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Jamm -> AI scripts (8/31/2012 3:29:51 PM)

With scenario designs, I've been noticing some bad AI behavior.
The 2 which frustrate me the most are;
AI tanks driving through stone buildings and immobilising themselves. How about adding a script to avoid structures or taking the easiest route.

The other is some AI units moving next to the enemy and then turning away from them, exposing their flank.
I know there is a face nearest enemy script as I have been toying around with the script editor, but this still seems to happen sometimes.

DoubleDeuce -> RE: AI scripts (8/31/2012 4:20:18 PM)

I haven't noticed the 2nd one but in my Pavlov's house scenario. During the first playtest against the AI, it drove both Pz-IVf2's straight into buildings on the first turn and immobilized them both well outside the area of contact.

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