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CV32 -> New HCE scenario - The First Convoy (8/10/2012 7:19:01 PM)

First Convoy in the Phoney War, 14-18 September 1939
by Enrique Mas


It reflects the Phoney War in all his splendor and peculiarities, with though fighting in the sea lanes, in opposition to the calm land and air fronts. It reflects also the very limited UK ASW capabilites at the war start ... Ironically, in the Phoney War time period Hitler was attempting to seize the peace with Great Britain, and the objetive victory reached by the Kriegsmarine sinking the Courageous was contrary to the Fuhrer interests, and dismissed by him.

This scenario is designed for the EC2003 GIUK Battleset and the HC World Wars database (HCWW-101110 or later).

You can download the scenario and database from HarpGamer.

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