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ricodc -> First full campaign & first loss. (8/25/2012 6:26:42 PM)

Strategic war in Europe

This is my first proper game of SWE & first forum post.. So Started off as Allies (just controlling Great Britain, Iraq & France) in 1939.
First we had the phony war while watching Poland be invaded.
At this point used Home Fleet to attack the German Navy. While deploying the XIII Corps to Northern France along with another army unit, Fighter sqd.
I kept my Tactical Bombers on south England.
Once Germany invaded managed to keep France in the war until early 1941. This enabled me being backed up by French Navy to do some serious damage to German fleet in
the North Sea & the Italian Fleet in the Med. (when Italy joined the war).
Once Germany broke through they swept North West to take Paris from the North. While a well organized retreat by the British Army they managed to evacuate from Cherbourg.
Covered by 2 RAF Sqns With Bomber Command assisting.
While in the Med the British Navy had caused serious damage to Italians to force them to return to port.
Through rest 1941 I used the Home fleet Carriers to recon & attack German Held Ports & City’s. While using heavy bombers to attack Hamburg.
At this point I got a lucky break & the Heavily damaged German fleet in Brussels for repair. Launching attack with heavy & light strategic bombers I managed to sink
the remainder of the German Fleet.
All the Axis powers are now in play, Germany has conquered Greece,Yugoslavia,Denmark & Norway.
In North Africa General Montgomery is in Command as Alexandria. Managing hold of the Italians & the Germans with the help of the Med Fleets carrier & Battle cruiser.
I’m now building up strength to push for Tobruk. Also have succeed in keeping overall Naval power in Med,Atlantic & North Sea.
Now find GB at the start of 1942 in map below. With USA joining the Allies at end of January.

May 1942
Montgomery pushes west to Tobruk backed with 2 Armour units one infantry. Set back to Med fleet when carrier group destroyed by an Air strike.
American task forces enters the Med
1st September (Turn 37/70)
Montgomery manages to take Tobruk from Combined Italian & German Forces. With Minor Losses inured. USA (AI controlled).Makes a surprise
Landing in Norway port of Narvik with Mech Corp.

1 November Montgomery plays safe after defeating the Axis powers in Egypt by resupplying/reinforce his armour & Infantry before the push into Libya
As things stand for VP. Axis 152 Allies 62 while the mighty Soviet bear has only 4.

1st June 1943
Disaster for allies as Russia falls to Germany. On plus side Montgomery pushes on to Tripoli. British make bold move landing the 25th Armoured at Oslo to link up with the
American 41st Motorised
& cut of the German troops at Bergen. Supported with RAF bombers & the British Navy home Fleet. Then reinforced with the 77th Armoured Corps.

1st December 1943 (Turn 52/70)

Major set backs for the Allies. In North Africa the loss of the British carrier is being felt & the fresh troops from Eastern front making a difference.
German airborne division lands in Iraq. Montgomery pulls back to Tobruk. In Norway Allies defeated at Bergen.

1st March 1944

America lands troops in Northern France along with Canada & Brits. 15 turns to go & trailing 90 VP the Allies push forward. British while keeping control of the seas struggle on land. Iraq’s army
also defeats a panzer division attacking from the north. While fresh carrier fleet & airborne troops arrive support Montgomery

1 June 1944

D day did not go well allies camped in northern France. In North Africa US troops land to assist Iraq & the British.

July - end of 1944

In northern France Allies stuck in northern France German troops reinforced by Bulgarian & Hungarian troops. Germany’s new fleet caught by US & GB in the Channel.
North Africa Iraq halts German advance supported by RAF. Allies still hold Egypt & still pushing for Tripoli

1st Jan 1945

Making progress N Africa but in Northern Europe its ground to a halt. 5 Turns remain. (and no hail mary play available). By spring invasion France was no more.
But North Africa fared better by getting Tripoli & halting German advance in Iraq.

1st June 1945 End of Game Axis Victory.

Axis 156 vp
Allies 62 vp
USSR Nil point.

Overall the game played well. Took a few turns to fully get to grips with the Navy fleets.
As I only controlled three countries it played quite quick. After getting off to a good start by delaying the fall of France & keeping German u boats out of the atlantic. Still was going okay in North Africa but the failed invasion of Norway by the US backed by the Brits was bad move. (for some reason the USA A.I kept wanting to free Norway).
But 1st June 1943 was the main disaster. The fall of USSR turned all the Axis allies onto the British & US efforts. The loss of the British carrier force in the Med was a serious set back for the Allies.
It seems D Day is automatic in game but due fall of Russia the Allies got to the outskirts of Paris before the Axis allies reinforced the Germans. When the bloody Romanians arrived in northern France that was the final straw. (also caused me to complain loudly to my Romanian wife).After that it was all over. A special mention to the Iraq army that held the Axis army's at bay.
Apart from the Naval part of the game being confusing at first. (still not 100% sure how properly form a new fleet). Its a nice game. I think it would be a good PBE game as well.

terje439 -> RE: First full campaign & first loss. (8/26/2012 9:26:13 AM)

Any chance for another short AAR with some pics in it? This game looks interesting, but would like to see some AARs before I buy it.


ricodc -> RE: First full campaign & first loss. (8/26/2012 12:47:38 PM)

Hi Terje I did take sceen shots but new to the forums so cant post links till 7 days after my tenth post.(have emailed you the link).
Im also started a new campaign. Taking more control (convoys etc). & a different aproach. Ive started in 1939 but Im going to do the AAR from 1942.

I will edit original report with images as soon as I have the permission.
If anyone would like the images in the mean time I can easily email you the direct links.

So far on my 2nd proper play through now I have a better grasp of the game im really enjoying it. (just got my fingers crossed the russians keep in the fight).

terje439 -> RE: First full campaign & first loss. (8/27/2012 10:11:36 AM)

Thanks [:)]


doomtrader -> RE: First full campaign & first loss. (8/28/2012 8:01:07 AM)

Good reading

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