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1.3.1 Operational Campaigns 3
1.3.2 Game Scales 4
1.3.3 Game Maps 4
1.3.4 Game Conventions 7
1.3.5 Main Game Menu 7
4.1 GENERAL 10
8. UPDATE 14
11. INDEX 18


1.1 Historical Background

Achtung Panzer: Operation Star is a tactical level wargame —with an “operational” twist. It simulates WWII combat operations on the Eastern Front. The German and Soviet organizations, weapons, and equipment that are provided with the game are generally those items that were available to both sides during the first three months of 1943. The scenarios in the game represent a small portion of the Soviet’s Operation Svezda (Star) which took place in the Ukraine between 2 February 1943 and mid-March 1943.

Operation Star was an offensive operation conducted by the Voronezh Front under the command of General Filipp Ivanovich Golikov. The main objective for Voronezh Front was the capture of Kharkov and Kursk. While their offensive was initially successful, the Soviets overextended themselves, allowing German Field Marshal Erich von Manstein to launch a counteroffensive and inflict a severe defeat on the Soviets. This battle later became known in the West as the Third Battle of Kharkov.

At the conclusion of Operation Star, the Soviets dug in and regrouped. The exhausted Germans brought up reinforcements in preparation for conducting the summer’s offensive operations. The bulges in the frontlines that existed at the end of Operation Star set the stage for the Battle of Kursk in early July 1943.

1.2 About the Unofficial Game Manual

This game manual is unofficial. There was no intent or desire to follow the format of the existing official game manual; I wrote this to record my own understanding of the game in the way I thought best presents the material to the user. I have done this of my own accord and offer it as an alternative English interpretation/translation to the current Achtung Panzer: Operation Star official game manual. There is no connection between myself and Graviteam/Matrix Games and the production or distribution of this manual. As such, neither Graviteam nor Matrix Games can—-nor should be—-held accountable for any of its contents. You are accountable for the results of your own endeavors if you choose to use this manual.

This game manual was written specifically to support the game component of the Matrix Games version of the software (v577); I have no intention at this time of doing any other interpretation/translations of the other documents that ship with this game (editors, 3D modeling, etc.)—I want to spend more time playing the game! I hope this document helps you to quickly climb the steep learning-curve posed by this very enjoyable game. Good luck!

1.3 Game Overview

1.3.1 Operational Campaigns

There are two campaigns included with Achtung Panzer: Operation Star. These campaigns are Operation Star and Kharkov Defense Operation. Each campaign has a number of subordinate operations. They are as follows:

Operation Star (three subordinate scenarios using the Taranovka map):

* Taranovka, 12-13 February 1943 (German Player vs Soviet AI) – 10 Turns
- Player Unit: Elements of the German 1st Liebstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (LSSAH) Panzergrenadier Division and 320th Infantry Division
- Situation: The German 320th Infantry Division is encircled to the southeast of Kharkov; lines of retreat are blocked by the Soviet 6th Guard Cavalry Corps. Soviet advance troops block lines of retreat to the west of the town of Taranovka.
- Mission: Breakout of encirclement; advance westwards and join the German LSSAH Division.

* Taranovka, 12-13 February 1943 (Soviet Player vs German AI) – 10 Turns
- Player Units: Elements of the 6th Guards Cavalry Corps and the 201st Tank Brigade.
- Situation: The 6th Guards Cavalry Corps and the 201st Tank Brigade broken the German defense lines to the South of Kharkov.
- Mission: Block any attempts of the German 320th Infantry Division to breakout from encirclement and join their main force.

* Taranovka, 13 February 1943 (Soviet Player vs German AI) – 5 Turns
- Player Units: Elements of the 6th Guards Cavalry Corps and the 201st Tank Brigade.
- Situation: The 201st Tank Brigade and the 6th Guards Cavalry Corps block line of retreat of German 320th Infantry Division near Taranovka.
- Mission: Prevent the 320th Infantry Division from joining the main enemy forces.

Kharkov Defense Operation (five subordinate scenarios using the Taranovka and Rakitnoe maps):

* Taranovka, 2-3 March 1943 (Soviet Player vs German AI) – 10 Turns
- Player Units: Elements of the 78th Guards Rifle Regiment, 25th Guards Rifle Division.
- Situation: On the first of March, the 78th Guards Rifle Regiment, along with the 179th Separate Tank Brigade, took up defensive positions on the western and southwestern outskirts of Taranovka.
- Mission: Stop enemy advance northwards along the roadway and the Lozavaya-Merefa railroad.

