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Schmart -> Guards reinforcements (8/22/2012 4:35:33 AM)

How does the game handle a scenario where guards units enter as reinforcements, with respect to the creation of in-game guards units?

For instance, if I were to create the 1st Guards Tank Corps in the editor to arrive as a reinforcement, what would happen when the first in-game non-guards Tank Corps attained guards status? Would the in-game unit be renamed 2nd Guards Tank Corps, even if the scheduled 1st Guards Tank Corps hadn't arrrived yet? Or would the result be x2 1st Guards Tank Corps?

Helpless -> RE: Guards reinforcements (8/22/2012 7:25:59 AM)

Renaming function should be aware of reinforcements. No duplication should happen.

Schmart -> RE: Guards reinforcements (8/22/2012 5:36:25 PM)

Fantastic! Very glad to hear that. Thank you. Will make things much smoother [:)]

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