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aspqrz02 -> Setting Attack/Defence Values (Soft/Hard) etc. (8/17/2012 1:56:40 PM)


Beats me.

I've looked at the Editor documentation, such as it is, and it doesn't cover this at all.

Say I want to create a new sftype, 105mm LeIG, and I want to set its Soft/Hard Attack value and Soft/Hard Defense value ... how do you do it? There aren't any buttons for it, or not obvious ones, on the Statistics Screen ... nowhere.

The only thing that seems to be related is in the LogoStrings screen, where the values are displayed, but, the way this is written, this is merely the value that is displayed on the counter ... is it also where the value used by the counter in combat is stored? Or not? And if not, where is it?

Got me.


redmarkus4 -> RE: Setting Attack/Defence Values (Soft/Hard) etc. (8/17/2012 5:16:07 PM)

Try here...


redmarkus4 -> RE: Setting Attack/Defence Values (Soft/Hard) etc. (8/17/2012 5:17:44 PM)

You click the buttons on the right to edit the values. Each button corresponds to one of the column headings.

Ritterkrieg -> RE: Setting Attack/Defence Values (Soft/Hard) etc. (8/18/2012 12:47:53 AM)

Also, there is another area where it looks like you may have to change the numbers: under logo values.

Im not sure what effects this may have if you dont do the editting here as well but the step seems redundant.



aspqrz02 -> RE: Setting Attack/Defence Values (Soft/Hard) etc. (8/18/2012 1:48:25 AM)

D'uh [X(] ... in my defence, I was cloning the 75mm LeIG and, as noted below, the correspondence between the values is problematic ...

The 75mm LeIG has a value of 75/50 vs Infantry (Soft Attack/Defense, I presume) in Combat Statistics, but in the Logo Values screen it has a Soft Attack/Defense of 37/25.

Of the first several existing sftypes in the list, this is the only unit to have this halving of values between the two screens.

Does the value in the Combat Statistics Screen automagically generate the value in the Logo Values screen, or is it simply an error?

If the former, why doesn't it affect the others of the first several sftypes (including artillery)? Or what switch in what screen has been "flipped" to create the change?

If the latter, then perhaps it needs to be put on the "to do" list to be fixed ... "real soon now" ... [:D]

And some explanation of the purpose of the Logo Values screen would be nice, too, so we would know the answer to this sort of question! [;)]


redmarkus4 -> RE: Setting Attack/Defence Values (Soft/Hard) etc. (8/18/2012 8:06:25 AM)

If you round down (the game doesn't support decimal places) then 75/50 is the same ratio as 37/25 (read 37.5/25). I'm not sure what the logo value is, but from the name it sounds like the 'displayed value'.

aspqrz02 -> RE: Setting Attack/Defence Values (Soft/Hard) etc. (8/18/2012 9:52:10 AM)

Yeah, I get that its half, rounded down ... but none of the other first several sftypes, which includes other artillery sftypes, has this difference between the Combat Stats value and the Logo Values.

That is, none of them halve the value in the Combat Stats table to get the value in the Logo Values.

A quick check on Soviet 76mm artillery, including Infantry Guns and Howitzers, also shows no halving of values either ... so what is going on?

What is so unusual about the 75mm LeIG that its values are halved?

And do the halved values in the Logo Values table actually have a game effect?



Unless there is an explanation I will assume it is an error and change the value for my TO&E mod.


Vic -> RE: Setting Attack/Defence Values (Soft/Hard) etc. (8/22/2012 1:26:47 PM)

The logo values are not used in any calculations and only for presenation in the trooptype popup screen when in game.

The logo value of the 75mm LEIG are wrong. Will fix it with v1.03. Thanks for spotting!


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