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Tomokatu -> Save Game load CTD (9/6/2012 1:11:43 AM)

I spent the first week or so after installing ToF and V1.02b experimenting with custom GUI.csv mods and the GUI.png transparency mod. I used the Grand Campaign as my test scenario to learn the interface and controls and to test the mods I was making.

Three days ago when I loaded the last saved game, ToF went partway through the load routine then crashed to the desktop.
Time to re-install.
I re-installed over the existing installation and re-loaded that last gamesave.
Crash to desktop.
I decided that there might be some incompatibility between gamesave files between the versions I had been experimenting upon.
Started a new game (Grand Campaign - Great Britain, Human-Hard, British Colonies, Human-Hard - All other countries AI-standard) played a few turns, saved the game, exited and re-loaded the game.
Crash to desktop.
Time to get serious about this!
Used the Uninstall utility to remove ToF completely.
Used Registry Booster to clean the registry and then de-fragmented the registry.
Re-installed ToFV1.00 and then V1.02b. Started a new game (no saved games left) played part of one gameturn, saved. Played the rest of that gameturn, saved in a new savegame file.
Exited to desktop. Did some other non-ToF stuff.
Started ToF, loaded savegame file.
Crash to desktop.
Started ToF again, loaded the OTHER gamesave file.
Crash to desktop.
In each failure, the savegame red loadbar travels about 4/5ths of the gauge (about level with the GI's knee), waits for a while, then crashes out.
Reading the forum, I found the ConsoleOut.txt and the last line is
"[thread: 4268, 0] Critical error at line 139. No city at given coordinates"
I haven't done ANY modding on cities or locations!
System is Wintel Quad Core (2Gb RAM) XP Home.
Zipped Gamesave folder attached
What should I do now?

doomtrader -> RE: Save Game load CTD (9/6/2012 7:00:56 AM)

Tomokatu, please send me the save game, for me it seems that the save game is corrupted, however I need to take a look at this.

Tomokatu -> RE: Save Game load CTD (9/6/2012 8:29:27 AM)

I think that's the zipped attachment to my post, Doomtrader.
There should be three games in there but I don't think the autosave is relevant to the latest gamesaves.
It was of one of the earlier re-installs.

Confirmed that the two relevant gamesaves are "Brits - Grand Campaign current" and "To Re-Deploy naval assets"
Please unzip with "Use folder names" on.

Attached again, just in case.

Thanks for your help. [&o]

Tomokatu -> RE: Save Game load CTD (9/18/2012 7:59:27 AM)

Has there been any progress in solving this problem, please, Doomtrader?
Saved game files are attached as zips in my first two posts.

doomtrader -> RE: Save Game load CTD (9/18/2012 1:28:16 PM)

I think I have found the bug, however I'm pretty sure that you shouldn't have issues with the latests version of the files.

Anyway, which save game would yo like me to repair (or maybe all?)

doomtrader -> RE: Save Game load CTD (9/18/2012 1:33:13 PM)

Here are the all save games uploaded

Tomokatu -> RE: Save Game load CTD (9/18/2012 10:56:08 PM)

Bless you, Doomtrader. [&o]
I was just coming in to let you know which one was the latest. I shall install them and continue but I AM interested in knowing the cause of the error and perhaps where I should be looking to find and fix the problem, rather than bothering you so often.

Is it like the error in ToW where some units somehow had duplicate names? I recall an instance where a unit would'nt load onto a transport (and game crashed) because there was an identical unit ID elsewhere.

Do you use any tools to do a compare and debug on the text and .csv files or is it all down to visual inspection and a knowledge of Polish? [;)]

doomtrader -> RE: Save Game load CTD (9/19/2012 7:32:39 AM)

The error was casued by the old cities.csv file from Grand Campaign.
We have put there all Polish letters for the name of one city and the file went to the 1.02 beta.

I'm pretty sure that your system missinterpreted polish letters as I have seen some garbage there.

Generally there are two types of bugs in the game:
Data or Engine.
The Data bugs are mostly harder to find but easy to fix. The Engine bugs are very often easy to find but hard to fix.
Also when there is a data bug, in 90% of cases I don't have to send them to programmer.

Tomokatu -> RE: Save Game load CTD (9/19/2012 9:06:54 PM)

I once had a similar problem with an AGEOD game, where one of the text files (of commanders' names) included lots of accented French characters. [:@]

Is it worthwhile installing a language file for Polish to anticipate any future accented character problems?
I already need to have two Japanese language files for some of my other games, so tuning the system is no bother.
I won't be buying any more AGEOD games so I haven't installed a French language file, but I AM likely to be buying more Sltherine/Lordz/Matrix games. [:)]

How about doing a proper WWII bombing/fighter defence? (Guernica/Battle of Britain/Rotterdam/Warsaw/Defence of the Reich/Tokyo campaigns come to mind). There have been attempts before and some of them had some good concepts, but a synthesis of the best by Lordz/Slitherine/Matrix would be most acceptable. [sm=innocent0001.gif]

shermanwar -> RE: Save Game load CTD (12/23/2012 6:10:24 AM)

I am getting a CTD too a few turns in as Germany (9 Oct 39) Could you take a look at my files?
Thanks in advance

shermanwar -> RE: Save Game load CTD (12/23/2012 3:03:52 PM)

I am getting a CTD too a few turns in as Germany (9 Oct 39). IT occurs when I try open a saved game. Could you take a look at my files?
Thanks in advance

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