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Minors Booster Pack v1.2

Now the Multiplayer Balkan Campaign is different than the "Minors Booster Pack" which has been released as a stand alone version. Now you can use the hundreds of units and re-balanced powers to make your own campaigns and scenarios! Even more, you can now use the Generic Mod Enabler instead of messing around with the files of the Vanilla (this has been reported as major drawback of the project).

All in all, time to enjoy even more!

---The Balkan Campaign v.2.1--- (for Panzer Corps 1.13)


After many requests in various forums but also in private discussions with fellow players, we decided to develop a "campaign" for multiplayer. The trick here is that you play a series of scenarios, interlinked in terms of results. So it is like the normal campaign with two big differences a) no units are tranferred to teh next scenario b) you have to go manually to the next one according to the results of the played scenario.

It has been play-tested many times with balance of the campaign as the main purpose in mind. This doesn't mean that each of the scenarios is balanced. On the contrary, the earlier the scenario the easier for a decisive axis victory. We tried to keep historical balance, without ruling out "what if" scenarios. This is reflected in the continuity of the scenarios that follows pretty much the historical order. The equipment of the engaged powers follows also a quite accurate historical pattern and where possible, even the names and position of units that actually took part in a battle are used. To implement this, we have chosen the "Balkan Campaign" as the battle ground to develop this multiplayer campaign. For the selection of the key scenarios we have been based to the award winning documentary "Battlefield: Campaign in the Balkans" originally aired by the BBC. Thus we do not include strictly those engagements that took place in the Balkan peninsula but we follow the whole war through the german-italian campaign that was initiated in the Balkans, continued in the USSR, briefly returned to the eastern Mediterranean to finish with the allied landing and the Battle of Berlin.

To implement this grand project it was needed to implement many changes and introduce many new features that are briefly presented below.


- 100+ new units, many of them brand new, others taken from various developers, others modified or
re-skinned original images
- 10+ brand new or redesigned maps
- Vastly enhanced armories of minor axis and minor allies that played a role in the campaign (most notably Greece, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and to a lesser extend Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Free France, Vichy France, Canada. Major powers (Germany, Italy, Britain, USA) have had also their share of enhancement! In total more than 120 units added in the equipment table.
- Historically accurate "wonder weapons"
- Fully functional reconnaissance airplanes
- Use of the new messaging system
- Near to historical weather conditions (!)
- 3 new sfx
- original images of campaign maps from historical archives
- improved equipment table to reflect better unit abilities and actual costs and historical dates of operational introduction into combat (e.g minor powers need more prestige for imported weapon systems with lower stats reflecting the diplomatic game played at the era but also the limited time available to train crews to the new weapons)
- historically accurate (where possible) of units' and divisions' names.
- changed medal awards system (still only for the axis though)
- historical info on the operations


The multiplayer campaign is to be played twice. You flip a coin if you cant decide which player will start with the axis. Second time the players swap (the one that had taken the axis will take the allies the second time the campaign will be played). If there is a draw at the end (two ties, or one Final allied victory and one Final axis victory) the scenario WW III will be played. The winner wins the campaign!

Remember that after each scenario according to the outcome, you go to the table included in the txt file to the respective consequent scenario.

Have fun and enjoy this wonderful game!

Zeus and co.

DOWNLOAD THE MINORS BOOSTER PACK v1.2 (required for the campaign):

Change log v1.1=> v.2.0 (Read also files in the zip folders!)

- New units
- Redesigned units
- Better balanced scenarios from Stalingrad on
- Slight tweaks in the equipment table
- Separate file of the Campaign and the Booster Pack
- New graphics

And to get some taste:


Visit also the Slitherine forum:

nikivdd -> RE: Multiplayer Campaign! (8/24/2012 11:17:32 AM)

I recommend you also announce your project on the Slitherine forum

zeus_immortal -> RE: Multiplayer Campaign! (8/24/2012 1:41:58 PM)

Thank you, I will do so.


zeus_immortal -> RE: Multiplayer Campaign! (9/14/2012 4:26:35 PM)

V1.1 for greater balance. File updated. Current campaigns can be continued as they are

Mordan -> RE: Multiplayer Campaign! (9/23/2012 9:59:47 PM)


zeus_immortal -> RE: Multiplayer Campaign! (10/13/2012 1:18:34 PM)

Also: Individualized messages for every player with historical data on the battle!


zeus_immortal -> RE: Multiplayer Campaign! (10/13/2012 1:19:28 PM)

And of course special rders from the headquarters!


zeus_immortal -> RE: Multiplayer Campaign! (10/13/2012 1:20:46 PM)

What a minor country like Hungary can do to help? A LOT with the Minors Booster Pack!


zeus_immortal -> RE: Multiplayer Campaign! (10/13/2012 1:33:23 PM)

And a Stalingrad like you never seen before!


zeus_immortal -> RE: Multiplayer Campaign! (10/14/2012 12:38:35 PM)

And here the intro screen (from the Minors' Booster Pack):


zeus_immortal -> RE: Multiplayer Campaign! (10/14/2012 12:40:55 PM)

I also opened a thread at Slitherine forum, so please visit and post comments and suggestions

zeus_immortal -> Minors' Booster Pack 1.2 and Balkan Campaign 2.1 (3/19/2013 7:47:26 PM)


Check it here for details:

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