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PAWMatrix -> Submarines different? (8/21/2012 10:07:46 AM)


Just got this great game. Fantastic.

Used to own Panzer General and Pacific General.

I seemed to remember Subs could dive.

I just played Narvik and the sub didn't do this. Did I miss something or subs not as good as the old Pacific General?


Trifler -> RE: Submarines different? (8/21/2012 10:31:06 AM)

The subs are considered to always be submerged. They're very effective against all ship types except Destroyers.

Josh -> RE: Submarines different? (8/21/2012 2:13:47 PM)

They are especially effective against BB's, so I try to "save" them, use my Strategic Bombers to kill enemy ships, and hunt for the big ones with the sub.

PAWMatrix -> RE: Submarines different? (8/21/2012 11:34:47 PM)

If that is the case, they should add the cool periscope running through the water when they move.

More realistic and makes it obvious they are subs. Back on the surface start of turn.

I seem to remember that they actually only went under water if you used 1/2 or less of your move.

So, let us say the sub can move 4 hexes. If you moved 2 or less it dived, and could surprise ships, even destroyers.
If it went 3 or more hexes it stayed surfaced until attacked, then it dove if evaded attack.

Doing 1/2 or less movement was using the Sub stealthy, thus it gained a surprise if another enemy ship ran into it. Of course
Destroyers still attack even if submerged (attack reduced as sub prepared), whereas other Capital Ships could not. And that is pretty realistic as BB, CV, CA didn't carry
depth charges.


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