* Pavlovka, 7-8 March 1943 (German Player vs Soviet AI) – 8 Turns
- Player Units: Elements of the 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich".
- Situation: The 2nd SS Panzer Division pushed the troops of the 104th Rifle Brigade out of Staraya Vodolaga and reached the Mzha River.
- Mission: Get across the Mzha River near Pavovka and continue the advance towards Lubotin.

* Pavlovka, 7-8 March 1943 (Soviet Player vs German AI) – 8 Turns
- Player Units: Elements of the 104th Rifle Brigade.
- Situation: The troops of the 104th Rifle Brigade are retreating towards the town of Lubotin.
- Mission: Concentrate retreating troops, restore defense lines along the Mzha River, and prevent the enemy from crossing the Mzha River.

* Rakitnoe, 8-9 March 1943 (German Player vs Soviet AI) – 10 Turns
- Player Units: Elements of the 11th Panzer Division.
- Situation: In early March, the advances of the 11th Panzer Division and SS "Das Reich" Division reached the Mzha River.
- Mission: Force a crossing over the Mzha River in the vicinity of Rakitnoe, breach enemy defenses and reach the southern outskirts of Kharkov.

* Rakitnoe, 8-9 March 1943 (Soviet Player vs German AI) – 10 Turns
- Player Units: Elements of the 253rd Rifle Brigade and 195th Tank Brigade.
- Situation: In early March, troops of the 253rd Rifle Brigade and the 195th Tank Brigade took up defensive positions near Rakitnoe. Troops of the 104th Brigade, located nearby, fall back towards Lubotin.
- Mission: Take up defensive positions in Rakitnoe and prevent the advance of enemy troops.

1.3.2 Game Scales

* 1 unit icon = 1 platoon on the 2D operational phase map.
* 1 unit icon = 1 vehicle/squad/weapons team/leader on the 3D tactical phase map.
* Each turn in an operation represents four hours of real-time. This means that an operation that has ten turns represents approximately 40 hours of real time (4 hours x 10 turns).

1.3.3 Game Maps

There are two very large operations maps included with Achtung Panzer: Operation Star. There is a 2D and 3D version of each map. These maps are designed to support the campaign (operations) scenarios and the quick battle scenarios. While in 3D tactical mode, the maximum playable map area is nine square kilometers (i.e. 3 kilometers x 3 kilometers):

* Rakitnoe (14 km wide x 10 km high)
* Taranovka (10 km wide x 12 km high)



1.3.4 Game Conventions

* Red icons and graphics represent friendly forces.
* Blue icons and graphics represent enemy forces.
* Select unit icons and orders buttons on the toolbar with a single click of the left mouse button [LMB]. Click or click and drag the right mouse button [RMB] to issue orders to the selected unit.

1.3.5 Main Game Menu


The main game menu provides the player nine options:

* Player Profile. Go here to create, delete, or employ individual player profiles.
* Campaign. Access the campaign-based scenarios here.
* Quick Battle. Access the quick battle generation menus here.
* Encyclopedia. Explore the capabilities and limitations of weapons and equipment contained in the game.
* Options. Set the computer performance and realism options from here.
* Controls. Access a list of current game controls and/or personalize those controls.
* Update.
* Credits. This will provide a scrolling list of those involved in the development of the game.
* Exit. Exit the game and return to desk top.

working...please comment as you see fit on the correctness of the contents as they develop...


Dane49 -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/15/2012 9:32:21 AM)

Pavlovka is actually part of the Rakitnoe map.In the original game Kharkov 1943,there were 2 maps, Taranovka and Sokolovo.Operation Star replaced the Sokolovo map with Rakitnoe.Sokolovo is now offered as a DLC to Op Star and part of the Kharkov defense campaigns in March.Sokolovo is a 10km x 10km map.Another DLC Krasnaya Polyana was also introduced a few months ago for the Operation Star campaign,which takes place in Feburary 1943,it is a 12km x 8km map.The border square kilometers of all the maps are generally unplayable,but I have seen units spread out into them a little.The borders add continuity so it doesn't look like your 3D map is floating in the air, like in the Combat Mission games.The Sokolovo DLC is a Czech battalion defense operation taking place in March 1943,while the Krasnaya Polyana DLC is basically a Kampfgruppe Pieper operation to rescue elements of the 320th German division(A 20 turn operation) in the Zmiev district South of Krasnaya Polyana taking place in February 1943,during Operation Star.Each of these maps depict the area of operations SSE of Kharkov,during the 3rd battle of Kharkov in Feb-Mar. 1943.There is also a Summer 1942 DLC called Volokonovka.With another DLC planned for the near future called Sinyavino also during the Summer of 1942 which is near the city of Leningrad(St.Petersburg).

bcgames -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/15/2012 2:08:36 PM)



Pavlovka is actually part of the Rakitnoe map.

