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olivier34 -> Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (8/31/2012 3:57:58 PM)

Keunert and I decided to restart a Case blue long scenario but this time without the dismissal rule. We never know [:D].
It is my second campaign but I have follow the AArs of this forum and it seems that I have to play more cautiously to avoid the soviet counter attacks of the first turn and an amphibious operation in my rear.
We both agree that the german player should not be allowed to strike the soviet airforce on round one. About the weather...hope that I get 20 days of sun like in my first game but I doult it [8D]
Keunert has study the soviet side. I am sure that he has found a lot of things to improve the soviet defense during the first month.
I won't have a lot of time to write this AAR. Here are three screenshots of my first move. I have played less cards than in my first game. All the officers that have the tank drive card available keep their precious pps. I want to use this card to attack retreating soviet forces. It can be devastating.

11Th army
Manstein has launch an attack against the fortified position of Sebastopol with the Hansen LIV corps. (freedom of action card played, my favorite)
Immediatly after that the LIV corps is railed toward Stalino (three arty units with their ammo). One division is sent to Melitopol to guard the coast there. The stukas attached to the 11th army fly north. I will need them to destroy the 5th tank army and the 18th tank soviet tank corps (this one is my nightmare, it can be put in a town just near some of my troops and attack them straight...)

Up North :
2nd army and the 4th panzer move forward and attempt to pocket part of the 40th soviet army and the 21th. The jonction will have to be made with the panzers of the 6th army. By the way, after a day of fight, Von Paulus is dismissed. Erald Raus takes command of this army. When the time will come to defend some part of the front, we may see the return of Von Paulus. [;)]


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (8/31/2012 4:00:57 PM)

28 June, 6th army and 1st panzer sector.


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (8/31/2012 4:07:18 PM)

28 June, 17th army.
It may be possible to drive my panzers in four days just north of Rostov. I like to take this position before the soviets can fortified it. I will have a tank drive card to play the next turn [:D]
IL corps move into the mountains but the soviet 383th stop their advance. [:@]. Anyway, the XIV panzer corps will be in the area the next turn.


rominet -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (8/31/2012 4:34:58 PM)


Don't forgett to give us occasionaly the losses screen, it is my obsession.[:D]

Good idea to dismiss Paulus by Raus, i didn't pay attention to the fact he is rather a defensive commander.

Blind Sniper -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (8/31/2012 5:10:34 PM)


Keunert and I decided to restart a Case blue long scenario but this time without the dismissal rule. We never know .

That's a pity, it gives a good flavor at the game, maybe it's just me [:)]


We both agree that the german player should not be allowed to strike the soviet airforce on round one.

I think would be enough to allow the air free setup, in this way the Axis player have to recon before made blind attacks.


By the way, after a day of fight, Von Paulus is dismissed.

Wow, how many PPs spent?

You made a good opening turn, maybe in the South you have some weak spot but we all know that a lonely artilley unit is able to stand against a whole division [:D]

Good luck!

Enigma6584 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (8/31/2012 5:44:19 PM)

Can you give us some screenshots showing the make-up of your infantry divisions and panzer divisions?

olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/1/2012 1:09:27 PM)

Redcharlie, what do you mean by "make=up" ?
Rominet, I will give you the losses at the start of my fourth turn. Von Paulus dismissal cost me 25 pps...
No dismissal rule Blindsniper but if my prestige goes to 0, I will leave the high command to you .[;)] What do you think ? (about my lonely arty...I wanted Keunert to attack it...of course he didn't...)

30 June;
The soviets have withdraw almost everywhere. Not a single counter attack.

Sebastopol : Another attack conducted this time by Maximilain, XXX corps with the help of a rumanian division. The attack is bloody and fail to take the soviet fortified position east of Sebastopol. Seems that Keunert is sending some ships to evacuate the place. I expect it, that's why I have move the rest of Von Manstein army toward Rostov.

2A and 4st Panzer : Move east. 9th panzer is the spearhead. We discover a huge concentration of tanks in front of us. The 5th tank army. Time to give the "feu vert" to the stukas (they had not fly missions during the first turn). They strike the ennemy. Stary Oskol is very well defended by two infantry tank corps rgts...I take position just north.
I play a defensive card on the 45th division of the LV corps. I really don't know if Keunert will be agressive or not [&:]. Let's be patient.
South, the 23th and 24th panzer were very close to close the pocket ! The 21th army will escape...
The 29th has taken Nowy Oskol. The brige is destroy but will be repair the next turn.


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/1/2012 1:16:18 PM)

30 June Center, 6A and 1st panzer.
Moving east. Less battle than in the first turn.
Schweppenburg III corps drive toward Swatovo. I play the tank drive card on the LAH. Very impressive result. A lot of soviet soldiers are killed or captured.
Artemovsk is almost surrounded by the IV corps.


