1 group of Nells and Zeros, but a whole bunch of shorter ranged army air is training in the area as well.

Northern Oz sees him still running away, so I took Daily Waters and also moved out of the area. I left 2 armored regiments behind to keep him honest. Only 1 division remains in Oz along with misc other forces (SNLFs, armor, art ect).

Burma is being held by the 21st army plus the Imp Gd div. Not much happening here.

Next operation is almost ready to kick off. I have 6 CVs, 4 CVLs, 11 BBs, 2 armored divs, 8 inf divs, plus a whole lot of support standing by and (I hope) enough shipping to lift it all at once already in the assembly area and 3 more divs enroute. Needless to say, this will be a major operation.

All my army fighter units, except a few squadrons of Oscars and Nicks, are Tojos. The vast majority of army bombers are Helens. I have several hundred Zeros and Bettys in the pool. Tony comes on line next month. My pilots are beyond "well trained". . . . .

And current situation in southern China:


CV 2 -> RE: A Path to Glory - CV2 v rroberson (11/4/2012 9:13:24 AM)

Northern China:

He had penetrated almost to Peiping, so I sent 1st army around the right to deal with it. Mongrel garrison army came up from Sian and was threatening Yenan, so he pulled out. North China, drove up to Kungchang and pulled back to Sian.

Oscars led the way for the bombers in hitting Chungking airfield and destroying several dozen British aircraft on the ground over a 4 day period.


CV 2 -> RE: A Path to Glory - CV2 v rroberson (11/4/2012 9:17:47 PM)

Just a sample of 1 of my squadrons, this one happens to be in the Marshalls. What should I train them in next? Kamikaze attack maybe? I actually have 2 groups of the perma restricted planes in Japan already training in it. I plan to unleash them as a VERY well trained night attack group once he closes the ring on me.


CV 2 -> RE: A Path to Glory - CV2 v rroberson (11/5/2012 5:20:46 AM)

The Emperor has been shown the plan and a faint smile was detected. A nod was his only "official" response. With that, 6 CVs, 4 CVLs, and 4 CVEs in 4 carrier groups, 4 BB divisions in 3 TFs, 2 oiler TFs, and 3 invasion groups carrying 7 infantry divs, 2 armor divs, 3 inf regts, 9 armor regts, plus HQs, base forces, artillery, and combat engineer support sets sail.

The invasion force: (1 replentishment TF is about 20 hexes behind)


CV 2 -> RE: A Path to Glory - CV2 v rroberson (11/5/2012 10:03:08 AM)

They say no plan ever survives contact with the enemy. This was the case with Operation Koala Bear.

The original plan called for me leaving my bases on Java and staying 20+ hexes away from the Australian coast on my approach, and hit the lower bases on the south side combined with an armor foray through the desert (he seems to like doing this in China, so I thought I would return the favor) and dropping paras on Kalgoorie. I intentionally havent prepped the units for their landing zones (except 1 div is set for Albany and 1 for Esperance). I hadnt reconned the bases other than I knew none but Perth had expanded.

I encountered a sub patrol last turn. He must have tried shifting forces because his B-17s started hitting the armor force on the rail line last turn. They wont survive long under heavy pounding. I also started recon flights over his bases and found Perth a lot less defended than I expected. 6 units at about 6400 strength. 2 units at Geraldton. Since he knows where I am, I have modified the plan to head straight in to Perth/Geraldton. I have 1 more, or maybe 2 turns at the most before the armor is dead and he can flood the area. I want to have boots on the ground and bases secure before then.

Those are the only 2 bases he has in the area that could possibly launch strikes on my forces, and after I capture them, I can lay waste to anything in western Oz.


CV 2 -> RE: A Path to Glory - CV2 v rroberson (11/5/2012 11:23:38 PM)

The bear stalks its prey. Forces deploy and close on their targets. Seems nothing out here but subs and DDs. The Desert Armor Force folded up this turn, so Im sending in the Yokasuka Assault Brigade in force to Kalgoorie. Even if they die en masse, at least they will buy me a few turns. I split the landing forces each into 2 waves. I removed all the slower ships (14 kts and below) to get there faster. Ise BB group merged with the Geraldton force for gunfire support, while Fuso and Yamato group merged with the Perth force. Akagi, Kaga, Hiryu, Soryu will launch on Perth tomorrow to clear the airfield.


