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Gribeauval -> Small bugs (8/14/2012 10:28:43 PM)

1, an infantry unit that is in a trench hexagon can build an hasty defense.
2. An horse-wagon can suffer a vehicule gun damage.
3. The button 'display firefight map' doesn't work when I play a saved game.

Thanks for this great game.

ericbabe -> RE: Small bugs (8/16/2012 3:26:47 PM)

Thanks for the report and for your interest in the game. I believe infantry in trenches are allowed to build hasty defense, but I shall double-check the game rules to be sure. Under the rules, wagons should be able to suffer vehicle gun damage under the rules of the game, though I agree that this doesn't have much of an effect. I will look into the problem with the display firefight button; I had not seen this reported before.

Winti10 -> RE: Small bugs (9/2/2012 9:09:08 PM)

A few points I noted (using v1.5):

-When you deploy your forces under the variable unit quality option: undo your placement and redeploy your unit resulting the units to be "green"
-Firing smoke with mortars cost as direct fire even if you target indirect area (General Petrov scenario)
-Using rally attempt card applied on enemy unit instead of your own when both located in the same hex and wounded
-The log file displaying the exact unit names eg LMG #1 sometimes incorrectly: show the #1(when hidden) or not showing at all even if unit movement was visible
-If the windows system font size is bigger than normal, than the bottom part of some screen is not visible (eg ok button) preventing to start multiplayer game, change options and see the result screen
-Level 2 smoke does not provide protection for the unit on the smoked hex but firing out of that hex modify the roll correctly

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