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Jake Hamilton -> Never beaten so fast! (8/13/2012 5:16:26 PM)

Im back to play a total random game. My race is Atuuk, and Im starting out with one colony. As I go through the opening gambits and explore my options, I start by colonizing two planets. So far so good. Then all of sudden Im blasted by a garish and somewhat gaudy screen as big red letters flash across the front saying: You Have Been Defeated. WHAT? Im apparently not alone in this huge galaxy! Well that was fun. Putting my confusion aside, I go to the Victory screen. The winner is Ackdarian. I look below at the percentages of the three categories for winning. In each case the name of the winner is unknown, unknown, unknown. My first reaction is to quit and start a new game. Then I think: what the heck, and go on. Toward the end Im winning. But then the Shakturi show up in a rage, and my winning streak ends, so I pick up my marbles and leave. Whats the deal here anybody know?

Gareth_Bryne -> RE: Never beaten so fast! (8/13/2012 5:39:22 PM)

What were your victory objectives and date?

Jake Hamilton -> RE: Never beaten so fast! (8/13/2012 8:41:24 PM)

Hello Gareth,
I believe it was percent of colonies in galaxy -- percent of galaxies population. And percent of empires private economy. I don't remember the dates, because I'm out of that game, and I don't know which computer it's on. sorry about that. Jake

endoric -> RE: Never beaten so fast! (8/13/2012 9:34:28 PM)

i bet one of your AI races was set to other than young or it was set to random and a huge empire was made at the start to fulfill victory conditions.

Gareth_Bryne -> RE: Never beaten so fast! (8/14/2012 5:48:48 PM)

endoric, seconded. It does seem also that the date was set to too early a time.

Jake Hamilton -> RE: Never beaten so fast! (8/15/2012 4:49:13 PM)

From what I remember there was no end date set. Because the game was random, I could not have gone back to the original set up screen to see how the game was configured. I think it was just a game anomaly. Jake

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