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Hooked Gamers

As for the shackles of history, in the multiplayer version of the game - where everyone knows the WW2 chronology equally - I am sure this is an excellent game. -- Given the obvious talent and intelligence of the staff, this and future titles from this developer should be very much worth looking forward to.


The gameplay was fun and the history really kept me interested. I would love the opportunity to take control of Allied forces and kick the crap out of the Axis years before history’s true course. Would I buy this game? Yes, after playing it.

Rock Paper Shotgun

There’s a lot to like about this $15 offering. The AI seems to have its head screwed on nice and tight. Convoys, naval warfare, production, research, and diplomacy are all cleverly streamlined. The opportunity to play as minors or individual Axis/Allied nations provides singleplayer flexibility that you won’t find in likeable rivals like Commander: Europe At War.



With a great quality / price ratio, Strategic War in Europe will allow players to spend a few hours to make and recreate history alone or with others

7ID Gaming

Rating: 76%

Strategic War in Europe ist ein nettes Strategiespiel für zwischendurch und seinen Preis von knapp 15,- Euro auf jedenfall Wert. Im eigenen Shop von Wastelands Interactive ist das Spiel sogar für nur 13,- Euro zu haben. Wer mal wieder den Gegenwert von zwei Schachteln Marlboro unter das Volk bringen möchte und auf Steam nicht fündig wird, kann durchaus zuschlagen. Auf eine Einzelwertung der Kategorien verzichte ich, entsprechen diese doch im Grunde unserem "Time of Fury" Review. Zwar ist SWE nicht so komplex und umfangreich, dafür aber zu einem guten Preis zu haben.

On an individual rating of the categories I do without, but basically they meet our "Time of Fury" review . Although not as SWE complex and extensive, but to have a good price.


I liked how the developers tried to simplify things, and it wasn’t too much. By comparison, the turn times are much faster than Time of Fury. It's moddable as well—this will add more enjoyment to the game. It fits in that happy medium of a grand strategy game focused in World War 2 Europe—a medium that strategy gamers like. This is a game that can be finished in a few hours rather than days or weeks. It isn't deep, but it’s not too shallow either.


Overall Score: 7

Strategic War In Europe may not be the deepest grand-strategy experience out there, but that is not what is trying to be. Instead it aims to provide the player with a simplified, more streamlined game. In many ways, Strategic War In Europe may very well act as a stepping stone into the genre for many people. It allows new players to play a game with all the basic mechanics of grand-strategy in place, but without the over the top complexity that can make this genre daunting for beginners. Mixing this with the game’s $15 price tag, this game serves as a great starting point in your grand-strategy career.

Daily PC Game Reviews

Score: 7 / 10

Considering the ease with which you can get into the game and the competitive price point, Strategic War in Europe comes across as a good recommendation for those who love military wargames but are afraid of the complexity associated with it.


Score 72

For £10 you’ll struggle to buy a better Hitler sim or Stalin-’em-up.

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