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EMMA3888 -> PanzerKorps problem on networked computers (8/20/2012 5:43:45 AM)

I really need someones help who can assist me with the same problem I have had since getting Slitherine's Panzer Corp. I like to play my brother and since I have 4 computers that are linked via wireless router. I sent him a challenge as the german player. I also put in a password to prevent strangers from joining, who seem to have no trouble seeining my game and always tell me its my turn. My brother who is on my other computer however cannot see my challenge. I have tried everything, as you are able to see from my coorespondance with Christian, to get my networked computers to be able to play one another. To no avail, it just will not accept this. I have made sure both computers are using the lastest huge patch of 1.10 and I even made sure that my computer protections program called "Kaspersky Pure" has been turned off during this time. It also did not help. I was very disappointed that your last large update did not allow players to use the same computer as is typically called the "player hotseat". You are silll required to use the internet for two players to play each other.

Too bad it doesn't work. I will not be purchasing any more campaign games such as Africa Korps and Case Blue unless I am able to fix this problem. But I need the help of game developers to assist me if they think one can play using networked computers. I have told Christian that I hold little hope for any assistance from these forums because my record of fixing problems this way has been absolutely dismal. For example I updated winSPWW2 with March 2011 update. I still does not allow someone to run the game as a full screen choice-when done the colors go nuts and you cannot even make out the game.
The update worked on winSPMBT though but not on the WW2 version. Again I did not get any help to fix the problem from your forums and I even was ridiculed by someone who said I did not have enough computer skills to work out this problem. I was furious to say the least and It was the last time I ever used these forums to try and fix a problem. As a matter of fact I usually refuse to go there for any help or any thing else because of these useless experiences. I still don't think your forum will find my answer in which case I will no longer purchase any Slitherine games.

This is especially true if some stranger tries to assist me rather than the game developers.

My username I have used is: emma388 and my password is ** DELETED** as has been assigned me by Slitherine,

Please help me if you can!
One of the few true wargamers, your customer Rick Klahorst

IainMcNeil -> RE: PanzerKorps problem on networked computers (8/20/2012 9:24:31 AM)

Are you using 2 different serial and 2 different accounts. Each users needs their own account and you cannot accept your own challenges.

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