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Magpius -> Campaign Time (8/29/2012 1:21:21 PM)

Here goes...
Opening screen.
Turn 0 of 70. 1/09/1939
Plan as follows.
Tactical Fighter Luftflotte 4 to start proceedings against Corps stationed in Poznan
1st Army S/E of Koenigsberg to move into Danzig.
7th Corps to move due south from Koenigsberg to Warsaw.

Red Town Numbers: Victory Points
White Town Numbers: Supply

Magpius -> RE: Campaign Time (8/29/2012 1:31:03 PM)

End Turn 1:
Sept 1 1939
Danzig Captured unopposed.
West Polish border troops evaporate.


Magpius -> RE: Campaign Time (8/30/2012 7:34:26 AM)

Poland Surrenders Turn 2.
Time to move west.
Rommel assigned to 8th Armee Unit. to bolster attack strength.


Magpius -> RE: Campaign Time (8/30/2012 7:45:06 AM)

Turn 5 Jan 1940.
Troops on Belgian border and ready to strike.
Time to declare war!


Magpius -> RE: Campaign Time (8/30/2012 7:48:44 AM)

Belgium Falls, we move to Paris.


Magpius -> RE: Campaign Time (8/30/2012 7:52:06 AM)

Damn, in version 1.01 Paris was undefended.
I'm (pleasantly) surprised to see this is going to be trickier than I first imagined.


Magpius -> RE: Campaign Time (8/30/2012 7:59:28 AM)

A stupid rush of blood.
Tried to dislodge the Parisian unit at low odds, and solo after the combined attack failed. Got Smashed. Tactical fighter destroyed and Armor lost. I need to rethink this game.
Getting my arse handed to me in a sling.
...and to make matters worse, it looks like brussels is going to be retaken![:@]

Magpius -> RE: Campaign Time (8/30/2012 11:00:05 AM)

Things are going from bad to worse.
French 2nd Armee Retook Brussels, but even more crucially cut off supply to my units north of Paris, rendering them incapable of effectively attacking the city.
This AAR is nothing like the narrative I expected to be posting.


Magpius -> getting smashed (8/30/2012 11:06:50 AM)

I think this is getting embarrassing.
French have gone on the attack, and are successfully pushing back, (read wiping out) my blitzkrieg.


Magpius -> RE: getting smashed (8/30/2012 11:18:14 AM)

Making just about every mistake that can be made.
Deployed a new Tank Corps to the front line, immediately destroyed.
Too shocked to even screen grab that error.
Vanished in an eye-blink.
A good A.I. and me being a pixel pushing noob is not a good combination.

Magpius -> RE: getting smashed (8/30/2012 11:20:01 AM)

Desperately trying to bring forces back.
Winter sets in.


this was supposed to be a walk in the park.

Magpius -> RE: getting smashed (8/30/2012 11:26:03 AM)

Anyone with a nostalgic memory of SC1 will enjoy this title.
It's more than just a 'Time of Fury' lite.

Wolfe1759 -> RE: getting smashed (8/30/2012 6:02:33 PM)

What have you done with all of your commanders ?

I can only see two assigned in the screenshots.

Magpius -> RE: getting smashed (8/31/2012 9:32:36 AM)

They've fled!
I'd only assigned the 2.
I had become so accustomed to smashing my way through the early part of the game (1.01), that until I saw units in Paris, I figured I would do the same.
What I thought would be a tale of kick arse is now a rather sad tale.
It's going to take a bit to get it back from here. With the rather limited turns.
I'm not giving up...yet

Anguille -> RE: getting smashed (8/31/2012 12:12:23 PM)

Awesome AAR! Gotta start a new game...

henri51 -> RE: getting smashed (8/31/2012 1:07:55 PM)

At least someone at last has posted screenshots!.. Good luck pulling the fat out of the fire....

Magpius -> RE: getting smashed (8/31/2012 11:41:17 PM)

Actually, I think I'm screwed, but what it does show, is that if you go in all guns blazing, you're going to get burned.
I'm not taking this game lightly again.
It should also be noted, that I'm playing this
No Bonuses. For me or A.I.

Magpius -> RE: getting smashed (8/31/2012 11:48:04 PM)

Capturing pics using fraps by the way.
No luck using normal screen capturing software.

AlanBernardo -> RE: getting smashed (9/1/2012 1:20:32 AM)



Capturing pics using fraps by the way.
No luck using normal screen capturing software.

FRAPs works; but Snag-it is better, with more options. And it is very easy to use.

Not sure whether you can window this game, but when capturing it is sometimes better to run the game in a window.

Nice AAR.


Magpius -> RE: getting smashed (9/1/2012 7:48:46 AM)

Yeah I tried snagit ver 11, but to no avail.
Windowed option is no good on my monitor, what settings have you used successfully with this game?

Magpius -> RE: getting smashed (9/6/2012 4:50:23 AM)

Winter is here, and my front line troops are cut off.
I've purchased armor and infantry to come to the rescue, but they are 2 long turns away from arriving, and I will not be deploying them near, the front line, (given my last lot evaporated when attacked; live and learn).
Brussels is now well defended and strong.
My weakened units huddle hoping for a breakthrough.
So now I rebuild and wait for winter to break.
Hopefully then some revenge.


(real life has somewhat intervened of late, but I will continue this.)
also the mods here and others are available in the time of fury threads.

sapper32 -> RE: getting smashed (9/6/2012 10:33:47 PM)

Thanks for the AAR Agent S i have recently purchased the game so am looking forward to playing hope i can pick up a few tips from your reports.


Magpius -> RE: getting smashed (9/8/2012 1:07:17 PM)

Welcome sapper, I'm sure you'll enjoy the game.
and I hope you play better than me.

Canuck35 -> RE: getting smashed (11/14/2012 12:29:55 PM)

AgentS are you using any graphical mods or just the stock game?

Magpius -> RE: getting smashed (11/17/2012 3:23:34 AM)

my mods.

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