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zeke99 -> Problems in Possum scenario (9/7/2012 5:58:26 AM)

I usually avoid 1941 scenario because I'm unable to prevent units to shatter in the 41 Blizzards. Nevertheless I decided to try Possums V6 scenario because I love his map and the details.

Playing as German I encountered several serious flaws I'd like to discuss.

1. Independent German Btlns (art/flak/pak):
Turned out to be a killer for the Germans! In Blizzard they drop to 10% readiness and even with special supply and air drops stay below 50%. That means they can't be withdrawn and result in corps shattering. Worse, the gun production is not high enough in 42 to get replacements for them or the Divs. Is there a way to delete these units?
2. Air force:
It's Aug42 now in my game and my Me109G get blasted out of the sky by thousands of Yak 9M :(
Yak 9M started production in May44! My tip, forget to try historic production, drop the Me109 and switch to FW190 as soon as possible.
3. Manual changes:
Many tanks or ac can't be changed manually. Computer ctrl has to be switched on which messes up pool management :(

As I'm too stupid to use the editor, does anybody know how to do the changes discussed above?


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