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swkuh -> Using air-supply (8/28/2012 2:41:13 PM)

Playing Axis vs AI and find 3 Inf divs in a stack with low fuel/supply. Applied air drop supply three times and still top unit was not serviced but 2nd/3rd units were over 100% for fuel and supplies.

How to get replensihment from air drops evenly distributed? Any help?

(Dropped replensihment to the Corps HQ another time but did not see replenishment get to attached units.)

Denniss -> RE: Using air-supply (8/28/2012 3:00:26 PM)

Use shift-mouseclick to select air units to fly, type of airdrop and the unit you want to receive the dropped stuff.

swkuh -> RE: Using air-supply (8/30/2012 11:52:50 AM)

[:'(] OMG... never saw the buttons at the bottom of the air drop panel. Thanks so much. Tried it and indeed it works as it should. Now, what else don't I know?

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