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TheDudelyLlama -> GC 41-45 Opponent wanted [Closed] (8/24/2012 3:59:23 AM)

Hello Everyone,

I'm seeking an opponent for a GC 41-45 game. I have a few games of WITE under my belt now and would consider myself a medium level of experience so I will be a an ok opponent but not a great challenge for the more experienced players.

All discussion welcome regarding the parameters and house rules for the game. My initial suggestions are:

Game: GC 41-45
Side: Any
Weather: Random
Turn Frequency: 1-4 per week. I expect to average 2 per week with prompt communication for periods of absence.
End Conditions: To the end i.e. computer generated end. Winner can offer surrender terms if so inclined.
Turn Exchange: Server
FOW: Full
HQ Support: Locked

Update: Pending opponent found, will reopen if their circumstance changes.


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