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/1/2012 1:25:36 PM)

30 June south
The 11th infantry and the italian cav have been abble to move just near Voroshilovgrad.
The IL corps has advance 10 more kms. The 14th division of the XIV panzer made the jonction with it. (Tank drive again)
Tank drive on the 13th panzer that rush into the soviet lines and is abble to capture a key position just north of Rostov.

(I will have conducted three tank drive attack against soviet retreating troops. The panzers have taken a few losses for devastating results. )


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/1/2012 2:01:08 PM)

02 July
Rain on the all front [:@]. Let's have a coffee, think about it and take the best of this fuc... situation [8|].
There are several good points about it : I won't use a lot of oil, my pilots can take a rest, maybe the soviets will be confident and won't retreat this turn, I will play this turn in less an hour...[sm=rolleyes.gif]

Up north :


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/1/2012 2:06:34 PM)

02 JULY center
I could have launch an attack here with my panzers and try to cross the river south of Swatovo...I cancel this plan because of the weather and concentrate my two corps. Two days for the soviets to entrench here but it won't be enough to stop the crossing. The good point is that the job will be made by the infantry of the XXXX corps. Von Kleist himself will launch the attack of that corps (he will have 22 pps...)


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/1/2012 2:14:29 PM)

02 July South. Rostov...
Where is this 18th tank corps ? I was expecting him north but you know what ? He was hidden in Rostov...maybe Keunert has played this reinforcement only at the end of turn 2...but this is unfair. This tank has launch a powerful attack against my 13th panzer...
Now I don't know...[&:]. At first my goal was to slowly turn around Rostov, south of the river (the supply is good there). The arty of Von Manstein LIV corps could be operational in two turns...
Schould I change my plan and move up north the LIV corps ?


budd -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/1/2012 5:01:30 PM)

you know olivier you do AAR's really well. Thanks for taking the time, enjoying it.

olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/1/2012 6:27:33 PM)

Thanks Budd. I will try to keep this AAR alive until the end...Any thoughts about my strategy ?

budd -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/2/2012 2:44:41 AM)

Strategy advice, well you may not know this but i am a severe operational lightweight and always have been. Any advice i give will likely lead to the rapid destruction of your forces[:D]. I bought this title to once again have a go at trying to be semi-competent operational player. i read yours and others AAR's to learn how you approach these monster scenarios in a competent fashion. Thanks again for the AAR, game on.

olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/2/2012 9:41:02 AM)

4th of July
Perfect Weather [8D].

Losses at the beginning of the turn (numbers avis/soviet)
Total losses 16 000 / 72 300
Dive bomber 20 / 0
Fighters 35 / 35 match nul [;)]
Level Bombers 25 / 35

Guns 125 / 850
Heavy Tanks 0 / 45
Medium Tanks 140 / 100
Light tanks 20 / 60

Axis Oil : 71 000 down to 57 300

Sebastopol : I don't attack except an air strike against the town.

Up north : Almost a pecfect turn [sm=00000106.gif]


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/2/2012 9:43:09 AM)

4th of July, south of Swatovo
I was expecting more...


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/2/2012 9:52:47 AM)

July 6, again heavy rain !
The soviets have withdraw everywhere. Even Voroshilovgrad is empty ! They have withdraw during a clear weather turn and I have to chase them in the mud. Keunert was in trouble up north. This weather gives him an opportunity to build another front...

Situation map :
I have decided to take my chance in front of Rostov. Von Manstein 11th army will try to break the fortifed position that the soviets have built there. Let's say in two turns if the weather permit it [8|]


rominet -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/2/2012 11:25:49 AM)

Bad luck with the weather but that spices the game and you play well.

Thanks for the losses.

I suppose you use Photoshop?

And the AAR would be far better in french [:D]

Enigma6584 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/4/2012 9:58:48 PM)


ORIGINAL: olivier34

Redcharlie, what do you mean by "make=up" ?

I'm talking about their specific TO&E. In other words, what type of tanks make up the division? How many guns and what type?

olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/5/2012 2:21:31 PM)

Rominet, it would be far better in french but we have to practice our english, tu ne penses pas ? [;)] By the way, I like a lot your AAR.
I don't use Photoshop...only Paint.
TURN 10, July 16:
Here are the losses (german) and the make up of the divisions RedCharlie (I have ask to the OKH two times more panzers and one time more fighters)
The soviets are down to 400 000 men.


