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Numdydar -> What am I doing wrong? (9/5/2012 12:03:23 AM)

I have had the game for a while. Played for a bit, got completely lost and gave up. Of course I did start off on a enormous map lol. I figured, I can do that in Civ, why not here [:)]

So after the patch, I watched the vds and started on a MUCH smaller map [:D] with the settings recommended by Das. Things went much better. Even took over another race's home planet just to see if I could. Of course it did take a few tries as I GREATLY underestimated the number of troops needed.

Imagine my shock, when the end game screen came up a little while later saying I had been defeated [:@] Huh?

Looking at the end game stats, an AI player (who was an ally with me) had beaten me. Matter of fact, several AIs had beaten me badly (ended up 4th out of 9). I was playing as the Acenturians? (the first race on the list). Was that not a good race to chose? I had the most colonies, tons of cash. While I was not the tech leader, I was a close 2nd or 3rd.

So the question is do I back up to about half way through and try and salvage the game or just restart? Everything was normal, cluster galaxiy 700 stars, etc. Everything automated, with my ability to override (which I think is an awesome feature btw).

Should I have not accepted the default VCs or maybe change when victory is determined (i.e. make it longer)?

Look forward to the help.

Nedrear -> RE: What am I doing wrong? (9/5/2012 12:47:25 AM)

If you play with racial victory conditions you should focus on them and block your neighbors from doing so. If you switch them of, then you need to prevent them from pawning their neighbors to achieve the conquest victory.

If you want to play in a roleplay way just continue to play after you lost. The "winner" is only the dominant power for now. You may change that...

Numdydar -> RE: What am I doing wrong? (9/5/2012 2:38:36 AM)

With Legends I had four VCs selected, one of which was the racial ones. So 25% of the victory total was based on ALL of these (which I had maxed out 3 of the 4 racial VCs). The other 75% of the overall VCs was based on the defaults for VCs, like population, etc. So should I have just played with the racial VCs and turned off the rest? If I restart. I want to make sure this does not repeat [:D] so any advice on VC selection would be welcome.

feelotraveller -> RE: What am I doing wrong? (9/5/2012 8:05:47 AM)

Hm, it depends a fair bit on your settings.  I would go back and have a look at a save shortly before your defeat.  There is a 'victory conditions' button at the top (about 3rd from the left) which looks like a piechart.  Have a look and see how you were doing in each of the categories, and how the races beating you were doing.  What were you lagging on?  How did they manage to get the required victory points?  Then adjust your next games victory conditions accordingly.

Personally I like longer games and am quite prepared to either grind to victory or just decide the game is won without getting the screen.  Playing against 19 empires I use a 50% pop, 50% territory, 50% economy and the default racial conditions set to 80% overall with no time limit.

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