CV 2 -> RE: A Path to Glory - CV2 v rroberson (11/6/2012 12:59:12 AM)

No strikes on his airfields because the air groups were too busy shooting up fleeing ships. His rail net is paralyized. I took Kalgoorie, and landed on the base 2 hexes east of Perth (recon showed both these bases as empty). The remainder of the Yokosuka Assault bde is flying into Kalgoorie. The 23rd armored regt is being detached from the Perth force to land at the base SW of Perth. This leaves him no rail movement available to him.

He threw every piece of junk he had in the air. Whiraways, Fulmars, Hudsons. No real effect. His shore guns at Perth did some major damage to a half dozen DDs, but losses I have to take under the circumstances. Every allied soldier in western Oz will die. It is the will of the Emperor. BANZII!!

On the plus side, the Mogami arrived at her repair yard in Japan today. She will be in the shop 2 months banging out the dents from those sub torp hits.


PaxMondo -> RE: A Path to Glory - CV2 v rroberson (11/6/2012 1:56:14 AM)

How did you get to Kalgoorlie?

CV 2 -> RE: A Path to Glory - CV2 v rroberson (11/6/2012 2:35:45 AM)

Mavis Ls out of Port Hedland.

PaxMondo -> RE: A Path to Glory - CV2 v rroberson (11/6/2012 3:43:06 AM)

Sweet.  Nice Range on those puppies.

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E mail from Rob:

Trip was fine. I spent part of it considering the game. I questioned early in our where you were getting all the divisions from. I had never seen such an onslaught and certainly not with the incredible amount of divisions that seemed to be everywhere at once. You said "smoke and mirrors was how you were doing it". And that appears to be true. after much research I believe I know how now. I believe you are moving units to restricted HQs and buying them out at greatly reduced PP costs. This link details that: Sorry man. That's just not the spirit of the game. It sucks because I generally love the pace of this game and don't require a straight game overly to enjoy it. But your play style is just not something I enjoy. It kills the competitiveness of the game...because instead of countering your moves I find myself countering your use of the programming of the game at each turn. That's hardly fun.

Now I don't think there is anything wrong with that if both players agree to it in the beginning of the game. Clearly I did not because it doesn't fit my game style and didn't realize until we were well into it that it was your play style.. Again, Ill miss playing you due to your deliberate pace. But I think you need to find someone who is willing to play you using your play style because I just don't find it "fun".

Good luck in the future.

My reply:
What commands are you releasing your units to? Dollars to doughnuts you are not buying them out at full price either. US units to IX corps, Aussies to 1st Aus corps, and Indian units likely to air HQs (personally, I transfer the Burma HQ to India so my units are at least in a ground HQ) I'll bet. Your air units, same thing I will bet. Yes, I transfer command of 25th army to Korea, 15th army to China, and 16th army to Japan. So, you can release ALL your units at a reduced cost, yet complain that I do. Interesting...

But of all the units I have released from those areas, the only ones you have encountered are:
1st div in Alaska. First use: Jul 42.
8th div in Port Moresby. First use: Apr 42.
9th div in Port Moresby. First use: Apr 42.
14th div on Luzon and Port Moresby. First use: Luzon in Feb 42
20th div at Adak. First use: Aug 42.
24th div at Geraldton. First use: Oct 42.
26th, 32nd, 41st out of China, badly shot up so it didnt cost much went to Japan, rebuilt and used at Perth.

Units released that you havent encountered:
7th div (Guadalcanal)
10th div (Munda)
12th div (Shortlands)
19th div (Port Moresby)

Hardly an abusive number of troops. Certainly well within the totals I could have released by now. The 2nd, 4th, 5th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 33rd, 38th, 48th, 55th, 56th, Imp Gd, 4th Gd, 5th Gd, 6th Gd, Gd Armor, and a half dozen garrison units which are baby divisions (not counting many bdes and regts) are all units that I get that I dont have to pay to release.

Frankly not surprised by this though. Knew this game wouldnt last when you "surrendered" after your carrier losses.

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