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/5/2012 2:28:29 PM)

JULY 18, end of the german moves. The weather has been clear only on turn 8 (July 12).
Keunert and I have found the time to play a few turns vacation are over...I won't be abble to report every turn.
In another thread (Avoid AAR), you have red that keunert has made me cry...[sm=sad-1361.gif] but now I am happy again [:D]


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/5/2012 2:29:30 PM)



olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/5/2012 2:30:25 PM)



olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/5/2012 2:31:14 PM)

ROSTOV sector


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/9/2012 12:02:22 PM)

North front. Report from July 20th to July 28th
The good results of the 18th of July have force the soviets to retreat. I ask the OKH some more objectives. Order is given to take the citys of Bobroff and Anna ! They are around 80 kms east of Voronezh.
Voronezh is guarded by some militia. The city is surrounded and taken the 26 of July.
2A and 1st panzer conduct some offensives. Bobroff is well defended and the lake of ammo for the artillery in front of the city makes impossible to take it before the 24th. OKH is disapointed about that but there was no point to take this city at this date.
A few panzer drives are conducted and a lot of soviet troops are killed or captured.
The 26th a new order is given to the 1st panzer. It has to concentrate around Millerowo urgently. New orders will be given around the 5th of August.

Center front.
The soviets are retreating in good order but maybe not enough fast. Two panzers (XXXX and III) are driving east in an attempt to cut they retreat and form a pocket around Nishne Astachoff. Three soviet armys are in front of them. A motorised rgt of the 29th is at the door of Serafi Mowi the 28th.
A fortified area north of Millerowo is taken the 24th but the attack is costly (around 1000 men lost). The city is almost surrounded and will be vacated by the soviets the 25th.

Kamensk has been evacuated by the soviets too. The XIV chase them. The soviets form a new line of defense behind the Bystrala river but the line is force in two places the 28th. Konstantinskaya and Morowski and now at less than 50 kms of the german spearhead.
Rostov Front
The 24th Von Manstein order another attack. The artillery had the time to fully refit. The shelling is again devastating and the 5 soviet rgts defending the fortified area lose 1 600 men. The 50th division (again) help with two rgts of the 132th takes the position in a few hours (400 men lost, 3 600 soviets killed or captured). The 26th the soviets try to take back the ground but fail.

Oil reserve are maximum (83 800). 122 pps. I play a card to get 50 Ju 87d in reinforcement. The spearheads are well supplied but the panzers are getting tired. The lutwaffe is also exausted.


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/10/2012 3:29:13 PM)

July 30 (turn 17) Clear Weather.
With 27 prestige points, I get 26 more pps. i spend 36 of them to get 35 more tanks from OKH (25 PzIVg and 10 Marder II)
OKH has deliver a new order. The city of Stalingrad on the Volga river has to be taken by the end of the Summer.

The 29th the soviets have launch an emergency attack toward the 22th panzer division but they fail (lack of artillery support).
The Situation here seems perfect for OKH. A german recon has revealed that the city of Konstantinskaya is empty. There are no rail lines in the area. Two thirds of the luftwaffe attacks are concentrated in the area. The XIV corps receive the express order to move south as fast as possible. The artillery can't help (lake of ammo), the Luftwaffe will.


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/10/2012 3:35:03 PM)

Advance of the LIV panzer corps.


olivier34 -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/10/2012 3:50:55 PM)

6A and 1st Panzer are about to pocket two soviet armys. A motorised division has drive as much as possible east.

Around Schachty the soviets retreat. Maybe to late. I don't know when Keunert has seen that the real threat in the area was the large circle movement toward Konstantinskaya of the 17th army and the XIV panzer corps of the 1st panzer.
I think that he may have to consider the retreat of Rostov in this area. If I am abble to take Konstantinskaya and Bagalevskaya the next week, Rostov will be threaten and all the troops defending them may be surrounded. But it will take a lot of time to achieve that and Keunert has maybe the order to keep the city until a certain date...I have to take it before the 5th of August and this is impossible. Should I ask some more time to OKH ??

Von Manstein takes another fortified area protecting Rostov to maintain a pressure in this sector.

In green the rail line that can be used. the 4th panzer will be railed in this area.


Bonners -> RE: Case Blue Olivier(Axis) vs Keunert (9/11/2012 9:09:25 AM)

Just posting to say thanks for the AAR. I'm a new player and playing my first campaign against the computer. I'm the Axis and the Soviets are on easy AI (I'm not ready to give them any bonuses just yet. I've found this AAR really informative as you're running a couple of turns ahead of me. In some places I've done better such as around Rostov and Voronezh but I'm having a bit of attrition in the middle where you've broken through. In my game the AI is holding fast to both Rostov and Voronezh, but Voronezh will be surrounded this turn and I have just taken Rostov. Although Rostov still has very strong forces to the South and I havent manage to effect a breakout just yet. The advantage of playing the AI is that I have managed to give the Soviet fleets a hard time which I'm fairly certain I wouldnt be able to do as a human player. So one of Manstein's corps will be crossing via Kerch next turn which again I reckon would be too risky against a human player.

I was particularly interested in your comments about the Luftwaffe, mine is similarly exhausted. It seems to be a fairly even battle in the air. The Soviet losses are always greater than mine but they seem to be fighting the battle quite well and as far as I can tell keep switching bases so I'm struggling to find them via recon each turn to attack them on the ground.

Anyway, wont interrupt your AAR any more, but thanks again, enjoyable reading and really useful for me at the moment.

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