Thanks. Corrected.

bairdlander -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/16/2012 2:10:46 AM)

The UI changed with the latest patch,are you going to address the changes since almost everyone now has the latest patch.Still has not been released for Matrix but is available from Graviteam.

bcgames -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/16/2012 3:54:45 AM)


ORIGINAL: bairdlander

The UI changed with the latest patch, are you going to address the changes since almost everyone now has the latest patch. Still has not been released for Matrix but is available from Graviteam.


Yes, I intend to address the patches to the game when they are released by Matrix. The "usual suspects" such as yourself, wodin, and redmarkus convinced me to give this game a try despite the comments from those disappointed with the GUI and/or manual. Those folks have a point--but I think their concerns are best addressed with a manual designed to 'splain how the GUI works. I want to support the player's desire to just play the game they downloaded.

Therefore, in order to support the casual gamer who just wants the opportunity to give the game a spin without diving into the main game directory to update this or that folder or file, I decided to write the manual to support the off-the-Matrix-shelf version. Likers of the game will continue with it--as is--or will make the jump to the latest and greatest from Graviteam from a desire to see improvements to a game system they now understand. Non-likers will move on--but I'd like to try and remove the very real issue of an obscure English translation of game play from their reasons to do so.

I would like to keep this thread focused on the basic, Matrix off-the-shelf AP:OS, in order to attract and support new players. I think folks who come to like the game will find their own way to the non-Matrix supported patches. As for myself, I just want to play the basic game and share the lessons learned without alot of hassle over versions, future developments, and the playtesting of them all.

Hope this makes sense. As always, I appreciate your contributions to this effort.



bcgames -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/16/2012 4:08:55 AM)




3.1 General

A campaign (aka operation) game in Achtung Panzer: Operation Star provides the player the opportunity to fight a set of connected battles; where the results of these battles influence the progress of the game and the final outcome of the campaign.

Here's the game play in a nut shell. Every turn, the player and AI will move their forces on the 2D operational map. Any battles that occur as the result of these moves are fought out sequentially--one at a time--on a 3D tactical map using continuous clock time. Each turn represents approximately four hours of real time. The player chooses the sequence in which the tactical battles are resolved. Once all battles for a turn have been fought, the campaign game advances to the next turn.

A campaign game can consist of 5, 8, 10 or 20 turns and, depending on operational movement in proximity to the enemy, can include dozens of separate tactical battles. For example, the Operation Star - Taranovka, 12-13 February 1943 campaign (operation) is 10 turns long and might generate 20-30 tactical battles. Losses from one battle carry over to the next. The player has the opportunity to receive reinforcements, replace losses, and prepare defensive positions on the 2D operational map.

Each turn has four Phases:

• Player's Operations Phase (using 2D operations map)
• AI's Operation Phase
• Tactical Battle Phase (using 3D tactical maps)
• Results Phase

A turn starts with a situation briefing and an overview of the operational scheme of maneuver.

3.2 Operations Phase

On the 2D operational battle map, enemy units are displayed using blue icons. The Player's troops are displayed using red and green icons, and troops that are allied to The Player--but are under AI control--are displayed using yellow icons. Green platoon icons are platoons you can use in the current Tactical Phase. The platoon leader's name is displayed under a platoon's icon. The background of the platoon leader's name label is colored Red to show the platoon's current condition; the brighter the color, the more losses the platoon suffers.

The unit icons used in the game represent the following unit types:


During your Operation Phase, you can view the operational statistics of your units. You replace units and/or vehicles. You can move your platoons and designate attacks against squares occupied by the enemy. Attacks designated during the Operations Phase are resolved during the Tactical Battle Phase of the turn using the 3D tactical maps.

NOTE: Special units will automatically run the repair routine, reinforcement, and refueling tasks.

Shaded squares on the operations map can be occupied by fresh reinforcements and/or reserve units. These units cannot attack nor join in tactical battles.

A platoon's mobility defines the distance the platoon can move. Infantry platoons can generally move one square per Operations Phase while motorized and tank units can move several squares. A platoon's mobility is restricted by:

* The presence of enemy units in adjacent squares (you can move one square only).

* Terrain--woods and rivers will slow movement; a road will allow units to move a bit farther.

* An "active" unit that occupies a square completely blocks movement by either side into that square.

NOTE: A unit that that becomes encircled and is not connected to a perimeter square is not eligible for reinforcement, refueling or repairs.

Platoons that were dispersed during a Tactical Phase will move randomly. If such a platoon moves to an open square that is under friendly forces control, it will become active and can fight again. There is a slight chance that a dispersed platoon can become active in a neutral square, and a very low probability that it becomes active in an open, enemy controlled square.

