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panzers -> Diplomacy (9/3/2012 4:09:34 AM)

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to use my diplomacy points.
I click on the tab below the mini screen and then hit the diplomacy tab and all I get is country information.
I know I am doing something wrong, but what is it?

jomni -> RE: Diplomacy (9/3/2012 6:29:35 AM)

Open the diplomacy mini screen.  Then select a foreign country's city. You will get country information for that country and their alignment.  At the bottom, you have the diplomatic options.  But most are greyed out.  Clickable options depends on your relationship.

panzers -> RE: Diplomacy (9/6/2012 9:25:04 PM)

I figured it out. Thank you.

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