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junk2drive -> Earthquake Swarm (8/26/2012 10:41:39 PM)

There is a swarm of EQs in SoCal, Imperial valley. I've watched EQs for years and never seen anything like this one. Largest so far is 5.4 which isn't too strong but will get your attention.

Sabre1 lives in the area and I hope all is well with him.

flanyboy -> RE: Earthquake Swarm (8/27/2012 2:32:40 AM)

IT'S THE BIG ONE!!! ... kidding.

junk2drive -> RE: Earthquake Swarm (8/27/2012 6:07:06 AM)

No funny

7.4 off coast of El Salvador

flanyboy -> RE: Earthquake Swarm (8/27/2012 10:02:15 AM)


ORIGINAL: junk2drive

No funny

7.4 off coast of El Salvador

Also it's possible this is a good thing. I'm no geologist but according to the geologists they are talking to on CNN and a few other news organizations these types of swarms rarely precede major earthquakes. What that could mean is that the small quakes are re-leaving pressure between the two fault lines and in fact allowing the pressure to be released instead of waiting for a huge earthquake to release whatever pressure has built up these smaller quakes could gradually reduce any built up pressure without the damage of a big one thus perhaps buying more time before the next big one... this is all speculation of course.

sabre1 -> RE: Earthquake Swarm (8/28/2012 2:09:03 AM)

Everything fine. We don't get excited until they hit 6 something.

Thanks for asking J2D.

Jeffrey H. -> RE: Earthquake Swarm (8/28/2012 3:27:49 AM)

Watched the chandelier swing around for a bit. I knew something was up but it was very very mild out here.

Cap Mandrake -> RE: Earthquake Swarm (8/28/2012 6:21:49 PM)

It's moving South into the Sea of Cortez [:)] Next stop Acapulco.


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