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John 3rd -> Spring '42 RA Mod (8/17/2012 5:54:29 PM)

Good morning.

I am working to do an Update on Reluctant Admiral and have decided to do a Spring 1942 Variant.

1. Use the base RA Scenario
2. Bring it forward to the point of just after the DEI is gone. I am thinking March 1, 1942.

The questions I have are fairly numerous:
a. How does one determine losses through this date? It would be guesswork but could make for nice discussion.
b. Locations of Naval, Ground, and Air units?

These are big topics to look at the examine before we even get started on creating the Mod. Just thought I'd open this up and see where the discussion goes. Time to brainstorm boys and girls!

Swayin -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (8/17/2012 6:29:01 PM)

I loved the old year-based variants ... will look forward to this one. I seem to recall seeing some maps, maybe on wikipedia, showing boundaries and borders by year, red expansion in the beginning, blue tide sweep west after. If I see them, i will post links -- they would be helpful at least to know what bases were owned by whom.

John 3rd -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (8/17/2012 6:48:52 PM)

The question--considering the strengths of RA--is where to start forces and what major losses have occurred?

Kitakami -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (8/17/2012 8:12:56 PM)

Good questions, both of them.

Naval losses you could leave at historical levels, I think. Air and ground would probably be lighter for Japan and heavier for the Allies. The question is: in what areas would the Japanese have done better than they historically did in those three months?

I think that the initial setup of naval assault divisions should give you a partial answer to that. To me, that points to the Pacific, more than anywhere else. Yet, one question comes to mind: would the Japanese have conquered Rangoon by then? It was evacuated on March 7th historically so, are the Japanese in RA strong enough to have captured the city before that date?

Just a few thoughts. I am nowhere near an expert on the theater.

John 3rd -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (8/17/2012 9:44:46 PM)


1. I think naval losses would be higher for the Allies due to the extra firepower brought to the DEI. We could leave capital ships losses about the same with Force Z sunk and 2-3 BBs at Pearl. Cruiser and DD losses could be about the same
2. Merchant Marine losses for the Allies would definitely be higher. Figure another 20-30 ships.
3. The Japanese would have had the DEI much faster and so secondary operations should have begun. Perhaps we have the Japanese with Rangoon, Pegu and Prome in Burma? Give the Japanese the Solomons and historical New Guinea. We could advance the line slightly in China but not by much. I would describe that as normal Japanese opening objectives in China taken. What do you think that would be there?
4. The SNLF Brigades would all be in the Pacific at Truk, Rabaul, Tabiteaua, and Paramushiro Jima.
5. Figure a couple of ID in Burma, a few in Java, a couple in Timor, and several Brigades spread around.
6. What about the Philippines?

Kitakami -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (8/18/2012 5:54:17 PM)

Re: Philippines...

Allied forces in Luzon should be bottled up in Bataan. Japanese advances in Mindanao and the Visayas should be greater than they were historically, as reinforcements for that front came from Borneo (and you are workinf under the premise that the DEI fell sooner). Historical forses sent there were the 35th Bde and 124th Rgt from 18th Div., and the 9th Bde and 41st Rgt from 5th Div, plus support and service troops from 14th Army (source: The Fall of the Philippines - http://www.history.army.mil/books/wwii/5-2/5-2_28.htm ).

As for setup, 18th Div could start in Mindanao proper, while 5th Div could start at its disembarcation port for the Southern Philippines campaign, Lingayen.

Lokasenna -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (8/28/2012 4:06:12 AM)

This is a mod I would love to play.

I've been itching to start again on the Japanese side, but the initial moves of the war are so tedious... I miss the PTO2 start date of 5/27/42, and was going to look into using the editor if I couldn't find a mod that started in early '42 - it's like you read my mind!

I pretty much agree with the conclusions so far on the OOB, also.

John 3rd -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (8/28/2012 5:46:12 AM)

Will start this one on March 1, 1942. Singapore and DEI have fallen. Allies down to one place in Luzon and Japanese poised to expand in several different directions...

cavalry -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (8/28/2012 4:43:25 PM)


For your information my game PBEM agaianst Dan Nicholls is in March RA4.6 You could take a look it may give you some feel. Losses on both sides have been extensive The allies have fought me every inch of the way. PM is still contested. Singapore assualt failed initially but the allies abandoned Rangoon, Manila fell early.

BTW I posted elsewhere about missing plane art for the fancy zeros and the 4E bomber amongst others - is it available ?

