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DaretoDie -> Supply Bug? (8/25/2012 9:01:11 PM)

I am playing the Trapenjadg scenario from the Russian side. I have been doing pretty well and it is now July 31.

However, the entire German army all along the entire front seems to have suffered a mysterious collapse in supply. Recon shows almost every unit with 12pp or less. The vast majority of these units are not isolated or too far from rails, etc. Is there a bug causing this?

I really like the game mechanics and it is disappointing for my opponent to fold in the middle of a fun battle.

Vic -> RE: Supply Bug? (8/26/2012 9:18:43 AM)

Which version did you start the scenario up with?

Did you take Kiev or Odessa?

Please also send a save game file to so I can take a closer look.


Vic -> RE: Supply Bug? (8/27/2012 9:45:29 AM)


I checked your savefile. And its really strange. Let me spare you the details but if you have any idea in what triggered it would be interesting to know. Since i was able to diagnose the problem, but not determine the cause.

In the meantime you should upgrade to v1.02c (beta patch and soon gold version).

Also I am emailing you a special private beta build v1.02d .exe that you should manually install over your .exe. It should make the situation return to normal in your running game (though please give the AI a turn or 3 to recover from its rockbottom readiness).


DaretoDie -> RE: Supply Bug? (8/27/2012 5:34:18 PM)

Thanks for your help! I'm sorry, I have no idea what could have affected the save game file. I'll be sure to let you know if it happens again.


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