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gravyface_ -> Border/shading: is this possible? (8/28/2012 1:01:29 AM)

Just started playing, noticed that you can cycle through "ownership" overlays on the map that appear to apply a shading to friendly/enemy territory. I like this idea: the border is all well and good, but can be quickly confusing if you're not sure what "side" of the border you're looking at. The Ownership overlays seem ok, except that it looks like the entire map is covered in gauss, making it hard to read unit names, etc.

This cross-hatching choice wouldn't be bad of itself if the towns etc. were "above" this cross-hatching (i.e. on a layer above the base map terrain), but it's not. Anyway to just "color" the ownership vs. the cross-hatching?

doomtrader -> RE: Border/shading: is this possible? (8/28/2012 7:43:02 AM)

Please got o the main game folder and then to the \data\gfx\ then enter the MapSkin of your choice.
Open the sprites_depth.csv file within this folder.
You will see there some numbers and names.
The higher the number, the higher the item displayed is located.

Hope this helps.

gravyface_ -> RE: Border/shading: is this possible? (8/29/2012 1:45:08 AM)

Worked great, thanks.

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