Please advise if you want the turn? gingerdragon@btconnect.com


Xargun -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (11/12/2012 12:26:20 AM)

Any updates on this ?


John 3rd -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (11/12/2012 4:51:08 PM)

Hi Sir.

I am concentrating on getting the final version of 5.o complete and then want to start a gradual creation of this Mod. Short answer is nothing soon. Is it on the table to be worked on? YES! How quick? I don't know...

derhexer -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (11/12/2012 8:10:58 PM)

I would definitely play this scenario!!! [&o][sm=happy0065.gif][sm=Cool-049.gif]

March 1, 1942, might even be more interestiung than May 1, 1942. The Allies would be more vulernable and the Japanese have not locked into some options that are resource wasters. For example, why try to conquer Burma? Grab Rangoon and keep it as a port and airbase to bomb India.

Thanks for working on this.

John 3rd -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (11/20/2012 12:45:37 AM)

After all of Viperpol's concern over me having enough spare time to take on CR, I AM BORED! Have done exactly 4 turns in the last 8 days between TWO opponents!

With nothing to do for turns, It is time to begin work on RA March 1942. The fundamental question I have is this: Can I simply change the starting date for the standard RA 5.0 Scenario and then just begin changing base ownership, plane and ship positions, bring in reinforcements, etc...

What is the best way to start a new scenario at a differing start date?

Any help from experienced Modders would be appreciated.

JeffroK -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (11/20/2012 4:57:59 AM)

If needed, I have info on Australian Army which I could submit.

No idea on Base Forces however (I always imagined they were a SWAG)

Can I simply change the starting date for the standard RA 5.0 Scenario and then just begin changing base ownership, plane and ship positions, bring in reinforcements, etc...
Yes, taking out losses and making some guesses as to the strength uunits are at. Might be a lot of tweaking involved.

John 3rd -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (11/20/2012 5:30:51 AM)

Thanks Jeff.

If I can move the date up without issue does that mean the reinforcements (due between Dec 7th and March 1st) simply arrive in their Ports? Guess the same goes for LCUs and Air Units...

Natali -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (11/20/2012 8:26:43 PM)

Hi, John 3rd.

I'm doing one of those for Babes, it's May/June 1942. It's right where the IJN and IJA were arguing about Op SF, and everything is in exactly the right place. This was the day before Yamamoto put his porky on the pounding block and demanded the Midway Op. Every unit is where it was on April/May 1942, except for china, and nobody knows about that rats nest.

It may not work with your mod because of your enhanced Jap units, but I got it running with the stock AI and it looks good so far. If you have any interest, send a pm.

fcharton -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (11/20/2012 8:37:14 PM)


Every unit is where it was on April/May 1942, except for china, and nobody knows about that rats nest.

re China, if you have original sources and you can't read them, I can help with that.

Natali -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (11/20/2012 8:40:30 PM)


ORIGINAL: fcharton


Every unit is where it was on April/May 1942, except for china, and nobody knows about that rats nest.

re China, if you have original sources and you can't read them, I can help with that.

Probably OT for this thread, but I personally want to know everything I can get. Can you send me a pm, and I'll send you my email and we can talk about things.

John 3rd -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (11/22/2012 5:31:27 PM)

We have started work on the Mod.

I just changed the date to start in March 42 and saw the reinforcements built to that date DO appear in their ports.

For Japanese Players the question comes down to how much do you expand the economy during those 4 months? This needs to be realistic in its numbers. How much do players expand HI? Shipyards? Repair Yards? Armaments? Vehicles?

Any help please...

SuluSea -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (11/23/2012 10:55:21 AM)

Hi John , best of luck with your mod . Here's mine from scenario 1 dated 3.19.42 and the original numbers for comparison.

Not positive but I feel my HI expansion was modest probably 160 to 180 or so which would also include repairing captured HI. Raw expansion probably 100-120.
Naval Shipyards to 1480.
Merchant Shipyards to 860 although they're not fully repaired. I've considered expanding another 15 points to accelerate more fuel carriying vessels.
Vehicles to 180. I've been clicking factories off to augment my stock I may just go to 160 next game.
No expansion on armaments.

You're not able to tell from the graphic but I also bumped up some repair shipyards around the home islands to round off the numbers and have intentions of expanding to make another major repair yard by the end of '42.


John 3rd -> RE: Spring '42 RA Mod (11/23/2012 3:18:48 PM)

Hi EJ. Thanks for the info. I tend to do the same thing you describe.

Anyone else have their numbers they's be willing to Post?

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