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borsook79 -> Naval AI in this game? (8/23/2012 7:35:28 PM)

I already own ToF, but I'm thinking of buying this. My only gripe is that the naval side of the conflict in ToF doesn't present much of a challenge. What's the state of naval AI in this game?

doomtrader -> RE: Naval AI in this game? (8/23/2012 10:11:13 PM)

Time of Fury has got much more Sea Zones and Naval units when compared to Strategic War in Europe.

borsook79 -> RE: Naval AI in this game? (8/24/2012 9:51:21 AM)


ORIGINAL: doomtrader

Time of Fury has got much more Sea Zones and Naval units when compared to Strategic War in Europe.

Obviously... but I rather meant things like will Royal Navy guard the English Channel?

doomtrader -> RE: Naval AI in this game? (8/24/2012 10:23:10 AM)

With the reduction of the number of Sea Zones, the AI has got an easier task right now. Monthly turns also are changing the perspective of the naval operations.

We are planning to release pretty often updates and implement changes reported by players every month or so. So far we haven't got complains for the British AI.

ricodc -> RE: Naval AI in this game? (8/25/2012 5:38:23 PM)

Ive just finished first full game of SWE. At first got confused with the Naval side of the game but after few turns got the hang of it. Still not 100% sure of how form a new fleet.

ricodc -> RE: Naval AI in this game? (8/26/2012 1:26:25 PM)

Is it possible to make one new fleet out of two damaged fleets.

Bonners -> RE: Naval AI in this game? (8/27/2012 3:02:27 PM)

Not too sure about the naval aspect of the game so far. The actual mechanics of fleets is fairly straightforward to get your head around once you work out what the various screens do (i.e. how to combine various fleets). But I am not actually too sure what good fleets are. At the moment I am experimenting with games and am going to try an experiment with playing Britain and disbanding all the fleets, just because I think it would be more useful to have that production and upkeep in land units. It is how to intercept and patrol sea areas I am struggling with. I've just played the first couple of turns of the 1941 and 1942 scenarios as German, again just mucking around and experimenting. On the first couple of German turns I took the opportunity to launch a cross channel invasion with the units already in Northern France. Both invasions were successful in that there was no interception from the British fleet in the channel (The British were being played by the AI).

I've also noticed in sea areas that when fleets do intercept each other not very much ever seems to happen. General thing seems to be you go to the naval combat screen at the end of your turn and each side misses each other a few times. Convoys seem pretty random as to when they get intercepted, even for the Germans in North Africa.

So, for my experiment as the British, as above I'm going to disband all my fleets to see if it is worth having the increased production in land units. As far as I can tell I dont need fleet protection for invasions or naval transports as I've been unable to get any naval units to intercept either of these with various different experimental games I've tried. The only thing I've seen happen is convoys of supplies getting intercepted, but I'm not too sure how this happens.

I am new to these type of games so it could be I'm missing something but I cant figure out at the moment the usefulness of fleets or what function they fulfil in the game. Hopefully somebody more experienced will be able to enlighten me as I get the impression that there is some vital component that I am missing rather than it being the game.

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