You can open the Statistics window by right clicking on a platoon icon during your player turn.

Troop Movements. A Player can move and/or change the dispositions of his platoons on the operational battle map during the Operations Phase. You can move a platoon once per turn. To move a platoon, left click on the unit icon. The squares that you are eligible to move to will be shaded green. "Disabled" platoons and reserve forces cannot be moved.

Each platoon has its own Visibility Radius (the distance the platoon can detect an enemy at). Enemy platoons that are not visible to your troops are not displayed (you can turn this kind of visibility on with a special setting). The data of visible units (type and statistics) are shown after the first battle. Some unit types (such as scout platoons) are not visible until they reach a square that is adjacent to an enemy unit.

To terminate an operation, go to General Statistics and select the End Operation button.

3.3 Tactical Phase


3.4 Winning the Game

The operational battle map is divided into a grid of 1x1 kilometer squares. You can move to any square with the exception of the shaded squares lining the perimeter. A square is either owned by one of the two sides or it is considered neutral. Red squares are owned by the Player. Blue squares are owned by the enemy (the AI). Shaded squares are distributed by the current script. Some squares are marked by flags. These squares are called "key points". Victory Points are awarded to the side that owns it. The Player's goal is to capture and retain ownership of as many of key points as possible.

If a marked square is encircled by enemy forces, it brings three times less victory points. A key point brings victory points multiplied by 5 (once). The side that is awarded the most victory points is considered the victor.

bcgames -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/16/2012 4:09:31 AM)


4.1 General

bcgames -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/16/2012 4:09:55 AM)


bcgames -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/16/2012 4:10:13 AM)


bcgames -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/16/2012 4:10:32 AM)


bcgames -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/16/2012 4:12:08 AM)




Appendix A. Abbreviations

AR - Artillery Regiment
AD - Armor Division
AI - Artificial Intelligence
AP - Armor Piercing Projectile
APC - Armored Personnel Carrier
APCR - Armor Piercing Composite Rigid
APHE - Armor Piercing High Explosive
Arm Bde - Armor Brigade
Arm Bn - Armor Battalion
Arm Coy - Armor Company
Arty Bat - Artillery Battery
AT - Antitank
AT AR - Antitank Artillery Regiment
AT Gun - Antitank Gun
ATR - Antitank Rifle
DVCP - Disabled Vehicle Collection Post
HE - High Explosive
HEAT - High Explosive Antitank
Inf Batn - Infantry Battalion
Inf Bde - Infantry Brigade
LFHP - Lower Front Hull Plate
LMB - Left Mouse Button
MID - Motor Infantry Division
MMB - Middle Mouse Button
OS - Operation System
RKKA - Red Army
RMB - Right Mouse Button
Sep Arm Bde - Separated Armor Brigade
SPG - Self-Propelled Gun
UFHP - Upper Front Hull Plate

Appendix B. Hot Keys


Dane49 -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/16/2012 4:15:34 AM)

I learned to play this game by watching the videos of gameplay by mitralTA on Youtube.He doesn't give any commentary since English isn't his native language,but I found by watching what buttons He pushed and the results of those actions very helpful in helping Me understand the game.If you go to the Youtube site and search mitralTA you should be able to find about a dozen of his APOS game videos.You'll notice He mostly uses the spacebar for the pop up commands.I found that memorizing certain hotkeys in controls to be very helpful also.

bcgames -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/16/2012 4:35:54 AM)


I could not find any videos on Youtube from mitralTA. Can you point me in the right direction?



Dane49 -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/16/2012 4:41:09 AM)

Another helpful hint.I found when playing the game in 3D mode,that if you position the camera to where the sun is behind your camera facing,that you can see things much clearer. The complex shading and shadows in the game tend to make things a little difficult to see.

Dane49 -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/16/2012 4:42:46 AM), this should list all the videos He posted.He videos a lot of games so you will have to scroll a bit. ,this is an hour long video on the new interface and patch improvements done by him.

bcgames -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/16/2012 4:58:46 AM)

Thanks Dane49. Links added to thread: Achtung Panzer - Game Tips Roll-up.�

Dane49 -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/16/2012 6:38:22 AM),an interesting free on line book that covers the operations during the 3rd battle of Kharkov.This book Last Victory in Russia by George Nipes,really helps in understanding the operations and the units involved in this game.Lots of campaign modding info in here as well,for anyone with modding skills.

bcgames -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/17/2012 3:21:42 AM)

Updated 16 Aug 2012.

bcgames -> RE: Achtung Panzer - Unofficial Game Manual (8/22/2012 4:00:49 AM)

Updated 21 Aug 2012.

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